800 Calorie Healthy Breakfast / Desayuno Saludable de 800 Calorías

800 Calorie Healthy Breakfast / Desayuno Saludable de 800 Calorías

what is going on y’all and welcome back
to the fit men cook kitchen now you are going to love today’s video because it’s
all about a concept I like to call tasty peel delicious food that powers our
fitness goals and I got the idea because I recently returned from a trip to
Salzburg Austria and I was there with red bull meeting with several other
athletes competing in the ex outs which literally is the world’s toughest
adventure race it’s roughly a 12 day race over seven countries 1200
kilometres these athletes they are running they’re hiking they’re
paragliding they’re pushing their bodies to the absolute max so supplies to say
they are burning and insane amount of calories per day and I met with two of
the athletes and they talked about being on a fat adaptive diet and at the risk
of oversimplifying it’s based on the premise and the proven studies that fat
is a better source of longer-term energy for aerobic exercise with carbohydrates
the energy that it provides tends to be used that much faster and you end up
hitting a wall or feeling fatigued perhaps you have felt that before so
having a fad adaptive diet a diet that is much more higher in fat would make a
lot of sense for endurance athletes or people that have going to workout if
this sounds a lot like keto it is pretty similar even with that adaptive diet you
can still add in some carbohydrates either before or after the competition
or after training session because you do want to give your muscles some energy to
be able to work with so it is very similar to keto except for the strategic
addition of carbohydrates either before or after the competition or the training
session now bringing this full circle there are some applications for the
everyday person perhaps you are one of the hundreds of people who have emailed
me to say that you cannot eat several times a day that your job or your work
environment is not conducive for that and that you need a meal or foods that
you can eat that will provide lasting energy over a longer period of time
until you can get to your next meal or perhaps you’re that person out there
that is trying to gain weight and you have got to increase your caloric intake
but you want to do that but also still maintain a fairly lean
a fat adaptive that could be a viable option for you and it is largely
individual based because it is based on performance and how you feel and the
progress towards your goals so today I want to share with you all a high energy
a high fat meal we are making my enduring tax there are few meals out
there that are as versatile as breakfast hash because you can easily tweak the
quantity of the ingredients in order to scale the recipe so whether you’re
eating for endurance for weight loss or weight gain my easy breakfast hash can
meet your needs this meals can literally go from 800
plus calories for the endurance athlete scaled all the way down to about 400
calories per serving for the average Joe and Jane now I’m going to walk you
through today’s recipe I’m going to discuss each ingredient and why we’re
using it so that way you can get a better feel of how you can tweak this
recipe to meet your specific need now if you are ready to roll up your sleeve and
make them tasty fuel then let’s get started
first we’re going to prep the bedroom we’re going to start by chopping up a
red bell pepper since we’re not adding any seasonings and herbs bell pepper has
a lot of flavor plus it’s rich in potassium which helps
muscle function and regulating blood pressure
next chop-busting law zucchini zucchini is a good source of vitamin C which
helps build immunity since intense exercise and training tends to wear on
the body chop the ends up butternut squash and slice into ring then cut off
the outer layer of the skin and chop it into small chunks I’m adding butternut
squash as a hearty and filling low-carb alternative to potato enough to provide
muscle energy while still remaining a fat focus meal lastly we’re chopping up
one chicken sausage which will provide protein flavor and some fat Nick’s at
avocado or olive oil to a cast-iron skillet toss in the butternut squash
cook it until it for about eight minutes into the outside of it turns brown and
begins to soften then toss in zucchini and cook for about two minutes before
tossing in the red bell pepper and chicken sausage
cook everything together for five minutes didn’t make two holes in the
skillet for eggs which will add protein and boost of fat content crack in the
egg and allow it to cook until the clear part has turned white lastly add a ripe
avocado to boost the fat content and to make the dish creamy and easier to eat
when mixed together garnish with cilantro sea salt and pepper as you can
see you can easily tweak the amount of each ingredient to complement your need
so this is a very easy meal guys that you can whip up in 15 to 20 minutes each
morning if you carve out the time for a filling once told me you would either
find the time to do it or you will find and excuse what the choice is always
yours the ratio breakdown for this meal is about 60% fat 20% protein in 20%
carbohydrates which is a common ratio breakdown or a high fat meal thanks dad
for watching today’s video if you like recipe videos like these
with the walkthrough and recipes that you can easily scale then I want you to
smash that like button and also let me know below in the comment section lastly
I want to leave you with this thought a lot of us are into accounting our
calories and being really scientific about it just remember that not all fats
and calories are created equal eating a pint of your favorite ice cream
it may have similar calories with that will necessarily translate into
performance and endurance so remember to fuel your body with real food and
nutritious food reading alright y’all I want to thank y’all for watching until
next time keep it healthy but of course never ever bored Oh bye

52 thoughts on “800 Calorie Healthy Breakfast / Desayuno Saludable de 800 Calorías

  1. This recipe is a prime candidate for breakfast for dinner! What are your thoughts on intermittent higher fat meals? I would still keep the portion size in my daily calorie range, adjusting at other meals. I'm in a healthy weight range, but I'm not an endurance athlete. Currently tracking calories, lifting and working to improve my fitness.

  2. Kevin maaaaan, I cannot tell you how many gym members come in and show me what they made from your channel. I average about 6 people a week who ask me what ab workouts can I do to get ride of this (pointing to theirs abdomen). I go over different exercises hitting major points of structure, function and resilience. My favorite part is adding that nutrition intake is more important when it comes to visible abs. I show them your channel and app and they love it. I show them how your channel works with my fitness pal, the categories, and everything. You are changing lives my friend, mine as well. One day I hope to meet you and just tell you thank you but until then keep up the quality work. #kevin4president #y'allbettersubscribe

  3. Una gran solución para un desayuno saludable, y que te de una gran cantidad de energía. Gracias por el video/Great solution for a healthy breakfast, and that gives you a lot of energy. Thanks for the video

  4. Love your videos!! I wish everyone watched your videos, so they could see how easy it is to eat healthy! Also it's so fun watching your adventures and your journey 🙂

  5. Love it! I personally just have started a version of this fat adapted diet and my body feels great! I would love to see more recipes like this thank you!

  6. I'm going to make this delicious looking dish, minus avocado, allergic., what can I substitute for it…thks…

  7. I'm starting the path of losing 100 pounds and these help a lot!Thanks for doing these, I have a busy life and this helps out quite a bit. I just downloaded your app. Keep up the good work!

  8. How big is that sausage? I'm adding up the protein and that must be bigger than your standard hot dog sized chicken sausage (they usually have 12-17g protein at trader joes)

  9. Kevin what is that black patching your left elbow? Is that for pain management? Or is the Black Label from Le-vel? Thanks.
    BTW; I love all your videos. I just got your app. Woot, woot!!

  10. How Can you make a 800 calorie meal without knowing the calories in each iingrediens, put thé weight and ingrediens calorie lol

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