8lb Chicago-Style Stuffed Meat Lovers Pizza Challenge!!

8lb Chicago-Style Stuffed Meat Lovers Pizza Challenge!!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” and I am very very excited
because tonight I’m going from overall win number 770 and it’s my first time
in Batavia of Illinois which is to the west of Chicago. I’m here with my friend Martin,
go ahead and introduce yourself. I’m Martin, I’m from Chicago, can’t wait for this challenge, excited to be here eating with Randy! I did start a YouTube channel called, “Feed The Beast,” if you guys can all go and subscribe. I’d appreciate it. Yes FeedTheBEAST, all the links in the
description. He’s been watching the videos for a long time,
he just started about seven months ago doing food challenges, so great to have him here. There’s three locations, we’re at Riverside Pizza & Pub. They’ve got two more locations other than this Batavia one. We’ve got one hour to finish they’re
brand-new it’s just debuting today, their 8 pound stuffed pizza challenge, this is a menu item you can
come in and try it with your family but we are each going to try the challenge.
We each have one hour to finish, it’s 8 pounds total. It’s a 16 inch stuffed
pizza. It’s stuffed with the whole bunch of mozzarella cheese, there’s a lot of sauce and it’s a meat lover pizza, so they’re six six different meats there is
sausage, pepperoni, bacon, meatball, Italian beef and then ground beef but we’ve got
one hour to finish. If we fail it’s gonna be $65 but if we
win we’re going to get our meals free. We’re gonna get sweet t-shirts and we’ll be added to their brand new wall of fame! Whether we win or lose we’ll get t-shirts and whether we win or lose $5 is gonna get donated to a local animal
shelter, so lets get this challenge started! Big thanks to Brian and Mike here at Riverside pizza and pub along with this guy for doing the challenge with me, in his sexy, “I lift to eat” t-shirt, He’s going for his 7th win. There’s no record so we just have to
shut up and eat, dominate, and set a great record to start off this challenge!
1, 2, 3. . . Boom!! [Crowd Cheering] Right at 5 minutes in, we are both dominating! This pizza is so good! Love all the cheese and sauce and all the meats as well. Was going to wait until last to eat the crust, but I’m going to eat it with the pizza. [Crowd cheering] 9:30 in, so good so far. We are each halfway, but right now youth is prevailing. How old are you? (Martin) 29. (Randy) So I’ve got him by a couple years. I’ll get him in the end!! So good though! The owner Mike is a big fan of the videos, he even knew to get my diet soda with no ice in advance! Almost to slice #6! 16:10 – lets get a cheer for Martin! He’s doing a fantastic job! His 7th food challenge and doing a 8 lb pizza which is very impressive for being that young in food challenges! Under 19 minutes in – only 2 more to go, and he’s right behind me! This pizza is amazing, still even on the 7th slice! [Crowd chanting “Let’s go Randy, let’s go!] Seven pounds down, smallest piece left, only one to go to set the new record, and he’s doing a great job too! Just a little break and then I’ll be okay. Under 33 minutes! 32:49! I had a couple close calls at the end, but the pizza was so good! Helped along by all the diet soda. Now it’s the Martin show, he’s only got one slice left after these three bites! Let’s go Martin! We are 36 minutes and 53 seconds in – our friend Emmy has been cheering the whole time! We really appreciate it! You just saw what happened. He is disqualified, but he only lives an hour away so after a little more training and experience, he can come back and rematch it! Big thank you to Riverside Pizza & Pub for the challenge, the owner is about to present me with my shirt! It is not just a t-shirt. It’s a sweet t-shirt! We’ve got “Atlas & Zeus” on the sleeve which is awesome! Logo on front, and on the back – “The Riverside Challenge couldn’t stuff me!” Then for Martin, his shirt says, “I got stuffed by the Riverside Challenge!” Big Thanks again to everyone here at Riverside Pizza & Pub for the delicious 8lb stuffed pizza challenge. For me it was win #770, thank you guys for watching!!

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! Tomorrow we will be posting our Thanksgiving Holiday Special video!! I don't want to ruin the surprise, but there is one very-long-time YouTube subscriber in particular who I hope watches and loves it, because it is dedicated to him, and it hurt!! We appreciate everyone's continued support, much more upcoming!!

  2. Well I'm confident I could get a 5XL tee shirt at Randy's store if I wanted. And in 6 months…I could probably get a 6XL.


  4. $65 for a pizza!?!?! We have a joint here in south side OKC that will make you an ULTIMATE MEAT for $6.99!!! It isn't little ceaser's either! I'm from Indiana, once you go north pizza price's get insane!

  5. That guy in the background, he sure is gonna be embarrassed when he sees this one, can't actually watch this with him staring like that, liked it anyway, just couldn't finish it

  6. Digga hast du zugelegt 😀 bisschen Sport und alle 2 Wochen so ein Königs Buffet sonst war’s das bald mit dir mein Dickerchen

  7. Used to be a fan but every time you lose to someone with you it’s like you get mad and have to make excuses insubbed and unfollowed.

  8. Hello my friend. Hope you're doing good. Congratulations on another win. It looked amazing. Looking forward to more kick ass videos 👍

  9. We are going to get sweet t shirts lol – is randy “special” and I mean special as in mentally slow/challenged. Listening to him speak he sounds like he is

  10. You should weigh it first.. you know how they lie..
    Oh great!! Give the money to the poor animals.. I hope it goes to them… ppl like to pocket large donations..

  11. Yooooo. What's up with Vladimir Putin in the black shirt tho… That little island on his head…Time to let that go..Or he needs to hit up Bosley…Ijs…

  12. Dude,..randy! You gotta be pushing 300 lbs now man. As a medical professional I'm here to tell you you're heart can't take it man. I know you think "you have it under control",…but I'm here to tell you, you do not. Please seek help you must be nearing 300lbs. No human heart is meant to take that much stress. You're really putting yourself in danger. Please heed my concern. You should stop branding atlas and start thinking about atrial fib. You don't live outside the normal boundaries of homeostasis. You're literally killing yourself.

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