9,000+ Calorie Fitgirl Cheat Day (Eating Everything I Want) 中

9,000+ Calorie Fitgirl Cheat Day (Eating Everything I Want) 中

Three Joe What is going on hello, how are you? What’s up? How’s it going? I am back for another cheat day. And I’m so excited because as you can see I am back in my Florida home So yes, I am back in the States Today’s cheat day is going to be lit because of course as you guys know in the States We have a lot more variety. We have a lot of new releases that have come out for the summer So I’m super high today. I’m going to be doing my cheat day how I always do my cheat days I’m not going to be tracking my calories. I’m just going to eat whatever it is on a craving or whatever it is I’m in the mood for but if you are new I’m gonna throw up a disclaimer Right now and let you guys know how I kind of run these cheat days You can pause and read it something I just want to emphasize is that I never eat past the point of being uncomfortable And these videos are just good vibes good food. And of course a lot of fun I’m also gonna put up what I’m currently looking like right now. This is from this morning And if you’re watching this video close to the time that I’ve posted it My women’s specialization program is currently at 50% off which I decided to put it on sale for Mother’s Day I wanted to do something special for all of the beautiful mothers out there Also give the opportunity for you guys. If you haven’t picked up my program yet to get it for 50% off Not sure when I’m going to be doing another sale So if you’re interested in and you want to grab it for 20 bucks, make sure to grab it while it’s hot I’m also gonna show you what my starting weight is From this morning and you’ll have to wait until the end to see what my follow up check-ins are I usually do the day after and about three days after a cheat day So make sure you watch till the end. But with all of that being said Let the fun Do you bang girl I’m so excited. I’m so excited and I feel like I’ve done this before I got my napkins I got my water coffee got everything I feel prepared Baby, so in case you guys are wondering my last cheat day was about two months ago So I’ve been doing cheat days. Like every two months, these are so pretty So these are the limited edition doughnuts for the summertime we got pineapple strawberry Key Lime and then I got my oh gee favorites raspberry filled an original glazed Boston cream a Blueberry cake and a chocolate in raspberry. You guys know I love fruity things So when I saw that Krispy Kreme was releasing a bunch of fruit flavored donut for the summertime I was all about it. I got an original glaze that is hot and ready. So this is what I’m going to start with cheers to a beautiful bungee day Not quite hot but crispy cream glaze definitely the best place I’ve ever had Hmm I’ve yet to have a glaze from a specialty donut shop in Canada the US never had a glaze better than Krispy Kreme So I really want to get into these limited-edition doughnuts next first one I’m gonna start with a lot of people were not on board with this one in the comments of some of the Krispy Kreme posts The key lime some people are like nah brah. I’m a big fan of key lime pie. I hope for this Icing has a like a hint of lime, but I had no filling yet This thing not filled they forgot the filling on this one. Yes. There’s like a hole where the feeling is supposed to be Maybe it’s like hiding in the back There’s like this tiny bit fail, I’m going to take a bite into the other one. This one’s empty, too I will go back in if neither of these are filled. No believe I want me a filled donut Barely I still don’t taste anything though Mmm, the feeling is super good. Definitely a strong feel. I’m pie flavor. I love that The one that actually had custard in it was lit I’m going to try this pineapple one they are so cute I can’t even take it reminds me of spongebob. I’m really nervous because this one looks Hollow. The filling is lacking right now Pineapple and donut kind of a strange combination, but it’s good. It definitely works I don’t know so far. I like the key lime in the pineapple about the same The little leaf things that took a little piece of candy part get new Alright, I’m so excited for this strawberry write down won’t You just admire like even if it doesn’t taste good it is so pretty Let me down. I Swear there’s not enough jelly. You see any jelly? I think I took a bite and I got all the jelly and it was not even that much and there’s nothing left in this Look, this is it’s not filled. It shouldn’t only be filled in this one bite and check out the other one I know I’m going to alright right now. I’m getting a little bit getting a little bit mad Things that make me mad but I guess I take my Donuts very seriously. Maybe I’ll rip it. That’s what I would recommend Okay, that’s all that you get. Oh, wow. This is all that you’re getting with the filling So, I don’t know if I got some duds, but I’m very disappointed. There’s like nothing in it They taste delicious like the strawberry flavor super good I just want it to be like Robert Lee filled like I want it to be super filled The Jolly is good like the strawberry flavors got did me dirty with the filling. Let me show you guys he said candy it’s like Like those candies or you put on cake And the rest is just go with frosting It’s okay because I have some raspberry filled Donuts and those never let me down. So they’re not properly filled. I quit today’s cancelled I need some redemption. So we are going in with a raspberry filled piece down Hmm yep, that is a properly filled donut keep doing what you’re doing with this one quick dream. I Always say this, but raspberry filled is definitely my favorite from Krispy Kreme Krispy Kreme of the donut shops that I’ve entomb does like the best cake donuts. They’re never dry They just know how to do cake donuts, right? It’s like a very moist cake no people hate that word It’s like a very not dry cake covered with like a hard shell glaze really good I don’t know if I’ve ever tried a Boston cream from Krispy Kreme The one from Tim’s is super good, but we’ll see how crispy Frances Hmm it’s pretty good. Stop blowing me away because there’s like barely any filling in it Hmm that’s way better pretty good So I’m just going to take one bite of this oz berry filled with chocolate on top I’ve had this before cuz I’m getting a little bit full when I’ve done some serious damage They never mess up the raspberry filled generous filling, thanks very much Hmm are you pretty darn good? We are at Maple Street biscuit company, this place apparently has a very famous biscuit sandwich situation It’s been on the Food Network. So we’re gonna get that sandwich and we gonna see if it’s good We in the South baby. This gets a gravy everything Here it is, the squawking goat sounds like a soundcloud rapper or something. I also got their mac and cheese This thing looks so intense. It is ride chicken fried goat cheese. Love goat cheese And it also has their homemade pepper jams, like sweet and spicy looks delicious That is so good, oh my goodness The goat cheese makes this what’s so good about this is that the goat cheese is very salty Obviously the fried chicken is really salty, but the pepper jam is sweet tastes like sweet chili sauce. It’s really good The biscuit is like buttery and flaky so delicious That means Jeff onto my Few payments me it’s so good. Mmm. Holy cow. Oh so good Come on try this magnet cheese now get a nice big bite Cheers Oh my god you have to Topher education things like homemade. It’s better for my taste. Definitely Means you What will you rate this place out of ten Like a nine out of ten and they do have all the nutritional information for this place online mac and cheese over seven hundred sandwiches over seven hundred That’s Dennis Can I go somewhere to get something sweet after this but this place delivers on all fronts wow It looks really very sugar cookie sugars baked into it It’s softer than it looked on camera there It was gonna be one of those it’s blueberry-lemon, oh It is Holy cow doesn’t blew me away. Maybe cuz I wasn’t expecting it, but that’s good. This is like it’s deceptively soft and chewy, you know Wow Yeah, see that look and Fire. I hope for this this one looks even better. It looks really soft to me. Just in a minute. Oh my god What is this? He’s magical Place the wind yell for being out out. Thank you go first Oh My goodness, those are just giant pieces of chocolate Amazing. I love that. The chocolate is really rich. Also, I like that because a cookie batter is really sweet. So first off Pretty life-changing, I’m faster soft. Ooh, I’ll do these at a time. There’s nothing that would make it better. I can see that That place was How’s the little fullness? Oh that’s a good question I’m about six Apologize, but I haven’t said the date or time all day. I wasn’t even thinking so it’s currently 11 43 in May 7 So I think we went to Krispy Kreme this morning. It was like 8 a.m And then we immediate almost immediately went to Maple Street biscuit company and we immediately from there came here We’ve had no brakes whatsoever. So I’ve been I’ve been marathon eating I’ll make sure to show you guys that as we go on but I got a few things from sonatas bakery Which is one of the most famous bakeries in Jacksonville. It’s been here forever and It’s got some really good looking stuff and I’m gonna try some of it because I literally just ate and I had those cookies Right after so I’m not like super full but I’m not super hungry either. So I’m just gonna take a bite of a few things So bike let’s always tell myself and then everything’s gone. Got any little baby shortbread cookies, and I’m just gonna knock these babies out They feel like checkers or something lemon cookie Tell me about a simple shortbread cookie though, super cute Mmm, I love on him peanut butter and chocolate there’s plain shortbread and chocolate That’s all done excuse my manners jemaine’s even count on cheetahs I was really good. I’m on a cookie kick right now oatmeal raisins. I’ve soft it together so may not break nicely, but This jacket Flavor is amazing. It’s not soft enough for me That lost flat spot ruined ear cookies kamorin maple tree biscuit company tato hello memories I like spicy things. So I don’t even know like how to take a bite. I wish I had a scale, please Please feel happy. This is oh wow You have your then it looks this looks like its bluff. But it looks like solid I’m basically taking a bite of icing I’m not gonna live. That’s pretty good. I mean you only do a bite of that though right now. That’s a heavy hitter Wow This is like all icing So I’ve always wanted to do that Cupcake sandwich that people do they take like part of the bottom put it on top and make like a sandwich But this is almost too much icing. Wow. It’s so moist. I don’t know if it’s gonna work This is absurd alright And everything man that’s so intense the cake is delicious there’s just too much icing really good care of me Strawberry cake donut what’s up never seen this before? That’s so good it’s better than the cake blueberry from crispy really this is a red velvet cake donut I’m recently a lover of red velvet importance. Thank you for that Yum, that’s so good Got really good bug bomb and I wrap this up take the rest of this home with sex What is up guys so it has been about an hour no, it’s been like almost two hours. It’s now 2:30 in the afternoon It’ll Tuesday, May 7th and since I got back from Sanaa tees I really needed to take a walk and digest because I felt like Krispy Kreme April Street Biscuit Company and Sanaa tees was like all one big giant meal because I literally didn’t take any breaks in between it was like back to back to Back I needed to go for a walk and digest so I feel a lot better now. I’m feeling a little bit hungry again I did change my clothes after my walk cuz I got a little bit sweaty So, you know when you put on a big t-shirt like you mean business? You appetizers to start and it looks amazing I feel like this place is like very Instagram friendly. So I got some chicken satay. This is homemade This is kale guacamole, so I’m assuming there’s just some kale mixed in with avocado, but it looks amazing these chips look amazing Let’s write without the sauce first It’s really good. Yeah, I’m gonna put some of this yummy dip on there That’s good, especially after having a bunch of sugar man love me some Really fresh tastes open it’s so refreshing after all that sugar. Oh my god This looks absolutely amazing, this is their Korean noodle bowl and it has sweet potato glass noodles Smells amazing and I topped it with some shrimp looks delicious. It doesn’t taste good Yeah, come on today that’s amazing. Wow, it’s so good the flavors so good So this is their turkey burger has avocado, she’s hella Pina May oh my god It’s also really good with the pumpkin Salsa, it’s very good that’s open They were kind enough to give us some of their desserts it looks like we have like a flight of desserts right now They all look amazing But this is their flourless chocolate cake some vanilla ice cream, and there’s like caramel sauce and cacao nibs on top This is a key lime mousse topped with fresh strawberries. This might be what I’ve been wanting out of that That’s where it was. That’s where that’s where all the custard is And this is a chia seed pudding topped with coconut flakes and banana looks amazing. This is warm So I’m definitely gonna tackle this one first got it ice cream first Just hit Nice little chat at ten seriously Okay the cake now I’m gonna get some of the chocolate sauce and then I’ll get it with ice cream I Can’t believe it’s that good that is amazing gooey and moist but it’s like on the outside They’ve somehow managed to like have it have a crust So I want to have it with that ice cream and the cake this is gonna be the money bite of all time I’m over here. That’s the best ways I’ve ever had my life You love this place I love this place It’s a big night. I’ll play around. I don’t mess around. She not with chocolate I’m extremely excited to see It’s really good but the textures really bizarre not as good as a chocolate cake, it’s still amazing and it’s very very fresh teasing Oscar gussy. I know this is not the most attractive thing. I feel like it’s gonna be good because I love rice pudding Barring banana eat love banana, that’s so good my body. I mean, I like this probably not All righty guys, so it has been a few hours I was just chilling relaxing after the big last meal It was delicious, but I needed to chill for a bit. It is now 741 and we are going to do a couple of reviews for you guys I have a couple things that I want to try some new stuff. Oh my god I was so excited when I found these at Walgreens. They’re the new s’mores Oreo that came out for the summer apparently these came out in the summer of like 2016 and they’re like legendary and then they rereleased them I didn’t have them then. So I’m so excited to try them now so I’m going to review these and then I’m also going to have You guys know how I feel about my cereal gonna have some cereal I picked up the new churros Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So I’m really excited about these I picked these up like two days ago and Jeff has already gotten into them So he already hasn’t they’ve already been opened and that’s just solved. I haven’t tried them yet. So they’ll be new to me I also cut out some banana cuz I love banana in my cereal first. I’m gonna start with actually gonna start with the Oreos. Oh My goodness gotcha cameras Make an entrance. Alright, so moment of truth. Oh, I gotta put this on my story Mmm my other camera I just open these because I wanted to do a food review on my food page if you’re not following my food page I don’t know what you’re doing because you’re obviously here because you like food So you need to be following my food page broke it in half so I could take some pictures. Oh They look so pretty I am gonna pour me a glass milk like cashew milk my preferred drink of choice Mm give this a try s’mores Oriole Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm That’s so good. I love all Oreos that have a graham cracker cookie like the apple pie ones did too I love the graham cracker cookie And don’t really get some Moore’s vibes. I just just taste good gonna do a little dip Mm-hmm. Another better dipped in milk. I Love these these are worth the hype these are limited edition. So if you spot them make them up Hmm for Oreos like these are really really good On to the cereal There’s much just like cinnamon toast crunch. There was some bananas in here something about a cinnamon cereal too that goes so well with bananas YUM Mm-hmm. That’s really good. I actually thought that the shape of these would make it kind of weird But it actually makes them really good. It’s like you get more in a bite They taste just like cinnamon toast crunch. They’re just a different shape. I Was really good Oh Second 9 that’s like a solid 9 for me. I picked these up at the dollar store I love having sour candy on my cheat days. Harrybo’s our streamers Everybody had a couple and they’re really good and they were just a dollar Mm-hmm. I Would try to remind myself to have sour candy on my cheat days because every time I do I’m like also good I’m gonna have one more So another thing that I always do on my cheat days is that I always have some fruit and it’s not very exciting So I may not film eating it, but it’s so refreshing on a cheat day and it’s so delicious and I love it So I’m gonna eat some of this fruit and I’ll probably show you when I eat something a little bit more exciting 8:15 I’m leave. Arey honest with you after eating that bowl of cereal I think it’s like cereal just expands in your stomach and I had those Oreos and the fruit. I Feel so full now like fruit is very high volume, and it’s very filling So you guys know I just stop when I feel like to the point where I am just done Oh, I feel like I’ve had an amazing day I’ve had like one of the best cheat days today ever like everything was amazing It was honestly amazing the fruit he was even delicious I am going to call it but it’s not over yet after you might weigh ins and as you guys can see I’m about Almost 10 pounds up from this morning, which is completely normal But you’ll have to wait and see what I am tomorrow If you’re curious and you want to see the follow ups I will do one tomorrow and I will do one in about three days or so So I’ll show you what I’m looking like in the morning. So see you in the morning. Good night, and I love you. Mmm What is going on guys? So good morning. Go to two days after my cheat day, and I just want to update you guys Thank you guys so much for hanging tight to this point in the video. You guys are the real MVP I just wanted to go over with you how I was looking the day after my cheat day and then what I look like this Morning, so the day after my cheat day as usual my weight is up I look and feel really bloated most of the weight gain is just the weight of the food that still digesting in my body as well as I’m holding on to You a lot of water. No difference is there that’s generally what happens to me the day after a cheat day as always And then to de factor which was this morning I look and feel like, you know, my normal self My weight is still a little bit higher than the day I actually did my cheat day I never tried to restrict after a cheat day but since I’m in the act of trying to gain weight I think I ate more than I usually do after a cheat day and the following days So I am in a caloric surplus at the moment. You’ve been following me then you do know that though No worries there, but I feel a lot better and I’m obviously feeling like myself again So I hope that you guys really appreciate these follow ups But don’t go yet because I have one more thing to talk about So I’m sure that you’ve noticed especially if you watch my last cheat day you guys have to be keeping a lookout for the infamous cheeseball tub because Cheeseball tub makes an appearance and the first person who can correctly identify the amount of times that cheeseball sub has appeared in the video gives a shout out in the next cheat day video big shout out to Sara Tyner who correctly identified the amount of times cheeseball tub appears Congrats girl huge shout out to you and if you want to get a shout out in The next cheat day video list down below all the times that cheeseball tub has appeared in this video and I will shout you out In the next cheat day video, but then it’s gonna conclude this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it I love you guys so much and I’ll see you in a video really soon Fight. Listen you’re walking around with this do fucking idiot

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  1. Back with another Cheat Day!!I know I always say this, but this was probably my favorite cheat day to date! I had soo much fun and ate the most INCREDIBLE food! Also My Women's Specialization Program is 50% off for Mother's Day until 5/15! Link is in the description box!
    儭AND…FIRST person to list the amount of time Cheeseball Tub appears, gets a shoutout in my next Cheat Day video!! (Make sure you watch TO THE LAST SECOND ) I love you guys so much and stay tuned for my next video on Amenorrhea

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  7. if I ever did this I would be fat af cuz I would be eating chips all day and sour candy..im not really a sweet person I'm salty lol I like my chips

  8. For a Woman who's own mother has had a STROKE, I find this incredibly irresponsible. To show this sickness to young kids. You wouldn't have to "cheat" if you just ate balanced everyday. It just shows how sick our world has become. And you need therapy for trying to justify this shyt!

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    This is insane and pathologic
    It is called BINGE EATING
    It may seems not so unhealty for your body since the next day you go back to your scheduled healty meals
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    It is a hard routine after a cheat day,specially when you are 13 years old!
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