Adam Ruins Everything – The Truth About Calorie Labels | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – The Truth About Calorie Labels | truTV

Whoa! Where we goin’? I am off to
count calories so that I can lose weight
and look good for Marcy. (singers)
♪ Marcy ♪ Sorry, but calorie counts
are so difficult to measure, they’re basically
useless for weight-loss. Yeah, right. Everyone knows that you
need 2,000 per day, and if you have
less than 2,000, you automatically
lose weight. All I have to do is calculate
that number exactly. It’s like a fun little
math equation that
makes your hungry. Ah, yes, the fabled
2,000 calories. So clean, so exact, and so totally wrong. The way the government
got that number
is real stupid. Our citizens can’t
think for themselves. How much should they
eat in a day? Well, everyone’s body
has different needs, but I guess if you were
to grossly over-generalize
and average them, you’d get 2,350 calories. Oh, say, can I see that? 2,350? Yuck! How are you
supposed to remember
such a weird number? Let’s round it down
to 2,000. The fatties’ll
thank us later. So they literally
just rounded down? Yes, they quite
literally did. And the fact is, any single
number would be wrong, because there is
a massive variation in the number of calories
needed by men, women, the elderly, tall people,
short people, every people
in the background who aren’t supposed
to be part of our show. It’s basically impossible
to know with precision exactly how many calories
your body needs. Oh, but I can still
cut calories but reading labels. See, 100 calories. Simple, precise,
scientific. And essentially a guess. Calorie counts on labels
are often estimated based on century-old data. Well, this old one
is 100 calories. So I guess this one is
100 calories. And the FDA legally
allows calorie labels to be off by 20% Or maybe it’s 80 calories. Or 120. Who knows?
I’m lazy. And that’s just
packaged foods. Calories in fresh foods
can vary year to year or even item to item. Step right up,
try your luck! Guess which
farm-fresh meal is 700 calories
and which is 1,000. But beware! Guess wrong and you’ll
ruin your waistline. And restaurant food
is the worst. One study found that
menu listings are often off by hundreds of calories. Aren’t you worried
about misleading
your customers?

100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – The Truth About Calorie Labels | truTV

  1. Calories purpose is useless, it all depends on the amount macro nutrients and how you are balancing them.

  2. Test for the non believers. Weight yourself. Set a goal gain( or lose) 10 pounds of fat. That is 75 000 Kcal. Count our intake and outtake. Say 6 months. Assuming you don´t cheat. How far off the mark are you?

    I know it works for me, and the dietists and doctors of Sweden seem to agree with me.
    Maybe our labels are recently updated? 😛

  3. The way we calculated calorie is weird. In a chemistry lab, you burn the thing in a calorimeter and measure heat change. The data is then used in calorie calculation. The number is very misleading because the combustion of the substance does not equate to how to human body "burns" food. What calorie calculation does is using the combustion reaction to replace the overly complicated biochemical reaction taking place in the body. So, only see the number as reference, don't trust it completely.

  4. I really think that Adam is being misleading on this one. Is he saying that calorie counts are often wrong or that trying to calculate them is completely useless? I’ll believe the former, but I simply do not believe the latter. And I really can’t tell what Adam is claiming.

  5. Calorie counting is useless? LOL! Tell that to the thousands of people that have lost weight doing it and have maintained weight. Or the thousands that have bulked up with muscle. I have lost weight calories counting (40lbs. so far). You first determine your BMR and normally around 20% additional in normal day to day additional energy expenditure. Then you subtract a 1000. You should always over-estimate calories in and underestimate calories out. But it works. Are the calories on packages perfect? Of course not. But it doesn't negate the entire idea of calorie counting.

  6. Even this show knows the claim of calorie counting as useless is BS when they make the joke about 2,000 calorie daily needs and the fatties will thank us later line.

  7. Calories are measured burning food and measuring the energy this process produces. Because food digestion is not calculable and we don't digest every food the same way, you can't know how much off the 100 +- 20% calories you will actually gain. It depends on you and the type of food you eat. 100 calories sugar have not the same value as 100 calories proteins.

  8. Hey Adam personal trainer here while your right on each specific person needs different calories it’s NOT difficult to figure out how many you need in order to maintain current weight or burn fat. Weigh yourself on Monday and eat how you normally eat counting your calories with a free app like my fitness pal. When you weigh yourself the following Monday if your weight is the same (or very roughly the same) take the number of calories you were eating throughout the week and subtract 500 from them to put yourself in a caloric deficit to burn fat.

  9. A lot of people are complaining that this will give overweight people an excuse to not restrict their caloric intake to lose weight, and therefore it’s a dangerous video, but no one is commenting on the effect that this could have on someone with anorexia nervosa. If someone already restricts to 500 calories a day and finds out that they could actually be eating over 600 calories (that 20% wiggle room), they might decided they need to eat 400 calories a day, just to be on the safe side.

  10. So what you're saying is, the daily recommended Caloric intake has a large uncertainty associated with it, so the number of significant figures reported was reduced to one, hence the DRV being 2,000. I see no issues with this. You're picking at common and recommended practice. It's not really the same as "rounding", although that is the end result. It's a little misleading to act like some dummy just didn't like the number 2,350 and "rounded" down.

  11. Well I started calorie counting and I consistently lose weight every week. I don't even starve myself, despite eating less than I did before I never feel hungry. Although I don't restrict myself to a specific number everyday.
    The phone app I use tells me approximately how much I burn everyday for the whole 24 hours, including what I burn sleeping or sitting. I'm sure it's not perfect or anything but it seems to work for me. I just eat approximately 500 calories less [or more] than what I burn in a day and I loss about 1-2 pounds a week.
    Used this system for a little over 2 months so far, which granted isn't a ton of time. But eh, maybe I'm just lucky and found what works for me. I guess at the very least writing down what foods I'm eating reminds me how much junk food I've had and stops me from consuming even more.

  12. You can eat however much vegan complex carbohydrates (leave added oils, animal products and refined foods out, including refined bread) — you will be skinny.

  13. Also, different foods are assimilated differently by our body – thus why it not calories that matter, but types of food that you eat.

  14. I am that horrible person you know that always has that "Actually…" around the corner and God bless Adam Ruins Everything 😂

  15. Metabolisms play a key part in how much we should eat. My metabolism is very fast, in fact, my body digests food so fast that I don't get all the nutrients that are in my food.
    I'm going to go on a special diet full of pasta so I can manage a healthy weight.

  16. one calorie is really a kilocalorie; one actual calorie is the energy required to bring 1 cubic meter of atmosphere up by 1 degree celsius/kelvin. therefore, if you burn 2000 kilocalories in a day, that's the energy required to bring a cubic meter up by TWO MILLION DEGREES. you are a very inefficient engine.

  17. Please don't support the "being fat is bad" nonsense. And also please don't support the idea that calories mean anything. Rocket fuel has calories. Calories are a meaningless thing.

  18. if you people spent as much time exercising as you do bitching about why you can't lose weight, i bet you'd lose some weight.

  19. “Even the people in the background who aren’t suppose to be in our show”. Made me laugh 😂 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

  20. One: i like adam's helmet
    Two: why can i eat 6 meals a day, And not get fat?
    I eat to much, i want a cheeseburger! Yumm

  21. True… I was overweight (96kg) went to a dietician which explained me that not every food is absorbed in same way. Portion control is key and what you eat matters. You cannot count it with mathematical certainty. After 4 months of portion control (reduced diet by 1/4th) substituting healthier option (cut sugar, only one slice of pizza in a week, only 30ml liquor week and substituted fruits and Almonds for breakfast and dinner) and moderate exercise of 5 hrs weekly, I got my weight reduced to 81kgs.

  22. I thought you would at least go into that Calories are actually just kilocalories, calories is just a unit of energy needed to heat 1 g of water 1 degree centigrade and that the labels just measure how much energy is gained from eating the food, which doesn't really do much in terms of help watching your weight. Also that some foods even have negative calories since it takes more energy to digest the food than gained.

    Protip: drinking 1L of ice water burns 37 Calories

  23. After watching a lot of Adam Ruins Everything I’ve realized how minimally regulating the US government is. This forces us (the public) the place a lot of trust in companies to not make false advertising claims, monopolize, make unsafe product, skyrocket prices of necessary things (drugs), etc.

  24. The answer is, it depends on the body of a person if they must do calorie counting or not to lose weight. Calorie counting doesn't work on some people but it works on others. The best choice is to consult a nutritionist or dietitician to know what is best for your body.

  25. I have to say this show may have over done it on this point. I've lost 30 pounds using my calorie counter app. I said it to 1 pound a week and pretty much kept that same pace for 6 months

  26. Caloric restriction can work, but it's hard. Fasting is way easier, either IF or OMAD, and it comes with a range of benefits. At the very least it gives your stomach a break, we aren't meant to eat all day every day. I do OMAD, I eat around 3000 calories a day and I don't even exercise and I'm healthier than ever.

  27. Calories is a decent measurement for weight loss, you can also plug in your height weight routine and work out to see how much you burn and what you should in take aswell as 3500 calories can burn 1 pound of fat. This is kind of misleading…

  28. Uncle Sam has a point- sort of. Folks can think for themselves but they don't want to. Just look how bitter and resentful they get just talking about calories, crying about the nanny state coming to take away their nasty snack cakes.

  29. Okay, even if calorie labels are off and it’s hard to tell how much you need, for most people, if your inaccurate calorie count is consistently lower than it used to be, you’ll lose weight.

  30. A small super small bag of lays is 160 calories and a huge i mean huge bag f Ruffles is 160 calories to what the hell please explain this to me?????

  31. Calories vary so much, even between product to product. Really, we should list what we do now PLUS preservatives and others used in food, like on a drug label. Calories are pointless and damaging to count, but what's in the food counts.

  32. Saying calorie counting is useless for weight loss is ridiculous. Most people don’t even know what their daily needed calorie intake is.🙄

    I’ve lost 50 pounds almost purely in calorie counting. There’s clearly no source to the statement “calorie counting is useless of weight loss” cause it’s not true. This is just trying to push a narrative. Ridiculous.

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