Adobong Balut Recipe

Adobong Balut Recipe

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to Pagkaing Pinoy! Today, we’re going to make a famous Street Food in the Philippines called…. BALUT We usually eat this at night. It can strengthen your knees. It’s also an aphrodisiac food. One of the most exotic food in the world. Many foreigners also want to try this. and I think we are the only one eating this. This is a fertilized duck egg nine to fourteen days old It has a… what do you call it? embryo with beak I eat this as well. Today, we will make Adobong Balut. It is serve as appetizer or with rice. Here are the ingredients: 6 pcs balut 1 small red onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, chopped 2 bay leaves 1/4 cup vinegar 1/4 cup soy sauce pepper and cooking oil So let’s start cooking First, we will peel the egg shell. Which side should I crack first? Is it this part? Ok, we will crack it this side? This is how to crack the balut. I will start peeling the egg shell. This is how it looks like inside. We will save the soup I’ll put it in a bowl carefully here it is I will pour the soup That’s the yolk we also called it “pula ng itlog” We really need to include the soup I think it’s been a while since I ate balut. For those who live overseas, like OFW, I’m sure you miss this balut. you can buy this in asian stores here’s the embryo Before I don’t eat the embryo But I learned to eat it because of my husband. I’m not very good at peeling the egg shell. Usually when you peel the egg, it goes straight to your mouth. Now it’s a bit tricky because I have to make sure everything is still intact for the adobo This is the white part of the balut. This is kind a boring just please be patient, I’m sure you will like this recipe Sometimes, we also make egg adobo when we make pork or chicken adobo we put egg with it we put egg on the adobo Now, we will use balut for adobo It also an egg a duck egg Now, we start cooking the adobo I will turn on the stove Put some cooking oil Then saute the garlic and the onion Add the bay leaves Saute until lightly brown Pour the vinegar At this point, do not stir for a couple of minutes Then add the soy sauce Bring to boil cook for 2-3 minutes then we will put the balut Now let’s put the balut As you can see, the balut is still intact You can still see the embryo, the yellow and white part put all the balut There’s one that is no longer intact then let’s pour the soup add the pepper then swirl the sauce just to coat the balut with sauce Let it simmer for another 2-3 minutes. Instead of stirring, I’m just basting to coat it with the sauce. just enough to give flavor to the balut We do not stir because we don’t want the balut to get mushy. continue to simmer until the sauce is reduce okay, now is it cooked I will turn off the heat. And we will put it in a serving plate We are done with our Adobong Balut. I’m sure you will like it. Specially those who drink alcohol. This is the appetizer for you! This is Adobong Balut. You can see the embryo, yellow and white part I’m sure you will like this recipe Thank you for watching guys! Please don’t forget to share and subscribe and like this video. Visit our website at Join our Facebook page at Pagkaing Pinoy Recipes Follow us in instagram @PagkaingPinoyTV 1 Thank you for watching guys! For those who drink, it’s time for a shot! Bye!!

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