100 thoughts on “Adults Eat Only Lunchables For A Week

  1. To the D-List cast of BuzzFeed. You guys couldn't even stick to the rules of the challenge. This video is a total disgrace to Oscar-Meyer franchise. I have marked it as offensive content and should be hearing from YouTube to DELETE this video immediately lol..

  2. This is such a lukewarm, boring video. Actually make dedicated people do the challenge or just don't make the video period 😪

  3. Lol I’m not surprised that Sean is excited bc most Asians grow up not allowed to have any bc their parents won’t let them eat it. It was considered like a luxury lunch that special kids get. Being able to get lunchable for lunch is a very special treat

  4. Theres a special place in hell for people who use the self check out (less than 15 item) aisle with 60+ items (lunchables) in their cart. The cashier literally can type x60 and scan once.

  5. Lunchables are kinda trash people look at lunchables through nostalgic goggles and that's why they praise them but let's face it the best part was the two cookies

  6. I did this while stationed in Korea. I bought only the ham and yellow cheese cracker containers. None with drinks or desserts. I ate them all day for a week. I love lunchable cracker packs… didn’t get the perk of losing a bunch of weight tho. Might try it again to see if I do drop some pounds.

  7. If anything empitomizes America, it’s giving our kids cheap processed food.
    I hated the lunch, my Mom made, but it wasn’t as bad as this.

  8. This video makes buzzfeed content look so bad. It’s kinda perpetuating that stereotype that all their stuff is clickbait bs. Idk, man

  9. 37 weeks pregnant right now… been craving lunchables since day 1 🤣🤣🤣 I could do this challenge no problem!! Anything but the chicken nuggets and nachos 🤢🤮

  10. Just a week??! You couldn’t even follow the challenge for a week straight?! I mean, I would understand if it was a month, but this is just sad… I could eat one thing for a whole week easily. (Broke, jobless college student). First world problems 🙄

  11. 34 year old here who loves pepperoni pizza lunchables lol Although yeh don;t think i could do the eating it all the time with nothing else lol Ironically I don;t like regular pepperoni pizza if the pepperoni is cooked onto it.

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