Adults React To Try To Keep Eating While Watching Challenge

Adults React To Try To Keep Eating While Watching Challenge

– This is the most shocking thing
I have ever seen at FBE. – I literally feel like
I’m eating that right now. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you’re gonna
be doing a challenge that is for sure one of the grossest challenges
that we have here at FBE. – Really? Should I be scared
or should I be excited? – I am a mom,
and the gross-out factor has to be pretty hardcore
for me to flinch. – (FBE) Back by popular demand…
– (chuckles) Oh, god. – (FBE) …this is a Try
to Keep Eating Challenge. – (gasps) Oh, no.
– (FBE) So, we’re gonna be showing you videos that are all
pretty unappetizing, and we’ll be pairing each
of these videos with a specific food
that goes along with it. – Oh my goodness.
That sounds so hard. – Oh, I’m so fine with that.
That just means free food. – (FBE) So, here are the rules.
If you stop eating at any point during the video, you’ll lose,
but you still come back for the next video.
And of course, you also can’t look away
from the laptop. – (groans) You always show
the grossest videos, and I can’t handle
gross stuff at all. – (FBE) And finally,
just in case you need it. – Thank you. (chuckles)
Hopefully, I don’t need this. – I will not be using
this bucket. I refuse to throw up.
I’m not even gonna think about it. – (FBE) So, first up,
we have some fresh angel hair pasta with marinara sauce.
– See, seemingly innocent, but when you pair it
with a nasty video, who knows what’s gonna
come to my mind as I’m eating this? – Oh, god. Okay.
Mm-hmm. Cool. – These videos are so satisfying.
– I don’t mind pimples, but those hairs are reminding me
of the noodles in my mouth. – AHHH, I hate this! (gags and coughs) That is disgusting!
Why are the hairs so black? I feel like that’s what
got me the most. Why are they so thick?!
(buzzer) – Oh! (muffled) I hate
pimple popping videos. They’re so bad!
I can’t look at it anymore! I literally can’t.
(buzzer) – No. I don’t have
the stomach right now. That’s so not happening,
and it’s because you’re tailoring the food to the video.
(buzzer) – Oof. It just feels like
I’m shoveling puss and blood in my mouth. Mm!
Delicious. – ♪ When the moon hits the sky
like a big pizza pie ♪ ♪ That’s amore ♪
This is really good pasta. – I watch these videos for fun.
– I’m cool with blood. I’m cool with skin.
I have a lot of hair. – Oh my gosh. That is foul.
That is so gross. (gasps) – Ew. What the?!
What just came out of his skin? Was that a bug?
– God, what– oh, is it a bug?! What the [bleep] was that?!
That’s really good pasta, though. There’s two different aspects of it.
My mouth is like, “Oh, this is really good.”
And my stomach’s like, “Oh, you should throw up.”
– That was a lot harder than I thought.
I was like, “I love spaghetti. These videos don’t bother me.”
But as soon as I started eating it, the little angel hairs were like hairs
on the body. That was so gross. – I had an ingrown hair
in my face before like that. This one wasn’t too difficult,,
but I think because I kind of had an idea of what was coming,
’cause I’ve been through it, just not to that level of grossness.
That doesn’t mean, like, make this even harder. (laughs)
– (FBE) So, next up, to satisfy the sweet tooth
I’m sure you have now, we have some Gushers for ya.
– Ooh! Okay! I’m actually very excited about this.
I want something sweet. – This is not gonna emulate
anything good. I think it’s gonna be terrifying.
– Mm. Maggots! – Ewww, it’s a maggot?!
– I don’t like that. I don’t like that it’s moving. – (woman exhales shakily) – This is an ASMR channel?! No! – Oh, it’s ASMR.
– I don’t like that noise that she’s making.
– (woman chewing loudly) – Oh, OHHH! She’s biting him!
Oh my gosh. – Is it alive?!
NO! I don’t wanna do it anymore! (buzzer) – (woman chewing loudly)
– I can’t. This is so gross. (chuckles)
(buzzer) – These are Gushers.
These aren’t maggots. These are Gushers. These are–
Oh my god. Oh my god! – This isn’t that bad.
I’m actually interested in this. – I’m not bothered by the worms.
I’m bothered by her chewing. – I’m kind of over it.
I will take a loss on that one. I can’t shovel one more
Gusher in my mouth. It was starting to feel
a little too dangerously close to eating an insect,
which does not work for me. (buzzer)
– Those look like little croissants with grapes in them.
– These are like the little worms in the Lion King that they eat. – Easy! Worms? Fine.
I watched Gordon Ramsey cook with worms in Peru.
– I do see the similarity of the textures, and that’s actually–
it is challenging. – There was a lot of sounds going on
that were just– even just the air, the breathing was disgusting. – (FBE) So, next up,
just in case you didn’t get any breakfast, we have
some Frosted Flakes for ya. – Okay. (chuckles)
I actually didn’t have breakfast. How could you make
Frosted Flakes be nasty, bro? I don’t know how you could make me
grossed out by looking at these. – No! (laughs)
Absolutely not! Those are frosted flakes!
(buzzer) – (gags) My body
immediately rejected it. (buzzer)
– Oh my god. That’s disgusting. Oh my god. I can’t do that.
I can’t do that. The fact that these are called Flakes
and then that was flakes of skin, that just… I think it
was a mental thing, but I could not handle it.
(buzzer) – Oh. Yeah, this one’s tough.
– I hate feet! Why would you do this to me?
I understand now why it’s Frosted Flakes,
because I’m eating some flaky feet. – (laughs)
This is so bad. I can’t do that one.
(buzzer) – Mm! Delicious skin. – This is not grrreat!
These are good, though. – Yeah, get in between
the toes. Mm-hmm. – I think he needs to soak that
in milk, and it would help. – Oh, god. – Why would you film this?
Why would you ever look at your foot and be like, “You know what
this needs? Some camera time.” – This person needs to be stopped. I did it. I’m not proud. The texture being like the video
is very disturbing and unfortunate. – If it was just one consistent food,
it’d be easier, but you guys are picking very specific items,
and I don’t appreciate it. – (FBE) The video’s over.
– Frosted Flakes are my favorite, man. – (FBE) So now, we have a sweet,
sweet milkshake with some gummy creatures inside. – You said “creatures.”
I literally thought there was gonna be an actual worm in here.
– This doesn’t bode well for what’s gonna be on the screen,
but I like gummy worms. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪
– Oh, no! No. – Oh, come on. He has a worm
in there, doesn’t he? – “Something was stuck up there”?!
It’s a worm! Why would you guys do this?! – “Something alive”?!
This is like a bad horror movie. OHH! What the [bleep] is that?! – No. Uh-uh.
Okay, no. Mm-mm. (buzzer) – Is there– oh my god! That’s a big worm!
– Yeah, love that. – That’s scary.
– What is it? The creature from Alien?!
– A leech! – I’m chewing one of those right now.
– When he was drinking water from a stream? No.
That’s why I drink bottled water. Ew! But these are really good.
I think, one, I was a little bit fascinated.
But just because this one I wanted to know how did he get
a worm up his nose rather than– the other ones are just gross
for the sake of being gross. This one was a little educational.
– My love of gummy worms outweighed how gross
everything else was. – These are actually
easier than I thought, but I’m not gonna
get too cocky, ’cause I know that
doesn’t turn out well. – (FBE) Now, we have some cute
but oozy little dumplings to go with this next video.
– I don’t know about this. I’m not allowing myself
to get excited. It’s just gonna get grosser. ♪ (ominous music) ♪ – (gasps) Oh, no! Not the eye, not the eye,
not the eye, not the eye, not the eye! – (FBE) You’re out.
– AHHH, no, no, no, no, no! Before I was like,
“Ah, this is easy.” But now I’m like,
“It’s hitting some weak spots.” (buzzer)
– Oh, is that a contact lens?! No! I wear contact lenses!
This could happen to me! Ugh! – AHHH! Focus on the food.
FOCUS ON– NO! This is happening!
I wear contact lenses. I don’t want this to happen to me.
(buzzer) – This is the most shocking thing
I have ever seen at FBE. – This looks fake. (gags) I felt like I had
an actual eyeball in my mouth. (buzzer)
– (gasps) I’m kind of liking the potstickers
more than I am liking this eyeball scenario.
– Oh, this is so gross, but it’s not bothering me as bad.
– Oh my gosh. I can’t look at that. I cannot look at that.
– (FBE) All right, you’re out. – I hate needles,
and I hate slicing skin or anything like that.
Oh, god! I just looked at it again! (buzzer)
– AHH! – (FBE) You gotta keep eatin’.
– Wipe dry? Oh god. There’s blo– I don’t wanna
do it anymore. Whose eye is that?!
And are they okay?! (buzzer) ♪ (ominous music) ♪
– This music makes it so weird. – Why am I looking?
I can’t look away now. – Oh, Jesus. – Oh my god. Don’t leave your
contact lens in, people! That’s what this video is.
– I used to work in an optometrist office.
I’ve seen stuff like that before, so it didn’t bother me.
– Just the video itself without even eating anything
was hard enough. Having something squishy and slimy
in your mouth, I couldn’t. I couldn’t do that.
– (FBE) So finally, we have one last dish for you
to end on a sweet note. – Ah, thank god! Thank god!
You don’t understand! I love doughnuts.
– This is actually the most evil one
you could possibly do. These are my all-time
favorite doughnuts, and I’m gonna be so pissed at you
if I can’t get through this video and you’ve ruined
jelly doughnuts for me. – (muffled) No,
it’s a pimple popping video! – Oh, no. Don’t do this to me. – Oh, god.
I can’t. These videos are so gross. (buzzer)
– (muffled) I don’t care. Let me squish it with you, my guy.
– (man) And you can see the puss… – No! I will not have jelly doughnuts
ruined for me! (laughs) (buzzer)
– (man) Now, this is… – Wow.
– (man) …on the cheek. – EWWW!
– (man) On the left cheek. – Don’t do it again, please.
I can’t. I can’t. This looks exactly like pu–
hold on. You ready? (buzzer)
– Just imagine that’s jelly. Just imagine that’s jelly.
– Hoo! Mm. That sweet, sweet jelly.
– I literally feel like I’m eating that right now.
– (man) …the puss coming out. – I can’t do it. (chuckles)
I’m so grossed out. (buzzer)
– (man) …coming out. – (groans loudly)
I’m squeezing this doughnut like it’s the abscess.
– That was so much! This is really good, though.
– You’re giving me really tasty food, so it makes
this challenge really hard, because it’s like, “Man,
I love food, but god, do I hate pimple popping videos.”
– This is probably the most artistic thing,
the most artistic challenge I’ve ever done, because it plays
with the senses a lot. – That was a good one.
It’s like oozing out like… – (FBE) Some of the videos
did make you stop eating. – (dejected) I know.
It was harder, ’cause it was diverse. If it was just one type of video,
I could’ve mastered it maybe. But it kept changing.
– I’m not even mad. I feel like I did pretty good,
so even though I got out, I’m still proud of myself.
– You’re upping your game. The first Try Not to Eat,
it was just spaghetti. Now, you actually have
really tasty foods paired with even grosser videos,
so you wanna keep eating for the food, but your brain’s telling you
you shouldn’t be eating at all right now.
– (FBE) Michelle, you won. (ding) – Something I’m not proud of,
but you know what? At least I don’t gotta
eat dinner later tonight. (ding)
– I knew I wasn’t really eating these things, but it felt
like I was, because I was consuming things that had
a similar texture to what I was watching.
And I love that. I love that, because when else
do you experience that? When else do you play with that?
Never. So, this was my chance. And I won, ’cause I’m a G.
And so, you know, it was great. – Thanks for watching this
disgusting episode of Adults React. – Shoutout to Jason Edwards
and Delaney. – Subscribe and hit the bell,
so you never miss an episode. – Thanks for watching, guys.
Bye! – Hey, guys. It’s Sierra,
producer here at FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this gross video. If you wanna see our other videos
across all generations, gross and not gross,
hit up those links the in description below.
Bye, guys! (softly) Yes!

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