Air Fried Squash Recipe – Air Fryer Recipes

Air Fried Squash Recipe – Air Fryer Recipes

Hi everyone as you already know we are
going to be making air fried squash today. I need to explain a few things. I
actually filmed this video last night and I’m going to redo most of it because
I had my husband videotape and I wasn’t happy with all the angles and things. So
reason why I’m explaining this is probably going to notice a few things
that are a little different probably just the beginning part because I’m
wearing different clothes. So I just wanted to explain that. Also I plan on
making hopefully several videos today and you’re going to be seeing me wearing
the same clothes probably for my next two or three videos. With that let’s go
ahead and get started. So I’m just going to be making a small batch of fried
squash today so you may want to double what I’m doing here. I have one beaten
egg half, half cup of flour and I’m going to add a half a cup of cornmeal. I’m going
to add about a teaspoon of salt and a little bit of cayenne pepper you can
leave this out of course. Mix that all up okay now we need to go ahead and slice
our squash up get rid of this end. I probably have
these about quarter of an inch thick. The Squash is running away from me. Also I
apologize for the noise in the background if you can hear that, my
husband has the snowblower running. So now we’re going to go ahead and dump our
squash into the egg get off the excess and then into the flour mixture. Bread
that real good. I’m gonna go ahead and finish these up
and I’ll be right back. I got these all breaded now I’m going to
spray these with some olive oil. I’m going to spray enough on here where I do
not see any dry flour mixture. Just going to go ahead and put these in here real
quick. We want the spray side up. Oh this little guy fit, perfect.
Okay let’s go move on over to the air fryer. I’m gonna start out on 400
degrees for 10 minutes and then we’ll take a peek and see if they are ready to
turn over. 400 10 minutes OK our 10 minutes is up these are
starting to get a golden-brown I’m gonna go ahead and let these go for
5 more minutes and then we are gonna take em out and flip them. 5 minutes is
up these are ready to flip. I’m going to just go ahead and use my hands to flip
them it’s easier. You may not want to do this just be careful if you do.The bottom
side the bottom side is a little golden brown so I’m not going to let these go
for too much longer. I am gonna spray these again on this side with some olive
oil because there is some dry flour on here. So I’m gonna go ahead and do that
real quick over the sink. These already have a good color going on so I’m just
gonna let them go for three more minutes and they should be done. So another 400
for 3 minutes. Okay our 3 minutes is up and these are ready. I’m gonna plate
these up real quick. Okay I have these plated up and I’m just going to salt
these you can season them however you like. I’m sorry that my camera does not
pick up the true color. Ok everyone I hope you found this video
helpful thank you all for watching and I will see you soon. Okay now I’m going to
try one of these because this is my first attempt.We have to redo that one. These are pretty good. Cameraman do you want a bite? Sure.(laughing)…I’m gonna pee. Cameraman do you want to try it?
Sure, hmm that’s pretty good. (Laughing)

29 thoughts on “Air Fried Squash Recipe – Air Fryer Recipes

  1. WOWOWOW, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! That was superb Kelly! now I know how you feel watching me and Silvia on the talk show. Your videos are entertaining and educational, BUT, just by having your husband in there for just those very few moments, made it, I don't know what to say, but, MORE!!!!!!!

    When you two just broke out laughing, I could not help it but laugh right along with you, and I didn't even know what the heck you were laughing about, LOL! Great editing skills, and PLEASE get him to be in more videos, it just shows that loving family side.

    So that is what people see in me and Silvia, huh? Now i know why our channel is doing so great! You have found your niche!!!!!

  2. I ran straight to my kitchen and made this as soon as I got done watching this video! It was delicious! Thank you for posting air fryer recipes!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, these were AMAZING !!! I had gastric bypass almost a yr ago so I do not eat fried foods any more and I have been missing my fried squash … BUT not any more these are soooo good !!!

  4. I made these today and they were delicious! I’ve only had my af a couple days and loving it so far! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

  5. This was a cute video. Very much like our (very few and far between) YouTube videos – mostly involving sailing and Jeeping. We love love love our air fryer and are always looking for ideas and recipes. Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Kelly, I just loved this video, it was like having a blooper at the end and you were too cute laughing, like your hubby too. Well I just bought some squash this week and guess what, this is on my list for tomorrow, oh it looks so yummy. Thanks Kelly…..Claudia

  7. My husband likes your recipes too Kelly. I am 68 years young and still love to cook. And you are my number one youtube recipe gal. My two favorite small appliances are the air fryer and the instant pot. Love all your recipes and your little girl is darling. Thanks my dear for all your work, videos and your hubbies help. Many many hugs to you…..Claudia

  8. Attempted to make these a few nights ago with some fresh squash from the garden and they did not turn out as planned so I came here looking for what I may have done wrong and it was the olive oil spray on the dry flour that I left out! Will try again tonight! Can't wait for some fried squash =) great video!

  9. Found you just in time, lol! Squash is coming in from garden…daily. From garden to air fryer…nothing better 🙂

  10. Just found your channel last night while looking for an air fried squash.  Great recipe, we made this last night.  Looking forward to watching many more!

  11. I love fried squash got to get out and pick some make a pick and cook.. Thanks for the tips!!

  12. wow! the close up of the finished product looked GREAT!!! Made a big difference in looks, for sure. Your videos are very good. Thanks for doing them.

  13. Thank You! I was given an Air Fryer and it seems intimidating to me. You gave me the courage to try this soon! Thanks again ~ Kathleen 😁

  14. Hello Kelly, great job on the hard work you do on your videos. I have subscribed here, creators need to look out for each other.
    check out this Youtube Channel (Felecia Zumsteg) I believe they have copied your videos and reposted as their own as many others also I have reported Copyright infringement on them. I believe this is your video

  15. Thank you.. I have zucchini and squash and my kitchen… I will do it this way and let you know how it turned out

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