Air Fryer Chicken | Air Fryer Recipes

Air Fryer Chicken | Air Fryer Recipes

Hi everyone today I’m gonna be making
fried chicken in the air fryer.Yes I’m wearing the same clothes as my last
video just in case you noticed. I’m filming two videos today that’s why. So
let’s go ahead and get started. I’m gonna try to go through this as quickly as
possible today because my lighting is about ready to go kaput. It’s almost dark.
So with that let me get set up real quick and we’ll get started. So what I
have is two thighs and one leg, two beaten eggs and some seasoned flour, you Air fryer vs Instant pot
can use your own seasoned flour. You know that I love Kentucky kernel. That’s what
I’m using today. I just put it in the bag so I can just shake the chicken up and
be less of a mess that way. So we need to dip our chicken into the egg and then
into our flour. Just going to pop this in here.I will go ahead and do the leg next. I don’t want to put
the other thigh in here I think that’s going to be too much. I’m going to go
ahead and give this a good shake. Now I’ll go ahead and dip our last one
in the egg then give it a good shake in the flour. Okay before I put these in the
air fryer I am going to refrigerate this for at least 15 minutes. The reason why
I’m doing that is when you flip the chicken over it has a tendency to take
the skin off and I’ve read if you refrigerate it
it won’t do that, we will see because I never tried it this way before.
Now I’m going to go refrigerate this for at least 15 minutes and I’ll be back.It’s been
almost 15 minutes I really don’t want to wait any longer, I’m impatient.(laugh) I’m gonna
go ahead and spritz these pretty good with olive oil with my crappy spritzer. let’s go Pop these in the air fryer. So I’m
gonna go ahead and put these in the air fryer 380 degrees for 22 minutes. The
thighs should be done then. the leg may take a little longer. Halfway through I
will flip these. We’re at the halfway mark I’m going to flip these over. So far so good
nothing is sticking or falling off. Okay now I’m going to spritz this side a
little bit with oil it’s looking pretty good but just to be on the safe
side. I’m gonna let these finish up for the remaining time. Okay I just took
these out it’s been 22 minutes I took the temperature and they are not quite
ready. The thighs are pretty big the temp on it right now is 145 we’re looking for
165. I’m gonna go ahead and let it go eight more minutes and the legs should
be done also then so it’s going to be a total of 30 minutes at 380. Okay everyone
the chicken is done there was a change of cooking time it took 30 minutes for Power air fryer xl reviews
all of these. So just remember at the halfway mark flip them over give them a
spritz of olive oil. Also I would refrigerate these too
after you’ve bread them because it really worked to keep the breading on. I will be
doing that from now on. I hope you all found this video helpful. Thank you all
for watching and I will see you soon.

68 thoughts on “Air Fryer Chicken | Air Fryer Recipes

  1. Hey Kelly! When using the air-fryer for chicken, does the fat drain to the bottom?

    By the way…WE GOT OUR AIR FRYER LAST NIGHT!!!! 😍

  2. Ok this was delish !!! The seasoning flour was on point and the air frying in so easy! Thank you Kelly .. I have owned my air fryer for a few months but was scared to use it NOT any more lol !!!

  3. Ty for sharing your method. I find dabbing a brush in oil and lightly coating both sides before putting them in worked fine and will save you the spritzing in between or the chance of rancid oil contaminating your sprayer (which they tend to do easily).

    Additionally 1 egg seemed to coat 8 pieces just fine with minimal waste if it helps anyone.

  4. The principal of air fryer is to dry in very high temperature. So, it would better to mix all the ingredients together which to avoid unpleasant test and also make a uniform shape and good test for air fried chicken. 🍗🐔

  5. Hey, my daughter said she wanted to try out an air fryer. By the looks of this demo, it's a win! 🙂 Thank you xo

  6. Ohhhhh this was amazing I just for an air fryer and was looking for nice and easy recipe thank you so much gonna make this now ..

  7. How do spell air? O.L.I.V.E..O.I.L. You cooked the chicken in the olive oil that you sprayed on it. I wanted to see how it fried in AIR.

  8. I thought of an idea. I have too many stainless steel shish kabob skewers. I cit them down . I put these in my chkn legs and thighs next to the bone. They heat up wonderful in my air fryer and get the thick chik parts nicely done next to bones. I leave the skewer ring on so I can pull them out easily. I also put a couple in my baked potatoes to help them cook inside too. Works for me

  9. Thats a nice little machine big draw back for me is 3 or 4 pieces at a time.I usually cook 16 or more pieces at a time.Wish they made them big as a 12 inch frying pan haha lol.

  10. Could you do plain flour or corn starch and bread crumbs eggs I know this sounds like a stupid question but I am still learning this air fryer thing support her channel

  11. I love air fried chicken. I used buttermilk instead of egg, and left in in the milk overnight. I just add a bit of oil to the bottom of the air fryer pan to avoid it sticking.

  12. I absolutely loved this recipe! I was actually wondering, is it fine to use boneless chicken, like a chicken breast, to make this? Sorry, I just started cooking recently! 🙂

  13. kelly txz guy tell me how prepare the seasoning flour
    im from Srilanka we do not have these kind of things txz


  15. Good cuz the more of a Pro u sound and look, the more followers u will gain. don't be lazy in how u represent yourself. always put forth yr Best foot forward. you will stand out because others won't get a Mic. :))

  16. I've never understood why someone would work so hard to make a video like this and then not share tasting, or even cutting into the product with the viewer.

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