“All Mixed Up All Star Edition”  Episode One; The Appetizers

“All Mixed Up All Star Edition” Episode One; The Appetizers

Welcome to the season premiere of All Mixed Up.
This is the all-star edition. We’ve invited back the winners
from our first three series, to come back and battle appetizer,
entree and dessert. But here’s the catch.
All three enter undefeated and only one will leave that way.
This is All-Star Edition of All Mixed Up and it starts right
now. (MUSIC)
Cameron Bevan, Emman Eugenio and Seth Anderson.
Three former All Mixed Up Champs are going to go at it, over the
course of three episodes. Each contestant has to prepare
an appetizer, entree and dessert.
You give me anything, I’m gonna make you a five star meal.
As always our contestants will have to work with three unique
ingredients selected by our judges.
Worst Dish I’ve seen. It wouldn’t be called All Mixed
Up, if we didn’t mix it up. Curve balls will be thrown at
our contestants during each round, and it’s up to them to
overcome and adjust to the challenges in their quest to
creating the ultimate dishes. We all know who’s boss.
No competition is complete without judges.
Three industry aficionados will be awarding up to ten stars to
the all-star chefs, based on taste and presentation.
Rosie Cox, representing Domino and C&H Light Sugar and Stevia
blend. Mike Conrad, CEO of Zaycon
Foods. Chef Dee Lennox, representing
Mariani Packing Company. Each judge is representing one
of the key ingredients are contestants will be using in
their creations. (MUSIC) Always leaving us
wondering what he’ll say next is season 1’s winner Cameron Bevan.
Guns, money, drugs, bad sunglasses, tattoos, that’s how
I roll. Right now I’m feeling my chances
are (sigh) through the roof. You know I’m going up against
Emman and… Who’s the other guy?
Seth (off screen). Oh…
who? What sets me apart, number 1, is
I’m just a flat out better cook. Seth, I have credible sources
that say, “you’re not even a threat”.
As for you Emman, this is gonna be fun, I hear you can cook and
uh, ay, game on. When we come back, we’ll check
in with Emman and Seth and the judges will speak out for the
first time. (MUSIC)
Originally from The Philippines and always cool,
calm and collective is season two winner Emman Eugenio.
Well currently I’m still working as a nurse, but I’m on the
process of renovation on a small place here on the crusher coast,
it will be a small Vietnamese place.
I think I’m ahead of Seth and Cameron since I have a
background in the pastry side as well as the savory side.
Seth I’m coming for you! Cameron, you’re going down!
(MUSIC) Bringing God to the table, is devote Christian Seth
Anderson. Who is the only male contestant
during season three. Seth Anderson here.
People call me Chef Radomes. I’m 21, I’m just gonna kill it.
People say that Atlanta hasn’t won in a long time, well guess
what I’m here, I don’t care, so I’m just here to win again in
season 4 it’s the all-star round and honestly I don’t think the
other two can compare. If I win that two grand, I’m
just lift my truck have it sitting on 44’s, be eye to eye
with bus drivers. Emman, you better know that I’m
coming for your head. Cam.
I don’t even know why you’re here, just go home, go get more
tattoos, I don’t know maybe a haircut.
Welcome all-stars to the All-Mixed-Up all-star kitchen.
How you feeling? Good.
Pretty good sir. Excellent well you guys know the
drill, but I’m gonna go over the rules just to be safe.
We have three fantastic judges. That have brought three
fantastic ingredients with them. You’re gonna be tested in taste
and presentation on a five star scale system, on what you do,
with those ingredients. Each week we’re gonna tally up
the stars and one of you at the end of it all is gonna be
crowned, “The All-Star, ALL Mixed Up Champion” and win a
cash prize of two thousand dollars.
Are you ready for that? (MUSIC) Hell yeah.
I guess. This is the appetizer round and
your ingredients are as follows…
Domino, C&H All Natural Sugar and Stevia blend.
Mariani Dried Cranberries and number 3, Zaycon Applewood
Smoked Ham. But before we get started, lets
find out what the judges are really looking for.
My name is Dee Lennox and I’m with Mariani Packing Company.
They are the world’s largest independent owner/operated dried
processing food company and they’ve been around for over one
hundred years. They’ve got people working for
their company that are in fourth and fifth generation of their
company. They provide cranberries, tart
cherries, apricots, pineapple, mango.
Remember it’s loaded in anti-oxidents, it healthy and
fabulous and it’s versatile, so let me see what you can do.
I cannot wait to see you at the end.
Good luck to you all. Hi guys.
I’m Rosa Cox and I’m here representing Domino Light and
C&H Light. I blend a pure cane sugar along
with stevia.
The great thing about this product, that you can take a
regular sugar recipe and replace half amount of Domino Light and
C&H Light. Final results is, half of the
calories and half of the carbs on your final creation.
So best of luck and great taste to everyone.
Gentlemen, my name’s Mike Conrad from Zaycon Foods and I’m
excited to be here. Today were gonna bring a
applewood smoked ham and a hickory smoked bacon and I think
you guys are gonna love it. We are an outside of the box
type of company. Were changing how food is
delivered to people and we think that you guys can do the same
thing in your industry. I’m interested to see what you
guys can take and create with what I’ve brought to the table.
I can’t believe he just pulled out scorpion pepper sauce.
This is some of the hottest stuff you can possibly imagine.
(MUSIC) Seth, Cameron, Emmon…
Your first ingredient is going to be Domino C&H Cane Sugar and
Stevia Blend. you’ll be given thirty minutes
to prepare a wonderful appetizer and your time starts now!
(MUSIC) Chef Seth for the win. Um lets do it.
(MUSIC, Running, Mixing, Clamoring) What have we got
here? I am making a Vietnamese
spring-rolls and I’m also using, um The Domino Light Sugar.
Yes and how are you gonna use that on the appetizer?
I’m gonna use it as a sweetener for my sauce.
(MUSIC) Because I did four sauces in thirty minutes
including cooking wings in three different methods.
So I was nervous. I have a mojito glaze, a
teriyaki glaze and a sweet avocado puree.
(Singing) Isn’t she lovely… While I start whipping up my
vinaigrette, I’ll be dammed, Chef Ralph Pagano …
Gentlemen! I have right here inside my
little magic mixing bowl an opportunity for each of you to
gain five stars out of the gate. I unveil to you…
The Five Star Challenge. Oh yuck!
Evan the only think that’s separating you and five stars is
a spoonful of some of this Ghost and Scorpion Pepper Love.
Would you like some? Sure.
Oh man. Huh Huh.
This is gonna be… ah…
Why not? I’m Asian, I love spicy food.
So I earn five points. Awesome!
you know like right on. Go for it big boy.
That’s the most spiciest chili paste that I’ve tasted.
In my entire life. There are three men crying and
no onions to be found. My sweat is like, I don’t know
it’s like tear drops all over. My nose is running.
I see Emmon, hunched over the sink.
Ralph is patting his precious little star head ever so
gingerly. Trying to baby him back into
recognition of what the BLEEP is actually going on.
(MUSIC) That’s better right? No if I’m gonna pass out here
you’re gonna catch me. Yeah, Emmon’s back!
How you doing sweetheart. It’s a good thing I’m still on
it. (MUSIC) Anybody want to ad more
stars? I’ll take it.
Hey, what the hell, ten stars. This time around I’m taking it.
Guess what. BLEEP that.
I’m never gonna do that again. Woo.
That’s the gift that keeps giving.
Buttermilk and beer that’s dinner tonight.
(Laughing). Alright Cameron picks up fifteen
stars. Some things separate the men
from the boys. (MUSIC) Woo.
(MUSIC) Well right here what I have is tuna sashimi with a red
water crest and a chervil floral salad.
Looks to be a little overdressed.
For my taste I don’t think it’s too much dressed.
Really? Don’t think so?
No. Okay.
I enjoy it. I know how my stuff tasted.
I don’t know how their stuff tasted but I hope I got the
right flavors. Unlike my competitors in stead
of using the stevia in one way I used it in four.
I am not crazy about the avocado though.
This one needs a little more cooking for me.
It’s a little pink for me. Yeah.
Yes. I’m not gonna try that one.
Ok. You want a little salmonella?
Yeah not today. I made today a tunggoicoon.
Tunggoicoon is a Vietnamese spring-rolls.
Oh my gosh. That is …
Guys… Wow.
Domino Light and the C&H light on this
sauce is absolutely delicious.
I agree with you 100 percent. Gentlemen you did very well
during the first round. As you know we’re moving into
the second round right now. Your ingredient is going to be
Mariani Sweet Dry Cranberries. One of my favorite delicious
snacks. you have thirty minutes on the
clock. Your time starts now.
(MUSIC) Chicken tenderloins. Little do they know I have a
great trick up my sleeve. They’re not gonna ever see it
coming. (MUSIC) Let me ask you a
question. You trust him?
Do you trust him? You trust him?
Seth walk on over. I’d like you to get a quick
instruction on how to use that camera grip.
On this shoulder right there. Like that.
Put your hand… balance it there.
This is your zoom and your focus.
Working the camera. Oh boy!
(Laughing) Do I have some miles on that.
Just you know, show me the odds and ends.
Zoom, you know I mean it’s the same thing as doing porno.
Very good at that. Switch-eroo right here please.
Here we go. Now here I am, in the kitchen
holding this professional video camera.
Take off your gloves. Take off your gloves.
Peel the carrot… Steve how you doing over here.
Doing good. Excuse me sir.
Got to get you the water over there.
Excuse me Shawn. Yeah.
Right there? I gotta make sure that I just
give proper direction in order to get them where they need to
be. You know what?
I’m gonna deliver the news. STOP, STOP, STOP.
Camera guys back where they go. Camera guys switch back out.
(MUSIC) Hey how are you? What you got here?
This is something you’re going to love.
That’s just a little bit of what’s too come.
Oh wow. This is documented.
What you got there Cam? Oh Man, I got some devilishly
delicious things going on. Actually what I’m putting
together something a little special.
Right. A nice little cranberry jam.
(MUSIC) Hi, how are you Dee? What did you make for us today?
I made a Asian inspired dish again.
I made a Tie lettuce wrap. But why does he do Asian stuff
all the time? I wonder if he does, I wish he
could do something different. Wow.
This is probably the best thing I’ve had all day.
Deviled eggs with ham and truffle on crenate with a
cranberry jam. Wow.
What’s delicious about this is the Mariani cranberries which is
really, it’s very delicious I think it’s a really nice
pairing. A deviled egg should be
something that’s creamy and… A little more moist.
Moist! Balsamic cranberry with jumbo
lump crab and brie quesadilla. You don’t mix brie with american
cheese. I could not have another bite of
it. Right now we’re introducing some
pork to the game. Zaycon Applewood Smoked Ham.
Which I happen to have a pretty fine hankering for.
I’m gonna put thirty minutes on the clock.
and the time starts now! (MUSIC) Hi, how are you Mike?
I’m doing good. Good.
What are you making? Actually I’m making here like a
Philippine inspired bread roll with ham and cheese inside.
you stuff it with ham and cheese inside it and roll it with an
egg wash and pan-co breadcrumbs. You fry it and you’re all done.
I’ve noticed this is your third Asian dish.
I love Asian dishes since I’m Asian!
Yeah. You are!
Yes I’m Filipino! (Laughing) In the middle of the
round Ralph comes around and asks us to pick a number between
1 and 10. Seth, pick a number between 1
and 10. Six.
Incorrect. Evan, Think of a number between
1 and 10. Eight.
That is incorrect. Cameron.
Seven. What did you say?
Seven. Well the lucky number is seven.
Cameron you are the winner by picking number 7 and you know
what happens? I’m shaving seven minutes off
the time! That’s right for 3 ham and
cheese sandwiches. After my seven minutes have been
taken off, my Brain’s just going in haywire at this point.
Oh no, what a nightmare. Yeah, this is where it’s going
bad guys. I’m putting together my roulade.
It’s falling apart completely. All bad, all bad!
Oh no! It’s going as wrong as it
possibly could. (MUSIC) The dish that I I’m
doing is a nisswa style ham-rollatini.
Zaycon gave us a a good applewood smoked ham.
I mean I grew up eating that. It’s something I’m familiar
with. (MUSIC) Ham and cheese rolls
with a salad on the side with a apriko.
Well my Zaycon foods ham is awesome.
It always is. I just tried the salad and it is
the same taste that we have in the dish before.
nisswa style ham-rollatini, it has cream cheese, blu cheese,
parsley and spinach. I think because the ham is
sliced so thick, it was hard to cut.
I could not taste the ham and that’s not what I’m looking for.
My deconstructed croque monsieur.
I think it’s very creative and the honey with the chili uh, it
made so perfect. Fantastic.
This is exactly what I was expecting.
When we come back, our judges will tell us their opinion on
which all-star made the best appetizers.
Using the key ingredients of sugar and stevia blend.
Sweet and dried cranberries and smoked ham.
Our all-star contestants have prepared three different
appetizers using… sugar and stevia blend, sweet
and dried cranberries and applewood smoked ham.
The judges have tasted their dishes and are ready to deliver
the verdict. I really enjoyed how you used
the peanut sauce and used our product in it.
I thought that the shrimp could of been a little more flavor
full then the basil was very overpowering.
I like the idea that you have on the chicken wings but I wasn’t
crazy about the presentation. The avocado sauce I really
didn’t think worked. The sashimi with the floral
salad to me had a very aromatic taste and wasn’t overpowering.
I love our product with the Domino Light and C&H Light on
that dish. I thought the salad was a little
bit over-dressed and so it took away from the texture, the
consistency, I thought you were trying to have.
I love that, I don’t know what you call that a comp-ode or a
jam or what… It’s a relish.
It’s a relish, fantastic, delicious.
I do not like cranberries so I was like this is gonna be
wonderful and so but it was awesome it was really good.
The one challenge that I had with your dish, was that you
used the american cheese which really um, took it to another
place. It took away from the beautiful
lump crab. I’ve thought the presentation
was ok, but the taste I couldn’t eat it.
We enjoyed that we thought that was delicious it was very
flavorful, um the one critique that we gave on it was the
deviled egg itself was um a bit dry.
With what you did, it didn’t hit that mark, it didn’t elevate the
ham I couldn’t really taste the ham I mean I could a little bit
but because I was focused on the oil I didn’t taste that oil.
I would like you to diversify a little bit more.
To be honest with you, I was very disappointed with this one.
The blu cheese just was too much and I couldn’t even taste the
ham at all. I expect more from you because I
know you can deliver. The deconstructed ham and cheese
sandwich was what I call it. Across the board for me I was…
I loved it. And I, like the other judges
agree whole heartily I thought your presentation was fantastic
Everything was perfect about it. i mean it was really, really
spot on. Thank you.
(MUSIC) Well it was quite an interesting round.
There’s been some scoring and it goes as follows.
Seth, your trailing the pack with 55 gold stars.
Evan, you’re in second place with 76 and Cameron that puts
you in the lead with 91 gold stars.
Your ten point play really seemed to work out and your
dishes really wowed the judges. But as you know here in the All
Mixed Up kitchen anything goes and next week we’re gonna move
into the entree round and one of you guys are gonna be closer to
the grand prize. Being undefeated and two
thousand American dollars. When your view is obstructed
with something so intrusive it’s a challenge.

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