100 thoughts on “Almond Coconut Cake (Raffaello cake) Recipe

  1. baked this one for a family lunch. i thought it would be a bit heavy for a warm day, but it feels so light and everyone liked it a lot. a recipe to repeat for sure! thanks for this one also =)

  2. I know this is a strange question but can I use something other than coconut milk and coconut, my kids aren't crazy about anything I make with coconut 🙁

  3. 😍😍😍❤❤❤ the best
    Même mes amis qui n'aiment pas la noix de coco à la base en raffolent!!

  4. Surprisingly, with all the white chocolate. This cake is not very sweet. I suggest using sweetened coconut. Or adding more powdered sugar to the whipped cream.

    Ps- I had a cup of leftover frosting. It makes an excellent dip. It’s amazing with nillia wafers.

  5. This cake was really easy to make and was such a big hit at work. Not too sweet, just right. I will definitely make this again. The video was great. Thanks you

  6. I just watch this video because i love the 1th song :)) Can`t find it anywhere. P.S the cake is awesome, made it like 2 years ago for my birthday <3

  7. I made this for my mom's birthday. I love the recipe and technique for the sponge of the cake cause that cake was so spongy and easy to layer, the recipe is amazing!! Thanks :).

  8. Wowowowowowwow Delicious Cake, My Mouth's watering. Coconuts, White Chocolate, Rafaello Candy's Superbb. Just love it.

  9. I love every thing about this video starting from the cake design, to the filling, moving to "filming", ending with the beautiful music 😍😊
    Watching this video is like watching a sweet love story with happy end but you still don't want it to end because it takes you to some sweet romantic place, despite the distracting noise from my 19 month old baby in the background 😂😂😊
    Thank you

  10. Thank you so so so much for this amazing cake
    Just made it and it tests YUMMY YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  11. I've tried this cake and there are a few things I had troubles with. First of all, the frosting was quite limp and it caused my cake to wobble when cutting it. Yours looks much firmer, which is strange since I've used a whipping cream with the same fat percentage. Secondly, the sponge had risen the right way but as soon as it cooled down on a rack, it sank in the middle. How can I prevent this? I really want to try this cake again, without all the flaws in structural integrity. Any tips?

  12. I´m 2 years late but I did this cake and it was a hit! Literally nobody believed me when I said that I made that cake haha. Thank you so much!

  13. ايه الجمال ده تخفه جداا هجربها اكيد ان شاء الله ❤❤❤❤

  14. Halaw j,adour bouqaou la tarte de Rafaelle m est desolelle jai rien camri de langle oumoin vous derez ecrere la recete en francie et en arabe merge

  15. На просторах интернета много рецептов этого торта, но ваш- самый лучший и совершенный и по форме и по вкусу. Спасибо за ваш труд! Привет из России!

  16. Здравствуйте можно рецепты по русской переводе пожалуйста

  17. Made this cake. It turned out amazing. Everybody loved the frosting unlike those very sweet buttercream cakes. Hatsoff

  18. Hello ,can you give substitute of egg .becoz we r not using egg in our any meal…but your recipe is mouthwatring

  19. My daughter loves raffaello.. so I tried this cake for her 4th birthday.. everyone loved it.. ❤ such a great yet easy recipe..!!

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