AMAZING Street Food in Ratchada Night Market, Bangkok

AMAZING Street Food in Ratchada Night Market, Bangkok

Hey everybody Welcome to the Ratchada night market. a very local night market that happens here in bangkok. I think every night now, it used to be a weekend market But it’s so popular with the locals that now it is every night It is pretty amazing here and you don’t see a lot of tourists, which is another thing I like Let me show you around There are about five rows of food stalls, and I think maybe even more clothing stalls Here are the water bugs again Should I get more? they’re pretty delicious That is congealed blood. They love it here in Thailand 3 dollar shirts right here Surrounding this market is actually a whole bunch of bars You can hear how loud they like to blast their music The interesting thing though is that they’re mostly all made out of shipping containers Yeah, that’s pretty cool Here’s the busier part of it Seafood goodness… so I sat down to eat some seafood barbecue That’s one of the best smelling things here actually and because it is so messy they give us these gloves to wear Yeah We’ll see about napkins. I’m not sure And we also got some pork bone Pork bone soup, I think. I hear that it’s really spicy. So I’m gonna test it out for myself

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  1. Hey Dave, just can't get my head around eating bugs. Looks like you are having a great time, so cool. Enjoy my young friend and take care.

  2. Ohhh Bangkok !
    We are planning to go there one day, is it expansive ? 😀
    Great video, going to watch more from you ! Subbed 😉 (here from fb post)
    PS. I feel bad for asking but mind checking out my channel ? If not then that's totally fine ! ;D

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