today we’re in Istanbul Turkey and we’re
here to eat this Istanbul series is all about sharing with you some of Istanbul’s
best food Istanbul’s food culture is diverse delicious and steeped in history
this is our second video from Istanbul and we’re here to hunt down the best
Turkish food watch out for traditional Turkish street food, unusual foods and
loads more in this four-part series we’ll show you some of Istanbul’s best
food from local restaurants that are off the beaten path to heritage recipes you
don’t want to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas
and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat Istanbul is a stunning city on so
many levels it’s one of the prettiest places we’ve ever been it’s
jaw-droppingly beautiful but the food is amazing too so we’re starting today’s
video with a döner kebab which is arguably the most popular Turkish street
food and you see it served a lot here the place we’re eating at we walked past
the other day and the line was round the corner and up the block it’s underneath a
beautiful old mosque it’s a really neat little corner stall so I’m really
looking forward to this one this is a really neat tiny stall so we’ve got
the meat cooking the smell is amazing but the stall is absolutely tiny they
have to enter through this little door underneath the meat cooking and in
there is there’s just room for two guys to be putting these döner kebabs together we’ve got our döner in our hand and
we’re gonna head over to the salon which is across the road and eat it in there this is a really neat little stall I
love how small it is and the confined space they having to work in so the
stall has been around since 1970 which is a really long time however in a city
like Istanbul that’s not that long for a place to be around we’ve eaten at lots of
places here that have been around since the 1800s it’s really common as well to
see restaurants you know since 1920 that sort of thing on so 1970 is probably a
relative baby in this city but let’s rip into this and have a look so
it’s very simple a döner kebab so we’ve got this beautiful soft white roll that
is really fresh the meat you can see sliced underneath and that is veal so
that’s young bull so bull that’s about a year old you’ve got two slices of
fresh tomato and some fresh green chili pepper and that’s it that’s the whole
thing now I find döner kebab really interesting because of the way it’s
travelled certainly as a kid growing up in New Zealand this is not what I thought of
when someone spoke of döner kebab I thought of a thin lavash style wrap
or maybe a pita, tabouleh, hummus things that aren’t even Turkish being piled in
there but this is so different when you’re here in Istanbul so it’s just
just this very simple generally these three ingredients it’s all it is so a döner kebab itself is the actual meat being cooked so that’s the thin slices in
there but a döner kebab is the a döner is the the style of meat so they stack
that veal all on it’s all separate bits which gives stacked and stacked and then gets
vertically placed on the spit now the Holy Grail generally is to find a
charcoal spit this one was actually gas so we’ll see if that makes any
difference to the taste hmm the first thing you really notice
there is the bread it’s so fresh it’s got this beautiful crunch on the outside and
super pillowy and fluffy on the inside the pepper it’s really strong it’s not
spicy at all actually I haven’t got to the seeds yet but the actual just the
flesh of the pepper’s just really sweet and very fresh really crunchy and the
meat is a is a real peppery taste I’m just gonna get a bit of meat by itself actually Oh that bit was very fatty and juicy mmm so I think it’s just got some herbs
on it and lots of pepper so it’s very simply marinated so it’s got a beautiful
taste of beef but then you’ve got these other little flavours just coming through
over the top of the beef I love how simple this is it’s a great way to start
the video so a very simple dish this is a very good version I probably wouldn’t
call it the best I’ve ever had to be totally honest but it is really good still and
totally the perfect way to start just start simple easy it’s really good those flavours really started to grow on me
the simplicity of them work really well together
now I think another one that we’ve had here while in Turkey another döner
kebab probably beats that one in the flavour stakes so we filmed that last year
when we were here so we’ll link that video up above if you want to check it
out we are in the historical part of Istanbul and this part of town is
just perfect for exploring by foot there are tons of laneways, alleyways
marketplaces so we are staying in this area for our next meal we are heading
into the lanes for some köfte köfte are one of my favourite things to
eat here in Istanbul köfte are meatballs I love this köfte restaurant because it
is so atmospheric the food is great but what’s even better is that you’re right
in the heart of it so you’re sitting in the lane there’s people walking past you’re
surrounded by all the shops and there are mosques all around you so you can
hear the call to prayer it is just real real magic just sitting here and diving into this food so this is the köfte so these are meatballs lamb meatballs they’re actually
rectangle so not round as we usually think of meatballs and they’re cooked
over charcoal there’s a bunch of pickled chillies over the top we also ordered a
salad called a piyaz and there’s some lettuce, white beans or cannellini beans
and there’s some onion and some carrot there’s some lemon on the side so I’m
going to get that over it so it can sort of do its thing and then we’ve also got
two big chunks of bread here and to go with it I’ve got ayran so ayran is sort of like the national
drink of Turkey you can see that the ayran is really watery so it’s made up of
the yogurt water and salt it’s very creamy and very refreshing in
this heat it’s about 30 degrees today in Istanbul so this is going
down a treat now let’s get into these köfte
so the köfte are cooked over charcoal and it’s made out of lamb mince the meat has got so much flavour it’s
very very smoky from being cooked over those charcoals and it’s very well seasoned
so quite a lot of salt and just a beautiful lamb flavour that’s so good I’m gonna grab one of
these pickled chilies I love these things
so just a chilli, whole chilli that’s been pickled that is amazing so it’s not very
spicy it’s got a bitter tang to it but it’s very vinegary as well so it sort of
cuts through the richness of the meat all right let’s get a mouthful of this
piyaz mmm so so fresh and crisp the onion has a really great burst of tanginess
and then the beans are really really creamy I really love the simplicity of
Turkish food so meat salad pickles and bread it’s really simple but very
satisfying and fresh Thomas and I like to travel really slow so
we like to stay in places for as long as we possibly can so on this trip
in Istanbul we’ve been here for two months already
so it’s meant that we’ve been able to really eat our way around the city and
pick and choose the best spots and our favourite spots to show you in these
videos when you stay in a place for as long as two months you get to really
know the city and discover some of its quirks and this next spot is definitely
a quirky spot it’s a gazoz cafe so gazoz is the local fizzy
drinks and this gazoz shop is dedicated to gazoz, merhaba! dedicated to gazoz all
around Turkey this gazoz shop is incredibly
interesting so it’s basically a soda cafe but don’t skip forward because that sounds quite
boring and I admit that does sound a little bit boring but this is not boring
the gazoz itself is very interesting here’s the shop here look at all the soda
lined up it’s very interesting there’s a lot of politics behind it there’s been
some problems with it over the years they’ve struggled to maintain the
tradition of this in Turkey so it’s incredibly interesting this is a really
neat place hey here’s the guy that runs the shop let’s go check it out the one, your favourite, the peach and lavender and what’s that one? Ginger? Sheena is
sorting out some flavours of gazoz for us to get so it’s a very interesting
drink it’s quite rare to find now and there’s a lot of them though or there used to be a
lot more actually so every town in Turkey had its own gazoz and they were very proud
of them and they’re all different because of the water supply at those
towns and the types of ingredients of those towns that they could put into the
gazoz so you’ve got a lot of different flavours to choose from but a few things happened
which sort of took the gazoz industry away one of those things was that the
government regulated the production of it so they stopped it being able to
be handmade which really hampered people being able to make gazoz
but then the one that really makes me sad I think this is terrible that when
coca-cola came to Turkey in the 70s they got a contract with the government run
glass bottle factory and they had 100% of their production so no one
else could get glass bottles which meant the gazoz industry which entirely
entirely relies on glass bottles was in dire straits they just couldn’t get
anything to put their gazoz in but good news is some of the producers held tight
and they’re still going today and it’s having a bit of a resurgence which is
really neat so there’s a handful of these gazoz cafes all around Istanbul and these are really neat places I love the bottles some of them are
super retro looking we’re gonna grab I think least four to give a try to all right so we have chosen four gazoz
we’ve got one here which is reyhan, reyhan is sweet basill and it’s
also got a bit of rose flavour, then we’ve got mandarin and Enes who’s in running
the shop today his favourite which is peach and lavender and then the most
popular gazoz in the shop a really really old one just the classic flavour we’ve got all of our choices lined up
amongst their bottles so I’m gonna start with this one I find this a very
intriguing flavour and there’s a few things really interesting about this one
first is the shape of the bottle so if you’ve been to Istanbul you’ll know Galata Tower this is an Istanbul gazoz so the bottle is in the shape of Galata Tower which I think is really neat and this flavour is pretty unique sounding it’s
sweet basil so like a purple sweet basil and rose whoa really rosy oh if I didn’t know
what flavour that was I’d say it was rose flavoured I can’t really pick the basil
flavour at all mmm super unique though oh that’s really good so nice and fizzy
sweet but not crazy sweet really nice and I like how these only come in 250 ml
bottles so they’re quite small ooooh let’s go with this one
this is a classic gazoz so a non flavoured one although the plain gazoz
definitely has a flavour profile which is kind of bubble-gummy this is not
as strong as a few of the other ones I’ve had while we’ve been around town
this one’s just nice and subtle but has a real
tang, sort of a bubblegum tang I really like the label on this one it looks like a
sort of a seventies mineral water fizzy water bottle when you’re sort of trying
to be cool in the seventies or something not that I was around them but I really
like this one the plain’s really good okay I’ve got the mandalina which is the
mandarin and also the lavender and peach and it’s such a beautiful colour this
pale pale pink ohhhh it’s very sweet very floral tasting
and that peach flavour is really intense okay time for this mandalina so this
gazoz has been around since 1934 mmm it tastes like Fanta it’s really really
good and it’s so hot today this is a perfect thing to be drinking I’m really excited about our next snack
so we took the bus about 30 minutes outside of the historical district and
we have come to eat something called bici bici which
is from Adana it’s a shaved ice dessert with rosewater
syrup it’s not anything that we’ve ever seen in Istanbull before and
what’s really great about a big city like Istanbul or any big city around the
world is that you get to try a lot of the foods from the different regions of
that country so Turkish cuisine is really regional this dessert it’s from
Adana which is in southern Turkey so let’s go and get a bici bici bici bici is a really popular street
food dessert I suppose or snack in the south of Turkey in Adana and it’s made
up of different layers so the first layer was a type of pudding which was
made out of just cornflour and water so I wonder if I can get some and show you ohhhhhh my bici bici
has fallen to bits let’s just get that back on there all right so there was some
pudding he sliced some banana on the top then he hand shaved some ice
popped that on put a ton of powdered sugar or icing sugar over the top of the ice
and then a whole lot of rosewater syrup so I’m just quickly gonna get in and
taste the bici bici because it is rapidly melting let’s just get some
of that ice mmmm ohhhh a really strong flavour of rose it is very sweet from that
icing sugar so the rose syrup is rose şerbet and şerbet is like a watered down syrup it’s got a really strong and long
tradition and history in Turkey it was really popular in the Ottoman courts I’m
gonna get some of the banana this is so good it’s very refreshing
very sweet and it’s just so unique it’s not something we’ve ever seen in Turkey
before I’m gonna try and get some of this pudding too you can see the cubes of
pudding like a jelly really so a cornflour jelly really
soft and squishy and creamy a little bit creamy the colour of the rosewater
şerbet is so vivid it’s just this bright pink right and it looks like it’s
really fake looking but it doesn’t taste it at all the rose flavour is really
really subtle and what I really love about this dessert is that back in the
day if you made me bici bici you would actually go to the mountains and you
would hand carve ice from the mountains and bring it back down to town via
a donkey and that’s how you got your ice so this like nowadays you just
obviously you get your ice from the ice guy you don’t head up into the mountains
but it’s got this really interesting and long history we’re off for some more Turkish Street
food next this is something that I’ve been wanting to try for ages it’s called
kelle söğüş which is cold boiled sheep’s head Muammer Usta is serving up piles of
boiled sheep’s head now these are the sheep’s head right here like they’re cold, they look a little bit grey not overly appetizing but the smell is really really good and I’m
looking at all of the bits like there’s bits of tongue bits of cheek
I think this is gonna be a dish that’s right up our alley this is a really neat stall so the
wooden box right behind me is the entirety of the street food stall the
restaurant that looks like it’s part of that’s not a restaurant for the stall
that’s actually just a pub so the stall is that tiny little box and
there’s just some tables in the laneway here and the sheep’s head looks really
neat look at the amount of parsley that’s been added in there so tons of
sheep’s head like these big chunks different bits of the sheep’s head all
cut to different sizes you can see nice little bits of fat running through there
so really interesting pieces to eat but then an absolute tonne of parsley and
onions to go with that as well that is good I was a little bit worried
it was gonna be dry because it had sort of a dryish gray look to it and because
it’s cold also it is anything but dry it’s very very juicy and you can see
that there’s been chili sprinkled all over it and there’s also some dried
herbs on there as well we’ve also got some more chilli which I’m just gonna put
a bit more on because the chilli really brings it all together
let’s get a nice big chunky bit from the front I’m missing my onions here we go onions Wow it’s just really well balanced so the parsley which is obviously fresh has a beautiful burst of freshness
and then you’ve got the cold sheep’s head which has all that fat and what not
because it’s cold it’s a little bit congealed but it’s not all hard in your
mouth with cold fat on a dish like this sometimes it coats the top of your
mouth it can be a little bit gross actually but it doesn’t do that at all
it’s really clean to eat and you’ve got those fresh flavours from the onions and
the parsley and then the chilli just pulls it all together perfectly
it is much better than I was expecting from the visuals like I said looked very
gray and dry and it’s the opposite complete opposite of that I am absolutely loving this the food is blowing me away it’s so good
and the environment is fantastic we’ve got all the local cats hanging around
hoping they’ll get a scrap the cats here in Istanbul are beautiful they’re all street cats
but they’re very clean and tidy so they’re all just lazing around the
restaurant hoping for a little scrap of head and I can see why if I was a street
cat I’d be waiting here too because this is really really good sheep’s head perfectly
seasoned perfectly cooked really cool environment and such a great guy running
the um running the little street food stand and this is the master himself so
41 years he’s been in business making this dish absolute perfection
thank you hoşgeldiniz (welcome) Teşekkürler (thanks)

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