Are VEGANS GAY? – Silly MEAT EATER comments #2

Are VEGANS GAY? – Silly MEAT EATER comments #2

Welcome to Stupid Meat Eater comments. This
video series presents some of the amazingly stupid comments by non-vegan youtubers on
my channel’s debates and videos. Here are this week’s top 5 picks 1)This week’s first comment comes to us from
Ali Babua, who said… Yea go vegan, and suffer eating 20 lbs of
Vegetables and other plants/crops a day since it fulfills the 2000 calorie diet we need
to survive. Only folivores survive on this diet, such as Gorillas. We aren’t Gorillas.
Cows and other meat sources should be treated humanely before consumption.
We don’t need to punish ourselves eating neighbor’s grass for a meal. Its great when people who know next to nothing
about what it takes to be a vegan makes such assinine comments. How little do you know
about the caloric density of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds? 2000 calories is
easily attainable on a vegan diet. Ive never claimed to be a folivore (never heard of this
term so i had to google it: turns out a folivore is a herbivore that specializes in eating
leaves). I eat a wide variety of vegan foods, not just leaves. I realize we aren’t gorillas,
however we are apes. Cows are not meat sources, but other sentient animals that should not
be killed unnecessarily. Eating animals is unnecessary for the large majority of humans
on this planet. I object not only to the treatment of animals in the agricultural sector, but
also the use (irrespective of treatment). I love to eat food, and i have not felt once
in all 11 years as a vegan that i was punishing myself. Rather it feels liberating to know
that you are not contributing to the 56+ billion animals killed for you human consumption each
year. Lastly, on your mocking comment regarding eating grass for a meal is both unoriginal
and evidence of your ignorance. Im not a ruminant animal. 2)5p3nc312 said…
I thought human beings were animals and were involved in the cycle of life just as much
as any other fucking species, like a lion that kills a gazelle or a fox that kills a
rabbit. I assume you also don’t realize that when
you eat vegetables, you are killing just as many, if not more living organisms than you
do animals. You think just because you’re killing something that doesn’t move or have
apparent emotions that it’s more “ethical”? WRONG. Pass me a fucking steak, asshole. Its pleasantly surprising to see someone actually
acknowledge that humans are animals. Ive had to actually defend that fact on a number of
occasions. This comment is very typical of someone who
has not really thought this through to the end. We are animals, and we are part of the
life cycle of this planet, however unlike a lot of animals that eat others, we do not
have a nutritional need to eat other animals. A lion or fox kills its prey because these
animals NEED to eat other animals to survive. You are equivocating humans killing animals
to predators killing prey, which is comparing apples and oranges.
Onto the second half of the comment, if you are implying that by being vegan microbes,
viruses, and bacteria are dying, yes it is true, however none of these organisms are
sentient. That means they can not feel pain, or have desires. If you are implying that
some animals die in the production/transportation of vegan foods, again you are right, however
how much care can i expect from farmers and transporters when they don’t care about minimizing
animal death? Being vegan is not about attaining absolute purity. Its about not directly supporting
the use of animals as food, clothing, labour, or experimentation. We live in a world in
which our very presence kills and disrupts other life. There is a lot we can do to minimize
our negative effects onto others. The first step is to go vegan. 3)conorefc86 made it onto this weeks comment
with this… Vegans are gay. Vegantruth get a life on here
talking shit every day of the week. It amazes me that even in 2013 we still find
people who are homophobic and discriminatory to people of their own species. I believe
that for a lot of people its their religious upbringing that retards the evolution of their
worldview. Some vegans are homosexual, some are not. Some non-vegans are gay, some are
not. I would encourage you to grow up and stop being an ass. Enter the 21st century. 4)the next stupid comment of the week comes
from The Kracker 69… Also if u think us and animals are so sentient,
try telling a wolf not to hunt for food or a cheetah to hunt an antelope because judging
from your logic, they are doing it for fun 😉 I love it when we vegans get arguments from
both angles. Some non-vegans claim that humans are superior and that we have the right to
use and kill animals because we are more intelligent, more capable, more entitled (i.e. religious
indoctrination), and that since animals are unlike us, they are worth less. On the other
side, as we find in this comment, we have the argument that we are an animal just like
any other animal, and if its okay for a wolf or cheetah to hunt, then its okay for us to
do the same. This is called the appeal to nature fallacy. Wikipedia defines this as: “an argument or rhetorical tactic in which
it is proposed that a thing is good because it is natural, or bad because it is unnatural” You will find rape, murder, infanticide, cannibalism,
torture, and all sorts of nasty things in the wild. Would you than suggest that these
should also be allowed and promoted because they too are natural? no. We have the ability
to reason and make decisions based upon observation and evidence. We realize that these kind of
behaviours are bad for the social stability of a community. Animals that kill other animals
typically do so because they have a nutritional requirement to do so. Humans on the other
hand do not need to eat animals to be healthy, so our justification for killing billions
of animals each year is palate pleasure. 5) Lastly, a misinformed confused Hobbs O
had this to share… You do realise that we humanely kill animals
right? Your analogy is false because it brings in
the idea of suffering. Comparing eating meat to dog fights is like
comparing farming crops to buming them. They are not the same.
So you can hark on about morality all you want, but these animals were literally made
to be eaten. They are farmed and breed to be eaten. That’s all there is to it. How is it possible to kill billions of animals
each year humanely? The rate at which animals are dispatched in slaughterhouses is well
beyond any responsible speed that could guarantee a painless death. I would argue that there
is no such thing as humanely killing an animal, short of euthanizing a sick or distressed
animal by administering a lethal injection. We know that eating animals is not necessary
for our health. We know that a plant based diet is the healthiest diet for us. So why
do people still eat meat/dairy/eggs? because they like the taste. People eat animals because
they enjoy it. Why do people participate in dog fights? because
they enjoy the event, irrespective to the harm caused to the animals involved. In the
mind of someone who supports dog fighting, bull fighting, rodeos and hunting, the enjoyment
of the participant or spectator is of paramount importance. What is the difference between
sitting around the barbecue pit roasting an animal (who suffered tremendously in his/her
life), and sitting around a dog fighting pit watching two animals tear each other apart?
Both stem from the self-centred pleasure seeking at all costs mentality.
Lastly, onto the point that animals were made to be eaten. Would you support the notion
that the children of slaves should also be slaves, since the parents are the property
of their masters? Just because we have placed artificial labels such as “slave” or “meat
animal” does not make them something less then what they are. This is no justification
for continuing to breed more animals into existence. POLL:
There you have it. 5 stupid comments from 5 different youtubers. Which comment would
you vote to win the Dumbass of the week award? Would it be: 1)Ali Babua’s ignorance of the caloric density
of vegan foods? 2)5p3nc312’s cycle of life?
3)conorefc86’s homophobic views? 4)Kracker 69’s appeal to nature fallacy?
or 5)Hobbs O believing that animals are killed
humanely? Please leave your votes and comments below,
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100 thoughts on “Are VEGANS GAY? – Silly MEAT EATER comments #2

  1. I'm re-watching this series, and I have this overwhelming sense of guilt for eating fried chicken 0.o. (provided by my parents.)

  2. wait wait wait wait WAIT all herbivore animals need fruit right so if vegans consume more than 20lbs of fruit arent you killing animals to?

  3. Not all meat eaters are jerks nor are all of them stupid. Even when I saw these I was not compelled to be a vegan😐

  4. Followup, I, myself am on a diet and that is why I don't want that, "ooh you're gonna get fat" crap, and, I know that it isn't demeaning, being on a strict diet, it feels good

  5. When you said and I quote "A plant based diet is the healthiest diet for us"that was incredibly stupid to say considering I don't seem to be getting any fatter

  6. I probably was to lazy to notice, but the only consecutive answer you said was how we don't need meat, and that's a complete lie, lol. Sure we are smart enough, and we can find other fillers for eating meat. Meat has its pro's and con's, meat is useful because it has many proteins, vitamins/minerals, Iron, and zinc. And to be honest, the only con's you get that I can think of from eating meat is if you eat to much.

    If I'm wrong, go ahead and tell me. I'll acknowledge my mistakes.

    Edit: As you said that humans don't need to eat meat, then why do other animals need to eat it? We're all animals. Oh and you didn't quite answer TheKracker69's question, you went a little off topic.

  7. …………………………….. HEY ………………….. VEGANS ……………………..
    …………………………….. YOUR FUCKING HYPOCRITES …………………….

    Steven Davis says he didn't set out to start a fight , but found one when he began attacking one of the most sacred beliefs of the Vegan Community.

    One of the reasons most commonly cited by Vegans and Vegetarians for giving up meat , is the conviction that Other Animals Have A Right To Life As Well As Humans.

    But when Davis began setting up a course on Animal Ethics for The Animal Science Department at Oregon State University four years ago , he reached a rather surprising conclusion.

    NOBODY'S Hands are free from The Blood of other Animals , NOT EVEN VEGANS , he concluded.

    Millions Of Animals are Killed Every Year to prepare land for Growing Crops , like Corn , Soybeans , Wheat and Barley , The Staples of a Vegan Diet.

                                               " Smaller Victims "

    The Animals in this case are Mice , Moles , Rabbits and other creatures that are Run Over by Tractors , or Lose Their Habitat to make way for farming , so they are not as  " Visible " as Cattle.

    And That Gives Rise To A Fundamental Question :  " What is it that makes it OK to Kill Animals Of The Field so that we can eat Vegetables or Fruits , but not Pigs or Chickens or Cows ??? "

    …………………………. Also Read This …………………………

  8. Vegans are so disgusting, they kill vegetables and fruits painfully grabbing them from thier roots, SOOO INHUMAN, HOW WOULD YOU BE HAPPY AFTER MURDERING VEGGIES AND FRUITS.!! I am nuterian i eat only nuts and drink soya milk. (And i still feel bad for the soya)

  9. If we stopped eating animals our economy would collapse and we would all die!! Billions of dollars go into the economy from animal farming. And if all humans became vegans, what would be left for the vegan animals to eat? Explain that one.

  10. !!! BREAKING NEWS !!!

    "Vegan's Lack Humor And Intelligens" ; Says Vegan-Mentor "Harry Youclownsky" To "THE VEGAN NEWS".
    "It Is The Deficiency Of Cholesterol That Makes The "Vegan-Brain" Delusional And Twisted" ; He Continues.
    "Only With A Healthy Balanced Diet Containing Meat, Vegetables, Fruit And Dairy, It Is Possible To Reconstruct The Damaged Brain".
    "I Am So Happy That The Waiter Accidentally Gave Me A Normal Cheeseburger Instead Of A "Vegan-burger" ; He Replyed.

    And That Was The Latest News From "THE VEGAN NEWS" Channel.
    !!! Please Stay Tuned Vegans !!!

  11. What if meat eaters in the comments make stupid comments on purpose because they want to be in a video? keanureeves.jpg

  12. Isn't being a vegetarian hard to maintain? Since, meat is a main source of other nutrients that are hard to get from vegetables.

  13. I love your videos so much, I appreciate your approach of calmy delivering facts without being offensive. I've been vegan for almost 2 years and I can certainly say it was the best decision I've made for myself. My only problem is that none of my family or friends are vegan and I often find myself struggling not to become emotional, often times angry with them for not understanding or ignoring the facts about meat and dairy. Like i said I don't know ANYONE personally who is vegan so I feel really alienated most of the time. Do you have any suggestions?

  14. I personally eat meat, but the meat I eat is actually premium quality stuff. the cows are constantly out in the field with all the grass they could eat, when it's their time they're electrocuted (a quick way too die), and a butcher chops it up himself. mind you, this costs so goddamn much, but I do get a whole cow's (and sometimes a pig's) worth of meat, humanely gotten.

  15. "religion is the cause of all problems"

    You Sir are a special kind of stupid.

    People like you will always find an excuse to hate, there will never be world peace with people like you.
    Religion is beautiful and diverse, weather Budist, Hindu, Christian, or Muslim.
    I don't care what the fuck you are.
    No one deserves to be publicly humiliated for their personal beliefs.

    Yes, there are fucking assholes in every group. There are atheist homophobes just like there are Christian homophobes and budist homophobes.

    People will use what they want to justify their beliefs.
    So if you are a stupid ignorant person, you are still going to be a stupid ignorant personal no matter what group you are in.

    I have heard people use atheism to justify their homophobic bull shit.

    They think that they go against what we evolved to be, and they are weak, and bla bla bla. People find an excuse no matter what.

    So why don't you drop the whole blaming all the worlds problems on religion bullshit.
    There will be problems no matter what.

  16. VeganAtheist says: "Why do people still eat meat, dairy, and eggs?" Because they like the taste. People eat meat because they enjoy it."
    While I agree with this, another huge reason is ignorance. Most people (I'd say at least 95%) don't know the exact details about what happens to animals before they end up as food. There have been countless cases of people turning vegan after reading about what really happens, or even more likely after having seen pictures or videos of the massacres. The animal food industries know this, that's why they go out of their way to lie to the public and to try to keep their actions in obscurity. Many animal product eaters have the "idyllic farm" view and cannot even imagine that in this modern age such inhumane atrocities are committed. There are many people I have met who have naively thought that most animals used for food are killed humanely. (Not that that would excuse meat-eating, but it's evidence of how misinformed people are on this subject.)

  17. I grew up Christian and still believe in God. But it really saddens me though that churches pay no attention to 'thou shall not kill'. Everyone in the church I went to really are happy that Jesus saved them but they don't think twice about having BBQ's in the summer etc.
    I can't talk after I first went vegan I came on and off (first time 2 months, 2nd time 4 months) for 2 years for taste _. I'm staying with it now but the fact that churches pay no attention to vegetarianism/ veganism bothers me.
    To be fair the fact that I write this comment shows I should do something about it.

  18. I agree with you for the most part but I must stress that due to epigenetics and genetic memory, some humans will still suffer greatly for the lack of animal based nutrition, I am a vegetarian because animal based nutrition is harmful to me but my best friend is a moderate meat eater who prefers vegetarian food yet becomes very ill should she go without meat for two weeks. we should be more conscientious of our eating habits for sure, and at the very least source our live stock and animal based products from more ethically sound providers. in the long term vegetarianism is the way to go but in the short term there is still a case for eating meat just not in the huge quantities that most people do

  19. on comment two, you should mention that any downside to eating plants is multiplied by eating meat since animals consume 50% of the world's grain and it takes 10 pounds of grain to produce one pound of meat

  20. Vegans things they are the best, Sure good job you feel good. Its healthy. BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO FUCKING CONVINCE EVERY1 TO BECOME FUCKING VEGAN, YOU GUYS ARE LIKE JEHOVAS

  21. How is it possible to billions every year humanely, simple C3H6N6O6 (Otherwise known as RDX), they won't feel a thing, because the last thing to go through their mind will be their ass.

  22. 2:31 vegans "kill" less plants because eating plants directly uses less than feeding plants to an animal then eating them

  23. please may i ask something ..i am a vegetarian and i always thought of being a vegan but ..seems hard because i love milk😂
    personally i dont think or dont know how milk and eggs or dairy in general is bad because it doesnt harm the animals …my question is …why is it bad to eat or drink dairy products

  24. I am going to make you a promise. For every hamburger you dont eat, I will eat two and exercise for twice as long to compensate. Im going to do this to help keep the demand for meat up.

  25. I have watched a few of your videos now, and I was honestly considering a vegetarian lifestyle and you have full convinced me that I should NOT become a vegan.

  26. I eat meat and while I personally won't switch to a vegan diet I have respect for those who do

  27. Vegans are wussys! Humans are smarter in the first place coze of eating fried high calorie dense meat witch was dropped in fire by accident. + Cows were raised to be killed for meat.

  28. Since you mention logical fallacys in your videos so much, maybe you should mention the moral high ground and how you use it to push your lame ass opinion on others in these videos? There is nothing inherently wrong with eating meat or using animals.

  29. Only a religious person would say animals are sentient so easily, because there's no way to prove that scientifically nowadays. I'll call this series STUPID responses by a vegan religious.

  30. I wish for the apacolyps to come , we will see how vegan u will stay, all though better for people like me , vegans will be the pinnacel of my diet. Eat a vegan , save a tomato

  31. No matter howmany times you keep saying its easy to talk about being vegan while you dont know anything about it.
    Its still the fact that plant based diets contain large fibers wich cannot be digested by humans,
    you still miss a lot of amino acids wich you cannot get from plants, neither can the body make these.
    you need to eat some animals since only they can produce those amino acids.
    I know several people personally who had to quit the diet because they became sick and underweight.

  32. As a vegan for 25 years now, I have to say that I truly enjoy your displaying these incredibly stupid, ignorant, and gramatically-lacking comments. I get a big kick out of the pride people have in their own ignorance of the subject. Yet, they're the ones getting sick, not us. I have stated for many years that as long as I have the ability to make my own diet and lifestyle choices, I will always be vegan. And to all you meat eaters out there, do a little research. Human beings have neither a carnivorous nor omnivorous digestive system. We are natural herbivores. Why make your alimentary canal do things it was never meant to do? It's a no-brainer.

  33. we are biologically made up to have a diet made up of BOTH meat and plants. meats have alot of essential things we need in our diet and some plants have other things essential to our diets, i mean this is right off google so. i mean i don't care that you choose to not eat meat, just don't give people shit who do choose to have a diet of all essential nutrients instead of just some.

  34. you are doing great. suggestion would be to maybe increase your volume. also I think #1 is dumb ass of the week for this video for not researching. then again they all were.

  35. Are you autistic? Saying something or someone is gay is not always literal.

    Also, if you don't support animal testing then what do you suggest? Humans come before animals and we need safe testing.

  36. Veganism is a joke. Vegan support a diet that is only attainable from mass production of food which is why most vegans are vegans. If we didnt produce the food in the quanity we did you would be forced to eat meat or die. You will never see a starving vegan because they don't exist if you are hungry enough you will eat anything

  37. Please support and share my page 🙂

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  39. right when I pressed this video I wanted to drink bleach because its vegan so im good right, vegans drink bleach all the timw , im pretty sure!

  40. hey vegan dude did u know that halal meat is the best, look it up it is like the animal is in a hotel at rest and feelmno pain

  41. Vegans suffer from B12 vitamin deficiency warns Researchers. Vegan Philosophy will not work for every place on this planet. Affordability and availability must be taken into account.

  42. We are second level consumers, and omnivores. If you don’t wish to eat meat, you don’t have to. I do eat meat cause i like the taste of meat, and it’s a good source of protein and iron, but I respect you not wanting to eat meat. Comparing humans to wolves is wrong, but we are not apex predators, more like raccoons. We eat any food and that allows us ease of survival.

    Now, aside from my personal allergies toward several plants that are high In protein, if I had the time and money to ‘choose’ a vegan diet, I might try it. But most likely the closest I can go is vegetarian cause I’m allergic to almost all milk substitutes.

    Idk where this comment is even going, I’ll just end it with, I respect that you can choose to be vegan, but at this moment I can not be so myself, due to lack of time and certain allergies.

  43. The 3rd one I think would be the dumbest. I mean, it doesn't even try to make an argument against veganism, it's just : "Gay Is BaD. VegAns ArE gaY. VegAn iS bAAAAAAAd"

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