This is my second try to start this video! One more time i started eating having forgotten to turn on the camera! Look at this chocolate heaven! And i am still chewing and swallowing… Here are some of the brands… and more! Let’s start again! White Crunch! Amazing! It is so delicious and i love the texture! Milka Strawberry! Fantastic taste! Jaffa cake! Yummy as always! It’s stuffed with green apple jam! Dark chocolate Bounty! I usually prefer milk chocolate than dark but this combination is perfect! Strawberry wafer! It’s sour sweet! I love it! Chocolate wafer! Who wouldn’t like this one? I’m done sweeties! They were all amazing, though! Thank you so much for watching! Bye!!!

49 thoughts on “ASMR: ASSORTED CHOCOLATE BARS, WAFERS & JAFFA CAKES | Eating Sounds | No Talking

  1. Ow I feel bad that your camera wasn't on and you had to eat more chocolate eventually.. I can't eat that much sweets at once haha

  2. Must be every mukbangers nightmare to have forgotten to turn on the camera before eating 🙈😅 I hope you didn't have to stuff yourself! I loved the milk chocolate crunch bar when I was a kid but never tried their white version!! Must be delicious 😍😍😍 All your chocolates look amazing 🤩😍😋

  3. Too bad that when I eat sweets I feel sick later….They look soo good♥️. That’s what I need after these stressful days, luckily tomorrow I have my last test before the Christmas holidays. I will be home from 24th Dec. to 6th January, and on 23rd dec. (which is my last day of school before Xmas holidays) we will eat lots of things at school

  4. I was a fan of yours and last night i finally had enough time to watche your “never have I ever..” video… GOD i think i’ve became your BIGGEST Fan😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️you’re so adorable funny beautiful and “energetic”😚❤️
    + i feel like your microphone has become stronger too😁

  5. Jaffa cakes are so nice, I'm from england so we have them a lot! ❤ really enjoyed the video, keep it up! Also can you do a whispering video?💙

  6. Are bounty bars like almond joy without the almond? Kinda looks like it. Almond joy is like a coconut bar covered in milk chocolate with an almond on top

  7. wow i love chocolates i think you should try spicy biryani well i always wait for your new video i hope you will also check out my channel and give me suggestion..❤👍💋😘

  8. Hooray! You uploaded a new video❤️ I really like when you eat chocolate, it makes me happy. Especially chocolate cakes. I hope you always stay healthy and happy so you can eat more chocolate in the future🥰

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