hello my children I have missed you why are we even here the only reason is to love eachother in the eyes of cheezus repent and grant yourself peace you are special but you are also one of the tribe we exist apart and as one at once cherish your individuality but acknowledge your responsibility to all members of existence any beauty we can embody as one is outshown by the beauty attainable by us all these sandwiches did not come from a vacuum I nor any other creator makes anything fresh from nothingness all creations are derivative this does not devalue your work your individual touch and taste is worthwhile you do create unique flavor and your work has merit your existence is justified Be you and build upon the work of those before us have no fear if someone accuses you of being an outsider or weird that only signifies you have discovered a unique path of beauty to be explored your variance upon past work may scare the status quo but that only makes you more valuable and beautiful do not let anyone stop you naysayers only exist to promote existing power structures and to hinder change and keep the world in stasis stasis is death. change is life growth and change are the necessity of existence we cannot leave ourselves to die by stagnation so be part of the solution do not let yourself be drawn into the calm complacency of being an everyman you are you you are a infinitely valuable resource that occurs no where else in this world do not let anyone tell you otherwise strive to fulfill your potential you are infinitely capable for we all have greatness in us and do not let anyone tell you what that greatness is define your own path

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