30 thoughts on “ASMR Eating XXL Kinder Surprise Egg & Tapping Mukbang (NO TALKING/EATING SOUNDS) – Ear To Ear 🥚🦎

  1. Bro I would love to see your face 🥺💜 you seem really cute tho 😊😰 I have some suggestions for you or some tips to get more subs

    Tips ~
    – you don’t have have to show your face if you don’t want to but that will get you more subs if you want but not all the time

    – have a better setup and add some decorations and maybe make a good clickbait picture (idk what to call it) to persuade the people to click on the video

    – and plus you look super cute even tho I cant see your whole face but i still think your cute 👁👄👁

    – and your mic sounds good and maybe make some more tapping sounds and maybe talk if you want but it’s your choice

    – try to get some good looking food and Maybe not get a good that makes a lot of noise 🙂

    – love you and I will always be your fans 😉

  2. Nice first attempt at karate chopping the egg LOL.

    I usually can't get tingles whenever I watch asmr without my earphones, but when you were tapping on the egg and doing all of that lovely asmr stuff, I got tingles! I'm seriously glad I stumbled onto your channel. I personally like how simple you are (simple background, simple food layout…). Keep doing what you're doing in terms of simplicity and adding in asmr concepts like tapping sounds; it's great!

  3. My 2 year old loves these lil eggy's. He has to grab 2 every time he sees them…. And OMG… Tinglessss, got my head itchinnn!👌🏽😍😍Lol…

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