1. So I am confusion in the episode where he eats the pickles he said he hates the pickles and you can clearly see the pickle in that burger ZACK CHOI EXPLAIN ZACK CHOI EXPLAIN WHY U EETS PEECKOLS

  2. mmmm Nice channel I am Warilyn from Philippines I am just getting started on youtube I will be cooking some filipino dishes like adobo and pancit on my channel soon for those interested.

  3. لااله ال الله وحده احنا كلنا اخوة عمر
    عمر اللي من يوم ٢٥-١٠ يركض وينشر ويساعد
    عمر الي مشفته ولا بفيديو صور بنيه ولا تجاوز على احد
    عمر الي نقللنا الثوره بصوره حلوه وبدون كلل او ملل
    عمر الي صرنا من نكعد الصبح ندور البث مالته وقبل لا انام نفس الشي هذا الشعور رح يعرفه الي مكدر يوصل للتحرير ولا لبغداد والي عايشين برا العراق رح يفتهموه اكثر الناس
    عمر الي من يحجي ويه احد يگول تاج راسي اروحلك فدوه
    عمر الي متكبر ولا شاف نفسه على احد وبقى متواضع

    عمر اخويه واخونا كلنا
    ومن حقه علينا انه نطالب بيه ومنسكت
    يا رب ترجع سالم معافى انت وكل مخطوف ومفقود ويبرد قلب اهل

  4. Not hate but I think we all know that you don’t talk anymore, Zach. So, I don’t think you have to put the ( no talking ) in the title. 😁

  5. I’m ngl and this my be out of nowhere but I feel like the Popeyes chicken 🍗 sandwich 🥪 is too over hyped

    This is my opinion btw

  6. 3:15 are we just going to ignore the fact that Zack set the chicken sandwich upside down? Just saying. Love your videos Zack!!!!

  7. I hate zach choi on how he eats like a hungry african slave and he chews the food on his front mouth not at the side of it which he is like a goat which is bad i more like sas asmr than him

  8. Стоп, почему это называется АСМР? Если я начну стричь ногти на камеру это зачтут, как АСМР?

  9. I don’t understand this ASMR thing? Someone at work made me aware and I’m lost

    How do people subscribe and enjoy watching a man eat? I don’t understand

    By the way, cute gloves 😂😂

  10. Guys I think I’ve cracked the code of how to look like Zach and not look thicker than a snicker
    It’s simple really, eat a ton of food and then when you gain weight say nah and boom your fine

  11. Zach have you ever taken a bit and thought… crap thats far to much in my mouth right now, just keep chewing and hope i dont choke lol.

  12. Next time can you include a clip on how you stack your fries so neatly? I'm so curious! All the fries look exactly the same size😁

  13. I just want to put out something because I’m quite worried about Zachs health.
    Eating junk food on a regular basis can lead to an increased risk of obesity and chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and some cancers.
    Little by little your killing the cell in your body and it’s not a joke. So please be more careful with what you eat. Please.

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