ASMR raw oysters, seasoned oysters *SAUCE RECIPE 생굴,굴무침 먹방 *레시피 (EATING SOUNDS) MUKBANG

ASMR raw oysters, seasoned oysters *SAUCE RECIPE 생굴,굴무침 먹방 *레시피 (EATING SOUNDS) MUKBANG

salt water Repeat washing three to four times until the water is clear Garlic 1.5 (spoon) Red pepper powder 3 Sugar 2 Vinegar 2 Anchovy fish sauce 1.5 a bit of ginger powder Sesame 1 radish cucumber sweet pear water parsley Freshly washed raw oysters Sesame oil Hi Today I’m ready to eat raw oysters. The oysters are really big and fresh Wow it’s really soft and delicious In Korea, this is the oyster season.
The oysters are chubby and really delicious. This is red pepper sauce It’s really delicious On a hot day could not eat raw oysters. I wanted to eat raw oyster, so I waited for the weather to get cold. If you don’t like oysters, try it with the seasoned It’s not fishy and delicious. It has no salty taste and melts gently in the mouth. The oyster is really fresh The oysters are plump This oyster is really big I am eating sea milk oysters now. It’s a little spicy, but it’s delicious with a sweet pear in it. Thanks to you, i enjoyed delicious meal today. Please click Subscribe and LIKE. It’s a big help to me. Thank you for watching

49 thoughts on “ASMR raw oysters, seasoned oysters *SAUCE RECIPE 생굴,굴무침 먹방 *레시피 (EATING SOUNDS) MUKBANG

  1. I'm sorry. The recording is wrong and the sound is not good.😭
    죄송해요 녹음파일이 에러나서 소리가 좋지 않아요 😭

  2. 시원한 생굴을보니 그맛이 느껴져서 너무 좋아요!🤤🤤 아삭한 야채랑먹으면 얼마나 맛있게요?👏👏👏🤤🤤🤤

  3. 나는 굴, 특히 구운 굴과 찐 굴을 정말 좋아합니다

  4. 生牡蠣大きくて、ソースも美味しそう❤️生は特に下処理が大変、その分お高い😅

  5. 굴무침 레시피 대박대박👍
    레시피때문에 자막설정 얼른 했어요ㅋㅋㅋ
    아삭아삭한 배에 미나리까지 들어가서 넘너 맛있을 것 같아요ㅜㅜ침고여😭

  6. ボキョンさんの牡蠣ソース美味しそう😋今度真似して作ってみるね😍

  7. 今日もおいしいそう❤️レシピを参考にしたいのだけど、だいこんの後の'大井'と'水パセリ'が分からない…

  8. 저도 굴 진짜 좋아하는데ㅠㅠ
    씹을때 터지는 굴의 육즙과 향미가 상상돼서 미칠거같아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  9. Why you so pretty like 🍰🍫🍦🍭🍪 oh my heart you so so beautiful 😭💜💜💜 keep going ✊🏻 fighting ✊🏻🐰

  10. 제철맞아 여기저기 굴에 ㅡ러브콜이! 크기가 보경님 얼굴만하니 굴이 사람을 먹는듯..누가 이길것인가..!겉표면도 바다에서 살다온 티가 팍팍나게 살벌하게 생겼다 큰 굴을 입안가득 머금으면 진한 바다향에 또 한번 기분up!!! 굴무침으로 양념된 굴의맛도 함께 느끼니 보경님은 욕심쟁이 우후훗^-^

  11. お顔出てから表情が沢山見れてすごく楽しい動画になった☺️毎回美味しそうに目細めるの可愛くて好きです💕💕生牡蠣食べてみたいなぁ…

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