100 thoughts on “[ASMR] SALMON sashimi noodles and fried CHICKEN MUKBANG EATING SOUND チキン サーモン ไก่ Gà دجاج

  1. Когда я это смотрю ночью , то хочу такую же вкуснятину покушать , а не ложиться спать …

  2. The best combo ever! I love the soft texture of salmon, and the crispy sounds the chicken makes! My favorite two things in the World! ♡ 😋

  3. Whenever I think of Real Mouth I always think "my little buddy" instead of his name lmao idk why

    Love the content!

  4. I love when he stuffs his face with food!! lmao (new memeber to the channel btw) I watched like 10 of your videos already😅 all the foods look great❤️

  5. I had fried chicken yesterday 😍 i also made cheese sauce myself but the costs were kind of expensive, but it was worthy!

    Hope you enjoy your meals ❤

  6. Day 472: jerry, h-he killed jerry

    Saw him leaving the house with Jerry’s legs and Veronica oh no she died too would I get past the hunger?

    Or would I become like them?

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