ASMR Seafood Raw Octopus, Sea grapes *Octopus filming process for making YouTube thumbnails*

Oh ~ fresh Octopus. Let’s take a thumbnail together~ failure Octopus is very powerful Octopus are tired, and I’m tired too Let’s try again another way. The octopus went through a hard time. Happy new year ^^ Today i prepared fresh raw octopus and sea grapes. Raw egg Dip in salty sesame oil sauce. The texture is chewy and delicious. Sesame oil flavor is art. … It’s delicious. The raw octopus must chew for a long time. Sweet and sour red pepper sauce It’s so delicious Octopus eat after a long time really. Sea grapes I really like the texture So slippery Thanks to you, i enjoyed delicious meal today. Please click Subscribe and LIKE. It’s a big help to me. Thank you for watching

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