1. Sorry guys! I know it doesn’t look like I’m having a great time eating in today’s video. I’ve been dealing with some issues lately which has affected my mood amongst other things in my life. I still LOVE making videos for you guys and I hope one sad day doesn’t change your opinion of me 🙂

  2. Maybe take this one down, Zach. It‘s normal to have a bad day but you look mad asf, it‘s almost uncomfortable. I don‘t wanna be insulting, you‘re a human being and 100% entitled to be sad or in a sour mood. We understand. But your eyes in this are shooting daggers, it’s not a good vibe. Maybe take a break, I hope you don‘t feel the need to post all the time. We promise to watch all your other vids so you‘ll still have an income, etc. But take it slower and get well soon!

  3. If your not feeling so happy don’t force yourself to make videos mental health should always come first 🖤 love all your videos too so keep your head up and do what’s best for you

  4. Look, why don't you eat salads and good stuff, try a couple and see how it goes. It's crunchy and fresh, it can look great and be ASMR af. I mean it's still good for the channel.

  5. It really feels like he’s wearing plastic gloves in every single videos. Doesn’t matter if he’s having fork and knife or he’s bare hands

  6. Y’all please read what he wrote before continuously commenting about his mood. Ik it’s because you guys care but he answers why it seems like this. I hope whatever he’s going through is resolved and that he feels better.

  7. First time I’ve seen someone eating carbonara using chopstick. Alfredo and carbonara same ryt? Correct if im wrong. 🙂

  8. I knew something was up glad I read his comment .. I’ve been missing out in the videos but a true fan knows he’s not himself even before reading the comment

  9. Awe Zach, hope things get better for you. Always make sure to take care of your mental health. We still love you ❤️

  10. Guys, he just had a bad day
    I know you get reslly worried about how he is, but he said that he was not in mood.
    Now if u are forcing yourself to do this video and knowing u dont feel good dont do it pls! We will understand.

  11. I won't even change my opinion for him just because of this video well I understand him he's also a human being and maybe he's so tired

  12. Felt weird watching him use a fork then when he switched over to chopsticks, I was happy happy 🥰 not use to seeing him use a fork

  13. chill when you have too. real fans will always come back. so even if you dont post a video, we know it's reasonable because your zach choi 🙂 so chill when you want to and need to

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