ASMR Vietnamese Desserts MOCHI & COCONUT SAUCE | Dave Eat World Collab | NO TALKING 먹방 EATING SOUNDS

ASMR Vietnamese Desserts MOCHI & COCONUT SAUCE | Dave Eat World Collab | NO TALKING 먹방 EATING SOUNDS

#Foodporn Dave Eat World Collab! ~ Desserts from our home! Chè Đậu Trắng va Nước Dừa (Blackeyed Peas Rice Pudding w/ Coconut Sauce) Thick and gooey sticky sweet rice pudding with tender blackeyed peas! The coconut sauce has a subtle hint of saltiness that enhances the sweet pudding! Thank you to my parents for sending me these treats! Bánh Bía (Flaky Durian Mooncake) Flaky pastry exterior! See the Salted Egg?! Fillling: Mung bean, Durian fruit, Coconut milk, Taro, Salted egg yolk! One of my favorite! *sigh* Sorry y’all.. I had to edit the neighborhood dogs out! Bánh Bao Chỉ Pandan (Pandan Snowball Mochi) Glutinous rice flour flavored with Pandan and coated with unsweetened shredded coconut! Filling: Mung bean paste and sweet coconut milk. All of these are homemade (except Flaky Mooncake) and typically made during Lunar New Year! I’m going to learn how to make these so that I stop bothering my parents about it! haha! This is like a Green Food Party! Bánh Bò Pandan (Pandan Honeycomb Cake) THE MOST AMAZING SOUNDS!! Pandan flavored cake made of tapioca flour. When sliced into, it looks like a honeycomb! I just discovered my favorite sound!!! Haha excuse my crazy expressions. This is my husband’s favorite Vietnamese dessert. Fun Fact: My husband is Caucasian! He didn’t know anything about Vietnamese culture before meeting me! Fun Fact: I am part Vietnamese and Chinese! But I’ve actually never been to either countries. I was born and raised in Texas! Xôi Lá Dứa (Pandan Sticky Rice) Pandan flavored sticky rice, cooked in sweet coconut milk. My dad told me that I NEEDED to eat these together LOL Can’t go wrong with dessert, amirite?! Fun Fact: In my culture, large canine teeth are considered attractive. See the “honeycombs?!” Hey y’all don’t forget to visit my best bud’s channel! Dave Eat World – Linked below! Fun Fact: He was my mentor when I started my channel! I had so much fun with this video! 🙂 Thanks for watching y’all! Please consider subbing!

50 thoughts on “ASMR Vietnamese Desserts MOCHI & COCONUT SAUCE | Dave Eat World Collab | NO TALKING 먹방 EATING SOUNDS

  1. Yayyyy! I love chicken drumsticks. With mac n cheese taste SO GOOD. That taste cheesy and creamy pasta. Great meal. Enjoy your meal and see u next time.

  2. Dave Eat World

    Planning a live Mukbang tomorrow!!! 12pm Central time! ~Cowgirl
    Q: Who's gonna be there?

  3. Your desserts are so prettu and colourful. Great Collab. So happy we finally did this. Thanks for the beautiful work together ! 😍😍😍

  4. So many good stuff you have there cowgirl.
    Have you tried bánh bía or bánh trung thu from Kim Ninh's bakery in Garland ? Her banhs are so fresh and

  5. Wow that is very nice Vietnamese dessert! White bean with coconut cream is the best one 👍 good job sis👏 you are making me hungry now!!!

  6. Hey love. All your desserts look so good. I’ve seen so many moon cake videos in the last couple days! Wth!! Now I want one lol. The sounds starting around 5:20 😍

  7. Such a delicious looking dessert and im sure it tastes great too hehe💖💖love those munching sound too😻 and thank you for sharing, i join your family 696🎀and cant wait seeing more video like so 🌸

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