AUNTIE FEE’S  How to Feed 7 People For $3 | HARD TIMES – recipes from times of food scarcity

AUNTIE FEE’S How to Feed 7 People For $3 | HARD TIMES – recipes from times of food scarcity

Hello my beautiful lovelies. Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back. Thanks so much for joining me for another episode of “Hard Times,” where I explore recipes and food from times of food scarcity. Now today’s episode is dedicated to Auntie Fee. Lovely viewer, Chad, told me that Auntie Fee had passed away over a year ago now. I had no idea. If you don’t know Auntie Fee, I’ll put her link down below to her channel. And she had this really lively channel where she made recipes out of her own kitchen. There’s a looot of colorful language there, so kids and parents you’ve been warned, but Auntie Fee was hilarious, so much fun. She would be cooking her recipes in her own kitchen and her son, Tavis, was usually the camera person and their rapport was so funny, very colorful in terms of language. But so funny and real, and so are her recipes, and so was her …just, spirit, and I’m so sad to hear that she’s passed, but in her memory, today I’m going to be making her ‘Feed 7 people with $3′ recipe. But what Auntie Fee actually cooks in the video looks like it’ll feed more like 2 people But when I did the math and scaled the recipe up, I think it still falls within the parameters of $3. So first things first, I’m going to take my instant noodles here and crush them up. I’m using beef flavor because I’m using leftover ground beef from our burger meal from last night. So beef and beef – makes sense, right? Auntie fee says if you have leftover chicken breasts then of course by all means use the chicken flavor or if you’re using shrimp or if you have leftover seafood use the shrimp flavor, so *smash smash smash smash* so in the big skillet on medium heat I’m gonna heat up some oil or as Auntie Fee would say, grease, because we all know that she saved her grease and reused it because it was full of flavor. Now, we’re gonna add our two packs of noodles Oops, forgot that one. And we’re gonna brown these up, just toast them. Now, this is an interesting technique I’ve never done this before, But I think it’s gonna add a lot of flavor, and it reminds me a little bit of Cup of Noodles, if you’ve ever had those styrofoam cups of noodles- They have a kind of signature fried, oily flavor to them. And I think this will probably be a similar kind of addition of flavor. So while my noodles are toasting up a bit, I’m going to prepare my beef here. Auntie Fee uses steak. She has leftover steak in her video and I have two ground beef patties left over from dinner last night and I’m gonna use that. So I’m just gonna cut this up. So my past “Hard Time” recipes I’ve explored recipes that have been more historical, the Great Depression, post-world war, but today’s recipe I think still falls in the umbrella of “Hard Times” because sometimes there’s just not a lot of money There’s not a lot of money to get around, but you still gotta feed people and you still gotta eat. So I think this recipe absolutely falls under the category of “Hard Times”. So my noodles are definitely toasted, now I’m gonna add a bit of water. Alright. Man, I remember discovering Auntie Fee a couple of years ago, and I binge-watched all of her videos Because they were just so funny and real. I loved her banter with her son, Tavis. So, so funny. Alright, I’m gonna add my meat. Cook that in there. Next, we’re gonna add some dried parsley flakes. Just gives it a little bit of green and a little bit of flavor. Stir that in. Next we’re gonna add some hot sauce. Use whatever hot sauce you like, if you like hot sauce. I’m gonna add a combination of Tapatío, and everybody knows I like hot sauce. I’m gonna add a good amount and I’m gonna add some sriracha too. Okay. Don’t forget to add the soup seasoning. Alright, there we go. One — I’m gonna add one and a half ’cause these things are really salty. If I want it saltier, I can always add more. So. Yeah, apparently Auntie Fee passed away of an heart attack Which really surprised me because she really wasn’t that old Just goes to show that we should love our people while we have them ‘Cause we never know when they’ll be taken away from us, right? Alright, so that’s almost dry and I’m’a add just a little bit more water ’cause we have to do a little bit more cookin’. Next, we’re gonna add some shredded cheese. I have a combination of cheddar and Monterey Jack and she said add as much as you like. So that’s probably about… …a third of a cup. And we’re just gonna cook this down until all the water has evaporated. This is done. I think that took all of like three minutes. So here we are – the three dollar meal to feed seven people Alright, let’s give this a taste. Itadakimasu. I am so glad I put pack and a half of this beef bouillon. Growing up, when we made instant noodles, my mom always told us to put just half a pack because they’re just so salty, and I’m glad I did that in this case too. I think I actually could have gotten away with one pack, especially since we added the hot sauce, which also has salt in it, but it is quite tasty. It tastes very strongly, of course, of the beef soup base but that cheese in there is really nice. It kind of makes a sauce and sticks everything together. It’s kind of like mac and cheese, because you’ve got all that cheese kind of gluing everything together but the flavors are much more complex, and of course it’s spicy ’cause we added a good amount of hot sauce in there You get a little bit of beef crumbles in there so you have some of that meaty texture, the noodles are well cooked. They’re not mushy. I’m not a huge fan of mushy noodles. Unless I’m having mushy Mimi with my brother, which I’ll do that video when I see him again this summer, but in that case, I really like my noodles mushy but that’s the only exception. I think I want a little extra hot sauce. I like things spicy. There we go. Mm-hmm Yep. There it is. This is unlike any ramen noodles I’ve ever had It’s much more of like a Hamburger Helper in the sense that you’ve got beef in there You’ve got seasoning, of course you have cheese. My only critique is that it’s very, very salty, and I think one way to alleviate that would be to serve this on a bed of lettuce and that way you’ll be getting some Crunchy vegetable crunch in there great texture, you’d be getting some nutrition and you’d be dispersing some of that sodium This will fill you up and it does so very inexpensively. So there you have it – an Auntie Fee recipe. I hope I did it justice. Big thanks to Chad for suggesting this recipe. Big thanks to Auntie Fee. Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. Let me know if you wanna see more of Auntie Fee’s recipes or if there’s any other hard-time recipes that you’d like to see me test out. I have a long, long list of fascinating, interesting and just humbling stories and recipes to share. Be sure to share this video with your friends Follow me on social media and I shall see you in my next video Toodle-oo, take care, bye!

100 thoughts on “AUNTIE FEE’S How to Feed 7 People For $3 | HARD TIMES – recipes from times of food scarcity

  1. That looks bomb.

    I mean, yeah she was young.. but looking at her recipes, I’m not surprised she had a heart attack 💔

  2. Emmy you are so lovely, respectful, thoughtful, kind and not judgmental. Thanks for sharing Auntie Fee’s recipe. Please do another one of her recipes❤️ May she rest peacefully💛💛

  3. RIP Auntie Fee
    On a serious note, its sad because low income families have to eat so much of these instant, non-nutritious meals and fast food like Top Ramen quite often because it what they can afford and is cheap. Instead of eating wholesome quality foods such as real fruits and vegetables that are much more nutritious and healthy. Many people are surprised that she had a heart attack, but Im not so surprised because of the kind of diet and junky/toxic foods she was probably eating. I mean no disrespect when I say that, but this is a real issue

  4. Hamburger noodles is super fuckin delicious if you have never tried it. I do recommend you try it at least once in your life.

    They are deee-licious.

  5. Emmy have you checked out Great Depression Cooking channel?? Shes since too has passed but omg please do a recipe of hers!!

  6. This woman has a heart of gold. She knows how to respect people. Emmy your an awesome person. Auntie fee you are missed. RIP

  7. This is very similar to something I do with noodles.. I don't like to add the seasonings pack because of the sodium. But I also use skyline chili instead of ground beef and I finish with plenty of shredded cheese and chopped scallions.

  8. This sort of food is cheap but it's just not good for you. For a start, consider how instant noodles are made, they are fried in fat.

  9. Back in 2012 me and my 5 siblings use to count on noodles a lot and they were cheap we were on hard times , noodles what we all would eat at dinner

  10. Emmy you have a way of hitting on every point. I never watch your videos and think "I wish she would adress this aspect or that detail" .

  11. Hey Emmy! Please check out Bak Kut Teh from Malaysia and Singapore! Although there are a few varying sources regarding the origin of this dish, one of it does seem like it could fit into your Gard Times videos!! (plus it's super delicious :p)

  12. I just made some but used some diced tomatoes with green chilies and ground beef that needed to be cooked anyway… it’s really good

  13. Emmy! I love that you don't pretend that processed food is never delicious. Nothing worse than a cooking show/channel that turns their nose to cheap, processed food (that is literally manufactured to be delicious). I bet this is SO yummy, even if it is $3 and flavored with ramen packets.

  14. Aww I Love Auntie Fee she cook sum Good Yummy food. R.I.P Ms Fee. Love Ramen noodles thanks for sharing I will try it

  15. Here you can buy like 1 pack of noodle for Php 14.00, $1 is Php 50
    1 Pack can feed 1 person, so You can Actually Feed 10+ Person with just $3 owo

  16. I don’t know if someone has already commented this but someone tell me why I could smell the noodles through the screen when she added the water 😂💛

  17. We're in hard times now. We are slowly entering a depression, it just hasn't been announced. Things are getting the way our grandparents were talking about.

  18. “This recipe follows under the category of hard times” just because her meal was only $3 doesn’t mean she was struggling maybe she just didn’t want to spend much.

  19. I have made the soup the way directions says. Then added seasoned fried hamburger & cheese. Tasted like a cheese burger. This recipe is worth trying

  20. My dad died one month ago of a heart attack at 39. So when I saw Auntie Fee died like that too I knew their family's pain. My stepmom also died in a fire earlier this year, four months and one day before my dad. We all need to remember to appreciate our friends and family and always try to stay on good terms with them because if you lose them, you will be heartbroken. I never thought this would happen to me and it did. Love your friends and family!!! Peace.

  21. This is late but I actually made this- DO NOT SKIMP ON THE HOT SAUCE/SOUP BASE. I’d especially recommend doubling down on the hot sauce; I’m not particularly huge on spicy food (I’m actually quite the wimp) but it just NEEDS the hot sauce. Without the flavor/heat it’s overall very oily and mediocre tasting

    You’re also gonna want some water to counter the salt/spice and some leafy vegetables (I just had raw spinach) to break up the heaviness with this

    I only made a half batch and could barely dent it… a full batch can definitely feed 7 people! 😅

  22. Top ramen one was wondering about that … that's weird I just found her not too long, sad shes gone.

    Would be better for you put some frozen peas & carrots inly a $1.00 or some cabbage for vitamins.
    I have used these noodles before for chow mein just put in boiling water both sides till aldente and pour out water add cooked meat frozen veggies soy and a bit of sugar or teriyaki stir fry and some of that seasoning. I bet Auntie fee would have liked it.
    She was pretty funny. Rip

  23. Ugh I love EmmymadeinJapan!!!! I haven’t really heard of Auntie Fee but I’m sure she was great. Rest in Peace. You are doing so much help Emmy!!!!

  24. You should try sugar sandwiches. My parents had sugar sandwiches as a children because they couldn't afford sweet treats!

  25. I wonder if you'll try cooking "Garbage food waste" – It's called "Pagpag" in the Philippines. Some people would recook food waste from fast food chains for business and at the same time for their everyday meal. 🙂

    It's only a suggestion, hope you'll notice this. 'Been a fan of your interesting vids since then. ❤️ Lovelots! ❤️

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