Avocado Kitchen Gadgets Put To The Test

Avocado Kitchen Gadgets Put To The Test

[Music] today I’m gonna try out and show you these two really cool kitchen gadgets for avocados and I’ll start with this one it’s designed to cut the avocado into slices and it’s also got a blade to cut it in half first I’m a really handy pitch remover so let’s see how well it works take yourself a nice ripe avocado and this blade is designed for cutting in half it cuts through the skin easily and works really well don’t forget there’s a pit in the middle so we need to cut around that when you’re done give it a bit of a twist and it should open up this part of the tool is designed for removing the pit you just push down on top and give it a twist and that works really well too push your finger through from the back to pop it out of the tool to cut it into slices we need to use this side of the gadget and the idea is we just run it down the inside of the skin to slice up the fruit so let’s give it a try it pushes in quite easily you do have to hold it quite firmly and there we go I think I’m gonna have to push mine through from the back to get it out it does leave a little bit of fruit in the skin but it has cleaned out pretty well and it has cut it into nice even slices I’ll try the other half I gave the tool a quick rinse and it does work quite well although it’s a bit fiddly when you get to the end it has cleaned out the skin pretty well but if you want to you can just run the tool back through it you perfect for going alongside your salad or maybe in a sandwich next I’m going to try out this avocado Cuba take a nice fresh one and I’m using this tool again to cut it in half because the Cuba hasn’t got a blade you can see it’s left a little bit of the fruit on the pit but it’s not too bad and the pit comes out nice and easily again and I’m going to empty the contents into a bowl so the idea is you take the Cuba and carefully push down through the fruit like this all the way to the skin [Music] it looks pretty cool huh then hold it over the bowl and twist the skin to break it all off it cleans out the skin pretty well actually and it does get most of the fruit and we definitely have got nice individual cubes of avocado so I’m gonna do the same with the other half to be fair it does work really well and it’s quite fun to do so I’m gonna have another go this time the avocado cut in half perfectly and the pit remover worked really well again I used all this to make a guacamole and with this off I’m using the cuber again to add to my salad so both these gadgets do seem to work pretty well you don’t really need them because it’s kind of easy enough to slice up or Cuban avocado even without the tool but if you really like have Accardo and fancy trying one I would say they both work pretty well I hope you found this video useful if you want to see more you can click on the links or take a look at my youtube channel page stay safe have fun and as always thanks for watching [Music]

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  2. So unitask gadgets that are doing the same job as a knife and a glass, only not as well? Colour me unimpressed.

  3. Inventos estúpidos para gente estúpida (gringos) que no saben ni partir un aguacate 🥑 pendejos.. Se nota que los gringos solos son la raza estúpida

  4. So we're just going to sit here and ignore that you actually have to grab the blade to slice it with the other end


  6. Numerous studies have shown that eating avocado can improve heart disease risk factors like total, “bad” LDL and “good” HDL cholesterol, as well as blood triglycerides.

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