AWESOME Malaysian Street Food

AWESOME Malaysian Street Food

We’re in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
and we want to try some different foods here. We’ve heard amazing things
about the street food in particular. Of course, one of the best things about street food is that it’s everywhere, it’s cheap, it’s cheerful. So in this video you’re going to see us
try a whole bunch of them, starting with this. This is bandung and she made this special for me. It’s rose cordial with ice and evaporated milk. It’s nice and cold in my hand ‘cause it’s really hot. That’s good. This is a really popular dessert in Malaysia. You’ll see it all over. It’s called an ABC, which means mixed ice. ABC is an acronym for Air Batu Campur,
which means ‘mixed ice’, and it’s really, really popular and traditionally the ice shavings
come out of a machine that you can either sort of churn with your hand or, more often now,
you see motorized ice machines. They come with all sorts of different toppings
but this particular ABC has sweet corn and sweet milk, which is a mix
of evaporated milk and condensed milk and then there are orange jellies and rose jellies
and on top this hot pink syrup is agar agar syrup. And I love the pink spoon to match. And when it first came out my first thought was, ‘Oh my god, this is what I would order
at Malibu Barbie’s House.’ Anyone who grew up playing with Barbies, this is what you imagine them eating
on their little picnic table by the beach, I swear to god. I am so excited to try this. I mean, have you ever?! Like look at how beautiful this is. The shaved ice is like a snow cone. It’s so hot here and this is going to cool me right down. Ok I can’t wait anymore. I don’t even know where to start. Maybe I’ll…maybe I’ll take a sip first. I got a piece of sweet corn stuck in the straw. There is definitely corn in there. Wow, I have never thought of putting
sweet corn in a dessert, especially like an iced dessert. It’s really good actually. It doesn’t…like it tastes a bit odd at first because I’ve…I don’t associate it
with a dessert but it’s really good. And the crunch as it comes up the straw is so good. It’s kind of like an iceberg
if the ocean were hot pink coloured. The pink syrup, because of the sweet milk
that’s in it, it’s like a rose bath. Like if a rose bathed in condensed milk. That’s what I’m picturing right now. In Barbie’s Malibu house. I was afraid that it would just be beautiful
and not taste good. Definitely both. I’m always a fan of being able to slurp or scoop. Lots of options. This, you would never guess,
is the arch villain of street food. This little guy is banned almost everywhere. This is durian fruit and it looks kind of like
the backpack of a Ninja Turtle and this is what you find inside. It is the craziest, weirdest texture. It kind of looks like a liver or something and it has such a spongy… can you see how it just like moves under my finger? It doesn’t, like, break
it just sort of moves around. It honestly feels so, so strange. I’ve never had durian fruit before
despite travelling through lots of parts of Asia where there are big signs that say ‘NO DURIAN’ and always wondered like,
‘What’s wrong with this little guy?’ So I’m finally going to try it now. Apparently it’s the smell,
it’s the smell of the durian, and I have to tell you
I have a really good sense of smell, right Marc? Yeah. As my Mom says, ‘I smell smells that don’t even smell’
so you can trust me. I gotta tell you there’s nothing
offensive about this smell. Like I’m not about to, like, rub it all over myself
as a perfume or anything but I really don’t understand why this is such a…
perceived to be such a foul-smelling fruit. I really don’t get it so… Oh. Oh that’s weird. That’s…that’s real, real weird. It tastes like a mashed up banana with less flavour. Actually it doesn’t have a strong flavour. Whoa, that’s bizarre. I can’t say I like it. Like I don’t…I’m not loving what I’m tasting right now but, again, there’s nothing offensive about it to me. I can’t figure out why this is such a villain. It’s so cute! What’s wrong with it? Like I’m not loving it but I’m
certainly not hating it either and it is a crazy texture. Look at this! Look at that weird texture. Final verdict about durian:
don’t love it but definitely don’t hate it. Oh yeah, that’s the face of pure ecstasy. Not…not a fan. Is durian your new favourite fruit? Not a fan. Not a fan. But it is fun to play with. Final verdict? Absolutely horrible. Like stinky socks. Harsh. But it is fun to play with. This is Nasi Lemak. It’s usually a breakfast food but they’re
selling them to go here so we couldn’t resist and normally this is served in a banana leaf
but because it’s to go… and they even gave us two spoons ‘cause
we’re going to share which was really nice. It’s rice with egg and bean. The red sauce I’m not sure. I think it’s chilli but I’m sure I’ll figure that out
once I put it in my mouth and then fish. This is very traditional and they’re
selling like hot cakes over here so we were lucky to grab one. This rice has this beautiful golden colour. It’s kind of camouflaged
with the yellow spoon right now. It smells good. Whoa, there’s a lot of different flavours
in that one bite. I was expecting to not like the fish but it’s very mild and the bean gives this great crunch and that rice…oh, so fragrant. I actually think…I think this is peanut. I don’t know even what I’m eating anymore. It may have got lost in translation there
because it’s so crunchy and it tastes like a peanut. That’s a peanut. Ok takes that to the next level
because I love peanuts. So it’s peanuts with their skins on. That’s why they were disguised from me,
concealing their true identities as peanuts. Mmm that’s good! Man, I could down this bag in…real quick. I can see why people are ordering like
five or six to go at a time. I found the egg. I LOVE boiled eggs. This is like my go to cheap travel protein. Yes. Nasi Lemak, I love you. I can’t stop looking at how cool this drink looks
and feels in my hand. This is called Cendol. It’s really popular in Malaysia. This is a drink form. I’ve also seen it served more with a spoon and a bowl but this is more portable so I prefer this and it’s so cool to see how she was making it. She starts with these little green almost
blades of grass looking things. They’re grass jelly and then this dark molasses
coloured syrup elixir at the bottom is sugar. Basically just pure sugar and then she adds shaved ice to cool it down and on top two types of sweet milk. So first a creamer, a sweet creamer, and then condensed milk with a big ‘ol straw and I haven’t tried this yet in this form
but it is really popular in Malaysia and it’s very hot so I cannot wait to try this. Oh! Oh my god, that’s good! I guess it doesn’t hurt that there’s,
like, this much sugar in it but…this nice big straw. It’s like for, you know, like a bubble tea straw almost and the grass jellies come up
as you’re sipping and it is cold. It’s like pouring maple syrup on snow
in Canada or something. This is like the Malay equivalent of that. It’s so refreshing… and that shaved ice?! Wow. Wow, that’s good. I wish I could just hand this through the screen
so you could just try it too. That’s how good it is. Cool and sweet. Exactly what I wanted. Oh, it’s so sweet! It’s so cooling though. But, oh my god, I don’t think I’ve ever
had a drink this sweet before. I love it. There must be a litre of condensed milk in there. Well you saw how much of the dark sugar she put in. Kids would love this! Parents, get your kids Cendol. And then leave them at someone else’s house. Kacang Hijau also known as fried green bean. I love green beans but I’ve never had them
fried in this sort of patty form so I’m curious what it’s going to taste like. Oh, it’s really sweet. It tastes like a dessert. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Oh man, I thought it would be really savoury. To be honest, I can’t detect any green bean
in this fried green bean. Let’s try it again. No. It’s really good. It has kind of a…a mealy texture. It’s very sweet. Doesn’t taste like green bean at all,
which isn’t a good or bad thing. It’s just very unexpected. A street food I think everyone can get behind:
this is a samosa, also known here in Malaysia as a curry puff, and this particular one has curry and potato inside. It’s not crazy spicy, thank god. I was a little bit worried. You can see inside little chunks of potato
and that beautiful curry. I wish they lasted more than a few bites. Marc and I love trying street food and in Malaysia
we’ve eaten some really tasty things. I’d love to hear what you guys think
so leave a comment down below and, if you like this video, make sure you tell us
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  3. In my perspective ,that durian might be low quality because of the looks and the skin color.And also you said that it was less flavor,it shouldn't taste like that.I highly recommend you to try some of the higher quality such as musang king.It is flavorful and considered as the king of durian. Thank you for coming to Malaysia! You guys are so welcome to come over anytime! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. love your video, love how you react to those food, love your presentation, but most importantly is love how you smile all the way! thumbs up! keep going! you should spend at least one year to taste all the delicious food in Malaysia!

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  6. thats curry puff not samosa, samosa looks like triangle shape and crunchy..but the taste almost the same as curry puff

  7. You probably thought green bean as the long green vegetable i would assume, that was why u were expecting a savory taste. But kacang hijau direct translate as green bean which is actually a green mung bean, hence the sweet taste. Malaysian use alot of mung beans as sweet desserts๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. You know what I love about you Eileen? The laughs and giggles that come off you so spontaneously. Just FYI, cendol is primarily made with coconut milk. Sweetened milk is usually not used, but if you loved it that way, what the heck? Happy foodventuring!

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  10. I'm Malaysian and I find it odd to have corn in desserts!! LOL. I always request to omit them when ordering desserts


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  13. Wow, i love ur reaction and make me crave for food ath the same time! Correction, that is Karipap.. the shape is identical with Samosa but different filling.. Samosa is filled with fried coconut while Karipap is filled with potato

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  19. The last kuih that u ate was made of mung bean.. Not green bean as western eat as veggies/salad.

    We usually refers beans to hard/dried beans in Malay. Like..
    Kacang = bean & Hijau = Green
    Kacang Merah = Red Bean
    Kacang Tanah = Ground Bean
    Kacang Soya = Soy Bean

    But for
    Kacang Hijau = Mung Bean

    Green Bean (direct translation)… Literally there a right anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

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  26. The brown sugar in the cendol is denser therefore set at the bottom. If you didn't stir it thoroughly , or have your straw poked directly into the bottom part of the cup , the only thing that you will taste is sugar…..If you don't want to stir so thorough that you ruin the crunchiness of the ice , each time you wanna have a sip , stir a few time , then pull that straw higher before you sip so you avoid too much sugar.

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  36. not a fan of iced and sweet drinks but in malaysia (or anywhere in southeast asia actually) sure i need one sometimes, so darn hot and humid all year round even if itโ€™s raining. not a fan of durian too but also not a hater. my sense of smell is super super sensitive like i can smell things other people canโ€™t, both a curse and a blessing. but more of a curse in my current situation haha! anyway i guess i can tolerate the smell of durian maybe because iโ€™m just used to it or itโ€™s really not too bad but definitely not during flight where i kind of feel congested and suffocated already. so yes for the โœˆ๏ธ ban ๐Ÿ˜€. iโ€™ve tasted it before, nothing special about it. some people just exaggerate i noticed when it comes to their reaction with durian just because everybody is ๐Ÿ™„. you are genuine, certified foodie and adventurer, sunshine and breath of fresh air. much love. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฉ

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