Baked Salmon Recipes | 3 Easy Ways

Baked Salmon Recipes | 3 Easy Ways

hello my friends its Dani and today I’m
gonna be sharing three clean and delicious ways to make baked salmon I’m
showing you my lemon butter baked salmon, my honey dijon baked salmon
and last but not least my maple baked salmon. So can I please get a big
thumbs up from all my salmon lovers out there. Now all three of these recipes
would be perfect for a really easy weeknight meal and they also would be
great for your meal prep so you could do this on the weekend and they would all
happily last in the fridge for up to three days I’m gonna be using a wild
sockeye salmon for these recipes sockeye salmon is one of the highest quality
types of salmon you can buy it’s raised on its natural diet which gives it this
beautiful rich color and it’s jam-packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids
now the salmon that I’m using today I got from a company called the butcher
box I’m a big fan they are a great company they do a delivery service where
they bring grass-fed pastured and organic meat chicken and pork delivered
right to your door and now they’ve added salmon onto that as well and for the
remainder of January anybody who orders their first butcher box will get 2
pounds of free wild Alaskan sockeye salmon in their box as well and if
you’ve ever purchased sockeye salmon you know that’s a really good deal because
it’s a rather pricey so if that interests you at all I’m going to leave
all of the information down in the description box below be sure to use
that link and you can take advantage of that opportunity so let’s get started
with the sound for all three of these recipes I’ll be using 12 ounces of
salmon so 2 6 ounce pieces which you could easily skew these recipes up or
down depending on how many mouths you need to feed I’ve got my oven preheating
to 350 degrees and I’ve lightly oiled a shallow baking dish as well so that’s
all ready to go so for our lemon butter baked salmon into a small spouted cup
I’m combining two tablespoons of melted grass-fed butter 1 tablespoon of fresh
squeezed lemon juice 4 cloves of crushed garlic a tablespoon of chopped up dill
and then I have a pinch of salt and a pinch of black pepper gently whisk that
all together and then I’m just going to gently pour this right on top of the
salmon try to get as much on top as you you’ll see it’ll spill over the sides
that is just perfect now if you had time you could let this sit on the counter
for about 30 minutes let the salmon come down to room
temperature and let all of those flavors marinate a bit but if you don’t that’s
fine too just go ahead and pop it right into your oven and let it cook for about
15 minutes now remember because sockeye salmon tends to be quite a bit leaner
than farm-raised salmon I always like to add a little bit of fat to the recipe
and it tends to cook up a little bit faster so I find about 15 minutes is the
sweet spot light bright and buttery this lemon garlic butter salmon is one of my
personal favorites next up is my honey and Dijon baked salmon so again I’m
starting with two six ounce pieces of salmon in my shallow baking dish which
I’ve greased with a little bit of olive oil and then into a small spouted cup
I’m combining a tablespoon each of olive oil lemon juice Dijon mustard and honey
then I’ve got a couple cloves of crushed garlic along with a pinch of kosher salt
and some black pepper gently whisk everything together and
we’re just again gonna pour that right over the top of the salmon I like to use
a spoon to really direct it a bit make sure I get it all over the top okay pop
that whole thing into the oven set the timer for 15 minutes and when it’s done
it’s gonna look just like this I personally love to serve this with a
little bit of fresh parsley cut over the top and
now for our third and final salmon recipe we’ve got the maple baked salmon
this one is so good because it’s sweet and salty and savory all at the same
time so it’s like a little party in your mouth and I find that this flavor is
very kid-friendly so I’ve got the same base set up and then into my small
spouted cup I am combining one tablespoon of olive oil two tablespoons
of maple syrup two tablespoons of low-sodium soy sauce you could also use
tamari there if you wanted to avoid the gluten and then I’ve got two cloves of
minced garlic a small pinch of salt and some black pepper
whisk that all together and then y’all know the routine
slowly pour this right over at the top of your salmon into the oven it goes for
15 minutes and when it’s ready you’re gonna see it’s got this beautiful glaze
over the top and it smells absolutely amazing I think because of the sweet and
savory combination this one is especially kid-friendly like I mentioned
before but I promise you that adults will enjoy it as well all three of these
salmon recipes would be delicious paired with your favorite green vegetable and
maybe some brown rice or some quinoa and they’re also great if you want to prep
them ahead of time put them into airtight containers and then use them as
head start ingredients throughout the week and remember if you have been
thinking about upgrading the quality of your meat and you like salmon this would
be a perfect time to try butcher box because they’re including in everybody’s
first box two pounds of wild alaskan salmon for free which is worth about 40
bucks so definitely worth checking out if that’s something that interests you I
have all of the information down in the description box below so now I want to
hear from you are you a fan of salmon and if yes which of these three recipes
do you think you’ll try first please come down to the comments below and let
me know and if you haven’t already I would truly appreciate it if you would
take a moment to subscribe like and share this video with anybody else you
know who wants to make healthy eating easy thank you so much for watching i’m
danny Spees and i’ll see you back here next time with some more clean and
deliciousness Cheers

100 thoughts on “Baked Salmon Recipes | 3 Easy Ways

  1. Hi Dani I don't eat salmon anymore because I am a vegan when I was eating salmon I wished I would saw this video.

  2. ??? melted grass-fed butter ???? thats what you said on the beggining of the video with the lemon butter salmon (at 1:50) !!! Listened very carefully Dani and you going to laugh !!! I love salmon very much but i am not on the "sweet & sour" side. More salty side but, could be good so thanks for sharing ! have a great week end ahead !!!

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  10. All 3 recipes look so delicious. I’m definitely going to give them all a try. Thanks so much for sharing these recipes.

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  13. Dani hi!
    I don’t comment often …..but I really need for you to know how very much I enjoy your videos.
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    Also you used ?dill in 1st recipe that is not listed in the ingredients….AND you said preheat oven to 350 deg. But instructions say 375 deg.
    Please correct ALL. Thanks. 😊
    P.S. Salmon is my favorite!! Can't wait to try these.

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    "Anyone can cook"
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