Banaras STREET FOOD Tour | BEST Street Food of India | India Food Tour

Banaras STREET FOOD Tour | BEST Street Food of India | India Food Tour

Anubhav: Hi Sonali, how are you? Sonali: Hi Anubhav, I’m good. Welcome to the oldest living city of the world. Anubhav: Thank you Sonali: Varanasi. You’ve come at an excellent occasion. Sonali: Today is one of my best friend’s birthday. Sonali: So we’re going to celebrate his birthday in full banarasi style Anubhav: and how is that done?
Sonali: come I’ll show you {chorus} : Happy birthday to you. Man: Everyone is a king in Banaras, no one’s a peasant. It’s a very lively city. Har Har Mahadev! {chorus}: Mahadev Man: Mornings in Banaras start with tea. and the evening also ends with tea History turns a new page here everyday Har Har Mahadev Man: It’s a hindu religion speak in hindi This is one of the colours of Banaras Man: Banaras is..the Ganges flow here Anubhav: Thank you and Happy Birthday once again Sonali: How did you find this birthday celebration? Anubhav: It was an amazing experience I enjoyed it a lot i had never experienced cake cutting on a boat Sonali: This is true banarasi style of celebrating a birthday. Sonali: We’re at Dasha Shomer Ghat right now. And this is the most lively place of Banaras. Sonali: If someone wants to experience actual Banaras then they should definitely come to Dasha Shomer Ghat. Anubhav: What all happens here during the morning? Sonali: People come here to take a holy bath and pray every morning Sonali: You’ll notice that everyone is involved in some or the other activity Anubhav: Yes, I can see everyone is busy doing something. Sonali: True Anubhav: So Sonali what is the importance of Ganga in the hindu religion? Sonali: For ganga, it is said that that it washes away all your sins Sonali: And that it is a very sacred river Sonali: All rituals and important tasks are incomplete without GangaJal Anubhav: But as you can see Ganga is so polluted now It cleanses everybody of their sins but who will clean it? Sonali: Let me take you to the best breakfast spot in Banaras. We’re in the chowk area right now,. Sonali: At a very famous tea shop called Laxmi Chai wala. It’s almost 80 years old. Sonali: And there’s a lot of variety in the breads that they serve here. Sonali: the way they make the bread and the way you eat it it’s all very different. Anubhav: That’s very unique. Anubhav: He made a cut in the slice and then he filled it butter Sonali: Yes. Anubhav: Amul butter Sonali: This is the most unique thing here. Shopkeeper: It’s called cesarean. Anubhav: wow Shopkeeper: This is called ‘Kambal Udha Ke’. (covered with a blanket’ Anubhav: The dishes have such interesting names. Sonali: The taste is as interesting as the name of the dishes Sonali: The butter has completely melted with the heat. Anubhav: This reminds me of my childhood. Anubhav: I used to eat bread topped with cream and sugar when i was a kid. Sonali: We’ve grown up eating this. Anubhav: The bread has been toasted Very crisp. And it has a thick layer of cream over it. topped with sugar. Anubhav: It’s called cesarean bread. and kambal udha ke bread Anubhav: They made a cut in the bread and filled it with buttter and then some spices. After which it was toasted over some coal. Anubhav: What I enjoy more is dunking this bread in the tea. Sonali: Let me also try it this way. Anubhav: Some of the butter goes in the tea Anubhav: If you ever go to Old Delhi, I’ll take you to this coffee shop where they put a whole cube of Amul butter in the coffee. Saloni: in the coffee? Anubhav: yes. Anubhav: And they call it butter coffee. Anubhav: You can see a layer of butter on top of the coffee. Anubhav: And people really enjoy drinking it. Anubhav: You can go to any part of this country and you’ll find some variation of Kachori there. Rajasthan has onion kachori, mava kachori. Delhi has daal (pulses) kachori This is very unique. Aloo (potato) stuffed Kachori. Anubhav: I dont think this is available anyhwere else. Anubhav: It’s very small and crisp along with some chickpeas and two types of chutneys (sauces) Sonali: It’s available throughout the day. Anubhav: The texture is a bit similar to Gulaab Jamun and there’s some rosewater in there. Anubhav: It has a nice fragrance of rose. Sonali: The khoya (milk solids) tastes delicious. Anubhav: I thought these were gul gul because they are made in a similar way. Anubhav: It’s delicious. Anubhav: This is also one of the flavours of Banaras Khoye ki Jalebi. Sonali: Now we’re going to try the dish you’ve been waiting for. which is Kachori-jalebi. we’re at Khateli Bazaar now. The most famous shop here is called Ram Bhandar. it’s also the oldest. Sonali: It was established in 1888. Anubhav: Such an old shop! What all do they serve here? Sonali: Kachori, Sabji, Jalebi Sonali: The kachori here is of two types. and the sabji as well. There’s chickpea Sonali: And potato curry Anubhav: It’s interesting to note that what’s called kachori here is called poori at other places. Anubhav: The kachori is fried twice. Anubhav: This reminds me of Old delhi. Everything is fried twice there as well. Anubhav: Make a plate for us as well. Anubhav: This is Banaras’ trarditional breakfast. Anubhav: This is a poori with a stuffing of daal (pulses). Anubhav: Served with potato curry, chickpeas spinach and eggplant along with green chutney. Anubhav: At other places it is called poori but here it is called Kachori. Anubhav: This vegatable curry reminds me of food you get at weddings. which is served in’ Pattal’ (vessel made out of leaves) Anubhav: It tastes like that. Anubhav: This is a smaller kachori stuffed with potato Sonali: They haven’t used potatoes in the curry just chickpeas. Anubhav: Because there’s potato in the stuffing already. Sonali: Do you like it? Anubhav: Yes, it’s amazing. I like the flavour of clarified butter. Anubhav: This is fresh jalebi Sonali: There’s a special local style to eat jalebi and that is eating yogurt with it. Sonali: The house on our left belongs to Bhartendu Harishchandra. Anubhav: He’s the father of modern Hindi literature, right? Sonali: Exactly. Sonali: He’s written a lot of books in Hindi and contributed immensely. Anubhav: His family still stays here? Sonali: Yes. Anubhav: Bhartendu Bhavan Anubhav: This is the traditional way to eat Banarasi Jalebi. Anubhav: I feel people eat curd to cut the sweetness of the jalebi Anubhav: Amazing. Anubhav: We’ve tried jalebi with milk at a lot of places but in banaras we are trying it with curd. Anubhav: Topped with almonds pistachio and saffron Anubhav: I liked the way they’ve served it. Anubhav: In a kulladh Anubhav: It melts in your mouth Sonali: In banaras it’s called Malaiyo. but in lucknow It’s called makhan malai. Anubhav: In Delhi it’s called, Daulat ki Chaat. Anubhav: But the method of making it is very different In delhi it’s white in colour. Anubhav: And then it’s topped with powdered sugar and khoya (milk solids) before serving. But here everything has already been mixed. The sugar and saffron are already mixed with it. Anubhav: It’s very different. Sonali: It’s very light and you can’t find a sugarfree version. It’s like we are drinking Kesar(Saffron) Pista(Pistachio) Milk. Anubhav: Here’s an interesting fact. Last year in Lucknow, during winters i tried milk that was served exactly like this. Anubhav: But not in Delhi, no one drinks the milk left off from Daulat ki Chaat. Sonali: Look at the topping. Anubhav: Delicious Sonali: amazing. Anubhav: Morning dew is a part of the process of maing this. Shopkeeper: yes Anubhav: Dew settles over milk and then it is churned Anubhav: And then you get this foam Shopkeeper: Then sugar, cardamom etc are added to it Shopkeeper: It’s white in the beginnning Shopkeeper: It gets coloured later Anubhav: And you add powdered sugar? Shopkeepr: yes The powdered sugar is mixed with cardamom and milk and slowly whipped in. Anubhva: Why is your shop the most famous for this? Shopkeepr: That’s because we initiated this in banaras Anubhav: ..the first shop to sell this
Shopkeeper: No one else Shopkeeper: Everyone copied us Sonali: How old is this shop? Shopkeeper: 150 years Anubhva: There are a lot of different flavours available now Pineapple we add artificial flavours Shopkeeper: Originally, malaiyo has the flavour of saffron but you can add any flavour to it. Anubhav: Since how many years have you been eating paan? It’s been a long time Anubhav: So he knows how long you’ve been eating paan for. Man: I’ve been coming here since he was a kid. Anubhav: This shop is 218 years old The journey of paan is never-ending in Banaras. Sonali: Khateli Bazaar. Man: This is the 5th generation of paan sellers here. Anubhav: How many paans do you have in a day? Man: Around 15 Man: This is lime I eat a lot of lime Anubhav: Doesn’t it hurt your mouth? No, I’ve gotten used to it. Nobody eats as much lime as me, at his shop Sonali: Everybody in Banaras loves sweets. Sonali: So let’s go to the oldest sweetshop in Banaras Anubhav: Ram Bhandar. Anubhav: We have two kinds of sweets. this is Tiranga Barfi in 1947, when we got independence that’s when they started making this And this is Makdal which is made from urad dal Anubhav: And it’s very laborious to make it. Sonali: Yes, it takes a lot of effort. Sonali: Urad daal (black gram) is made into a paste and then roasted. Sonali: After roasting Sonali: It’s mashed mannually and made into a soft fluffy paste Anubhav: I thought this was hard but it’s very soft Sonali: Yes, it’s very soft. Anubhav: Let’s taste it Anubhav: this is banaras’ famous sweet, Magdal. Sonali: It’s made during diwali season Anubhav: A sweet made from black gram wow Anubhav: This is the barfi Anubhav: Tiranga Barfi Anubhav: and each layer Sonali: each layer has a different taste Anubhav: Khoya coconut saffron Anubhav: A single sweet with so many flavours. Sonali: The khoya is baked to an extent Sonali: That it gets a reddish hue Anubhav: It tastes like khoya Anubhav: wow Sonali: wow Sonali: it tastes good Sonali: The topping is very nice. Anubhav: Pistachio Sonali: and cream Sonali: And this blueberry lassi or strawberry lassi is available only during winters Anubhav: It’s seasonal. Anubhav: This is a very famous shop Anubhav: If you ask someone the one place you should visit in Banras They’ll tell you to come to Blue lassi shop Sonali: But do you know why it’s called Blue lassi shop? Anubhva: Why? becuase it’s painted blue? Sonali: Exactly. And if you notice the walls Sonali: As a memory, every customer leaves there passport photograph here. Anubhav: We should also do it. I’ll find my passport sized photograph I’ll also put it up there. Anubhav: Har Har Mahadev Sonlai: Har Har Mahadev It’s a source of peace for us I’m working at Bhagalpur, Bihar right now. But when i come back here I feel at peace Initially i didn’t understand Banaras. but after living at another place I’ve now recognised its tranquility. I can’t explain what Banras means to me this city has given me a lot I go to Assi Ghat when I’m not feeling okay and I get relaxed over there This place has such a calming effect That you’ll feel like you’ve attained utmost peace. when i go to other places then Banaras forms a part of my identity One’s Banaras and the second is being a BHU alumni our reputation and identity, everything stems from Banaras. Anubhav: Your identity is Banras. yes. The most famous thing about Banaras is Banarsi bull You’ll find a bull at every intersection, road crossing You’ll find a lot of stray bulls fighting or just standing here and there and you can’t predict what they’ll do Anubhav: I’ve heard people enjoy watching bullfights yes. People gather around wherever there’s a bull fight. no one tries to stop them and there’s a huge ruckus. Anubhav: free entertainment Yes, bull fights are a source of entertainment in Banaras. And if i come to know that there’s a bull fight at another spot then I’ll rush to that place. At other places BHU (Banaras Hindu University) isn’t called BHU It is called ‘Bechu’ Ask any passerby or auto drivers everyone calls it Bechu. Bechu is very famous If i have to say one thing about Banaras Everyone wants to attain peace after death in banaras but we aim at living in Banaras wow Anubhav: Can you tell us some typical words of Banaras. Banarasi vocabulary BHAUKAAL and expression You can tell from my diction that I’m from Banaras Anubhav: It’s said that profanity has different connotations here It’s considered as addressing someone playfully Yes, it shows bonding and closeness. Nobody gets offended Anubhva: It is said with love The most famous cuss word here is, If you’re eating paan and someone brings other things to eat then as long as you’re still eating paan you can’t even talk to people. It’s a different experience when you try talking while eating paan. Sonali: If you talk about the food of Banaras Then what is that one dish you’d highly recommend Anubhav: Yes, your top favorite Dahi Jalebi It’s very famous Whether you go to Assi Ghat or anywhere else My favorite is the Banarasi Lassi and dahi jalebi Anubhav: from which shop? Pehelwan Lassi. Anubhav: There are four places that are called pehelwan lassi they are all the same the one at the corner is the oldest and my favorite my personal experience of bhaang (indian cannabis drink) i was in such a fix, twice. the first time i had bhaang i was so excited because banarasi bhaang is a a big deal it was the day of Mahashivratri so i went to banaras specially get bhaang I was with a few friends he was also there bright some milk and dry fruit mixed everything and made almost 5-7 litres of bhaang and it was so delicious that I ended up drinking a little too much and after a while i felt like my brain was going to burst I completely lost control then we realised that this is the worst kind of intoxication It lasted for 36 hours. Sonali: 36 hours is still less. It usally lasts for 3-4 days. and you have a horrible headache Anubhav: So how much of it should you have in one go? If it’s your first time. I mean if i try it today Anubhav: then what would be a safe quantity? You should take it at intervals instead of all at once. it takes a while to hit you You’ll feel hungry you eat something outside You’ll also feel very thirsty and it’s not just the usual feeling of thirst because even after you drink water, your thirst won’t quench And once bhaang hits you, you’ll keep doing what you were doing. If you start laughing, you’ll not stop Anubhav: so if you fall asleep, you’ll stay asleep? You won’t be able to, don’t worry The high you get from Bhaang doesn’t let you sleep If you lie down, you’ll feel like your bed is floating. so you’ll not be able to sleep all you can do is sit and talk if you start laughing then you’ll keep laughing and if you cry then you’ll keep crying Anubhav: Thank you so much for talking to us Thank you Sir Thank you Sonali: Thank you, it was great to meet you Anubhav: This is white pea also called ‘Chola’ wow Anubhav: Gau mata (holy cow) is here Sonali: She’s here to eat with us Sonali: Oh my god Anubhav: Looks like she won’t leave until we feed her. Anubhav: or is she harmless? Anubhav: He’s feeding her a samosa Anubhva: That’s what she came for Sonali: Now I’ll take you to to my favorite cold coffee place Anubhav: Cold coffee Anubhav: There’s chocolate syrup and ice cream on top of the coffee Sonali: yes Anubhav: To be honest Sonali: How is it? Anubhav: I haven’t had better cold coffee than this Anubhav: It’s foamy creamy Anubhav: It was a wonderful journey with you Sonali. Anubhav: we celebrated a birthday this morning and for the first time in my life I saw cake cutting on a boat. Anubhav: Then we headed to the Ghat for a traditional breakfast Anubhav: Had different types of kachori went to old sweet shops had Malaiyo Anubhav: and then we had a traditional lunch/brunch of Baati choka And finaly, we’re ending at Vishwanath temple with this cold coffee Anubhav: Thank you so much for having us. Sonali: Thank you. I’m so glad you came here and I was really excited when you told me that you wanted to cover local food. Anubhav: Thank you Anubhav: There’s a lot yet to discover. I’ll come here again and find more such places

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