BELLA 2.5L Air Fryer

BELLA 2.5L Air Fryer

Introducing the BELLA 2.2lb air fryer. This game changing appliance allows you to
fry your favorite fried foods, make chicken and cakes, and yes even bread in minutes with
little to no oil. Powered by a leading 1500 watts, the circular
heat technology distributes super hot air around your food for fast, crispy and even Best air fryer for family of 4
cooking every time. Set your desired temperature and time and
you’re off. What’s more, it features an easy check function
to peek in on your food without interrupting the cooking process. Once the dinger rings, the food is done. The best part? There’s no unpleasant oil odour. What’s the second best part? No wasted time filtering oil. Cleaning is a breeze with the removable dishwasher
safe basket. The 2.2 lb air fryer from BELLA.

9 thoughts on “BELLA 2.5L Air Fryer

  1. Yo puedo hacer una tortilla en el air fryer ? No se como lo podria hacer ya que no me atrevo a introducirle ningun molde que vaya a explotar ya que los videos que he visto de esta maquina nunca he visto que hagan huevos ni nada que se introduzca en un envase

  2. Be careful, this company doesn't stand behind its products. I purchased a Bella product that had missing pieces. They started out saying that they were waiting for the replacement parts to come in and finally they just said to buzz off and return the product to the store… three months later. Right, like any store would do that, which I found out they didn't. Bella couldn't care less about customers because they already have your money and that's all they want. Booooooo Bella for being so terrible to customers. I won't buy another Bella product and I hope anyone seeing this will do the same.

  3. Love the way it fries but within a month, the already hard to shut drawer would not shut at all. I emailed Bella's help people but they have not responded. Was a birthday gift purchased out of state, so no receipt and store too far away.

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