Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Yogurt Low Calorie! * MUKBANG REVIEW * | Nomnomsammieboy

Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Yogurt Low Calorie! * MUKBANG REVIEW * | Nomnomsammieboy

hey guys I hope you are enjoying the dog
days of summer that all of us in the northern hemisphere are having to live
through right now with their wonderful terrible temperatures it was like 110
hundred and thirteen feels like temperature you know with the humidity
factored in here in New York City last weekend crazy but one of the ways that I
find I can get to RIT’s it’s my good friend ice cream and so on our rich
tradition here on nom nom sammy-boy of reviewing low-fat ice creams we’re going
to continue that and we you know we’ve had we’ve had some low points know what
this cost like six dollars is extra expensive for trash get out here I’m
hoping though with the the Ben and Jerry’s here that we have something good
on our hands the first thing that lets me know that it might be alright is that
there’s not advertised as being like low fat or low calorie it is in fact lower
calorie but that’s not the main point of it the point is that it’s good it’s
frozen yogurt instead of ice cream I’m fine with the head I’ve been eatin TCBY
since I was a child I loved it my parents wouldn’t take me out for actual
ice cream ice cream cuz you know that would be unhealthy but they would take
me out for frozen yogurt so that’s the only treat I have excuse me and get
emotional no let’s see if this is possible ah deceptively easy so like I think
hallo top might be 350 calories or something this is um 180 calories times
four so it’s us four hundred plus thirty-two seven seven hundred twenty
calories for one whole pipe if you want to eat the whole thing at once would you
may or you may not it depends on your hunger
now half the day is but I don’t think that’s very bad considering that’s about
half what like an actual ice cream but injuries can have in it so I think
that’s a good deal calorically it looks beautiful we have the the half-baked
variety here it’s the only variety have seen carried in the frozen yogurt
version in my area so half-baked is chocolate vanilla low-fat frozen yogurt
in this version mixed with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge
brownies well I love cookie dough cookie dough is my favorite type of ice cream
and I’ll just eat cookie dough raw if I have access to it which is why it’s hard
for me to make cookies because I eat them all before I cook them and fudge
brownie hell yeah mmm a big chunk of fudge brownie right at the top it’s
creamy it’s nice creamy you wouldn’t know that it’s frozen yogurt unless it
was printed on here because I probably legally have to tell you they can’t call
it ice cream it’s not like those um low-calorie
ice creams really make it with like skim milk and then they add and like
stabilizers to make it actually burn up and with halo top they add in a whole
bunch of protein like protein powder basically I think cuz they assume that
people want it to be healthier and like I’m eating ice cream but I’m getting
getting swole but you know I don’t need to think that I’m getting swole when I’m
eating ice cream I’m eating ice cream cuz hot and I want some ice cream
I don’t need protein in it but that makes halo top
like really gritty this is a not gritty this is delectable there’s some of that
vanilla the vanilla flavor you know there’s like different levels of vanilla
flavor when you buy something super cheap sometimes you can get that like
chemically vanilla flavor that you can tell us not the real thing which vanilla
is a very expensive plant so you can kind of understand why if you’re gonna
buy a cheap ice cream or something it might be hard to actually have real
vanilla flavoring but this tastes good the val is great yeah real vanilla
extract right there but there’s so many things in ice cream or in frozen yogurt
egg whites well that’s a muscle fire force locust bean gum I’m not sure
exactly the purpose of that but probably for texture and thickening and
stabilization more gum guar gum these yogurt cultures okay makes sense natural
flavors cocoa butter well yeah it’s chocolate soy lecithin soy lecithin it’s
like the ultimate emulsifier it’ll mix anything I kind of want to get some
because you can make some wild stuff with soy lecithin I hope I’m saying it
right we let it in Justin listen I saw Jose Andres using some soy
whatever to make like a fruit foam over the Clementine juice foam that he put on
top of sparkling wine to make like a mimosa
you know you drank it you’ve got a little bit of the foam then you got the
sparkling wine coming below it it looked really good
I don’t you need to do that let’s have some sort of blender he was using you
know an immersion blender into a big container full of the juice with the soy
left Justin listen and then you know just scooping it on top of the wine yeah
okay you know after I’m done with this I’m googling slowly whatever I’m gonna
get some well said you barley flour bake new soda roll Adela because there’s some
brownies in here the brownies are good yo I wonder if in and Jerry for all the
ingredients say like how many of the ingredients do they make in house and
how many do they have to outsource but they seem to care about the quality I’m
sure they have standards for people they source from but I wonder if they are
actually ever late do they have do they bake brownies in the factory or is that
all shipped in I mean it would make sense that while shipped in if you
wanted to do do be well Holland probably crazy expensive to do it all in the same
place non-gmo I don’t care a GMO makes everything better
why are people scared of science I almost I try to not buy things at saying
on GMO on them because it’s fear-mongering I understand the company
saying it’s a necessary marketing at this point but you’re just giving into people an
anti-science crowd when GMO brings about wonderful things helps us keep the world
healthier also keep the world fed and with our steadily increasing world
population and troubling man-made change the climate we need to have we need to
be doing everything we can to keep people fed so GMO all the way mmm the
chewy bits of brownie just like we have chocolate ice cream in here and there’s
a slightly different flavor but the real important part of the brownie being in
here is the texture contrast you just hit that truly bit you know delicious and this is only 700 calories I could
have another and I might actually later tonight we’ll see the last lesson
footlong hot dog 70 and I realize I haven’t even mentioned
the cookie dough yet that may actually be my only flight down cookie dough is a
little bit dry for cookie dough in an ice cream it’s okay though I feel life
it when I was a little kid I used to chew up all the who don’t like like I
would suck all the ice cream and melt it in my mouth and then I would take the
cookie dough bites and set them aside and save them till the very end and then
eat all the cookie dough in one big glob well that was fantastic guys this is my
favorite low-calorie ice cream I’ve tried so far thank you Ben and Jerry’s
it’s wonderful it’s delicious it’s refreshing
good job see you guys next time thanks for watching I love you

21 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Yogurt Low Calorie! * MUKBANG REVIEW * | Nomnomsammieboy

  1. That looks good plus it's not like Halo Top it's better and i think i am going to try it, btw nice vid i will be ur fan until this channel is gone and i hope it won't be gone because i love this channel!

  2. Low fat and low calorie isn’t gonna taste the same period!!

    💯% ice cream is da 💣💣 indeed…. 🤤🤤🤤

  3. Deeellectable! I love how you close your eyes to really concentrate on the flavors. 😋 that soy “lectirjrnddn” stuff sounds fun. 🤗💫

  4. I love you so fucking much fammmmmmmmmmmmmmm❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I sure agree on how hot it's been lately…it's so hot here unit it killed most of the grass every thing is all brown looking and having something cold to eat or drink is very refreshing…I have not seen that your having in any stores here but I'm going to keep looking for it…them looks 👀👀👀👀very delicious 😎😎😎😎😎

  6. I used to love B&J Bovinity Divinity. They discontinued that flavor and I can't eat ice cream anymore. I love it, but it doesn't love me!

  7. I also seen a cherry garcia froyo version
    I would say the only disappointment is its like a replica of icecream and I was expecting a more froyo like consistency

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