Best Burger in Tokyo | Tokyo Street Food

Best Burger in Tokyo | Tokyo Street Food

Welcome to Umami burger started in
Los Angeles but a few famous locations worldwide we’re checking out the Tokyo
spot today let’s get some delicious burgers in addition to sweet salty sour
and bitter umami is the fifth basic taste and the Japanese word for savory
while there’s plenty of amazing Japanese food in Tokyo I sometimes miss that
fattening american-style burger joint and Umami’s menu looks promising.
today we’ve ordered this hefty plate of fries topped with beer cheddar, bacon
lardons, onion rings, and a mustard sauce suitably dubbed manly fries. we’ve also
ordered a slider sample with three of their signature burgers including a
chili cheeseburger with garlic aioli, jalapeno tempura, and onion strings. fried
chicken with coleslaw and the Cali burger or as I like to call it the
in-and-out imposter. this place really lives up to
the name Umami and far exceeds our expectations. the fries have so many
flavors packed into one bite they’re an absolute knockout. the sliders are cooked
medium-rare juicy and with a fantastic sauce. I’m blown away
but the real showstopper is this ridiculous
sparkling spectacle of a vanilla milkshake topped with a strawberry
cupcake macaroons whipped cream and wafer cookies. seriously we are
guaranteed a coma after this meal. all right so at almost $14 for a
milkshake I think this is one of the more expensive burger joints I’ve ever
been to. that being said food was excellent. service was really cool.
they’re definitely very international Japanese people. if you come to Tokyo
gotta check this place out. if you liked this video make sure to hit that
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7 thoughts on “Best Burger in Tokyo | Tokyo Street Food

  1. I am new here from Brian's Tube Ritual group! Going to also comment with my Travel page. I really want to go to Tokyo, it's number one on my list!

  2. Wow dude, your content is just getting better and better! Loved this vid! Been craving burgers since I came to Japan, and I'm so sad I didn't go there when I was in Tokyo last year! PS: Congrats on 300 subs and sick beard, fam!

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