BEST food in Turkey | Turkish street food tour Istanbul | Famous Turkish food: Balık ekmek, baklava

BEST food in Turkey | Turkish street food tour Istanbul | Famous Turkish food: Balık ekmek, baklava

we’re in Istanbul, Turkey the food
culture here will blow your mind and we’re so excited to be filming a
bunch of food videos here, let’s get food hunting for this one
Istanbul’s food scene is exciting, varied and delicious, in this five-part series
we’re hunting down the best local Turkish food and eating where the locals
eat, this is our fourth video of the series and we’re eating fresh simit a
popular Turkish street food, devouring syrup soaked baklava, finding the best
fish sandwich in Istanbul and tucking into a popular local breakfast of
menemen, you don’t want to miss this video get ready for some mouth-watering
food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat we’re gonna be walking all around
Istanbul today to find the best local food and we’ve come to our first stop
it’s that place right behind me with that line out the front and it is an artisanal bakery that makes simit now simit is a bread ring and it is a
really popular snack here in Istanbul you’ll see simit carts all over the
city so let’s go and get one right from the source this simit bakery is incredible they’ve got a massive oven with a lot of simit
cooking away so they’re taking the dough a very sort of sticky dough forming it
into the rings, dumping it in a huge pile of sesame seeds, coating it all over
every single side is getting coated with sesame seeds and then dumped on these huge
wooden boards and the boards are so that the guy can get them into the giant oven so
he’s sliding a lot in at one time and then they’re all just cooking in there
I’m not really sure how long they’re cooking for there’s so many in there I
couldn’t keep track of the cooking time but I don’t think it would be that long
because the heat coming out of the oven was incredible and now I’ve got this
simit it’s really hot still straight from the oven and look at all the sesame
seeds on there, it’s incredible so this is very basic it’s just bread covered in
sesame seeds but these are everywhere here in Istanbul so it’s really cool to
have one right from the source, let’s just break in so you can see a very just a
white bread dough take off a good bit ohhh just a nice bit of heat coming out of it mmm ohhhhh oh that is so simple, so good obviously the sesame seeds are the flavour
that’s what you can taste those roasted sesame seeds that were toasted cause
they’ve gone in the oven and then the bread is super basic it’s just a basic
white bread dough and the sesame seeds are incredible such a good earthy flavor
that’s really nice ohhh a little bit salty that bread too that is good so we’re gonna do
what the locals do wander to our next stop and just rip pieces of this off
munch into it and walk along the harbor to our next stop we walked across the harbour from that side right
over there to a new suburb of Istanbul and we came to hunt down a fish sandwich
called balık ekmek which basically translates to fish bread and we really
wanted to eat it from this little boat right behind us but it is closed there is
no one about so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wander up into the old
laneways of the old city of Sultanahmet and then find our next snack and then
we will revisit balık ekmek later on in the video we’re wandering in the lane ways of a
really local market and we’ve heard from locals that there’s a really good baklava
shop nearby so let’s go and get a piece of baklava we’re at the baklava shop and the
window is filled with all these amazing different types of baklava they look
incredible, let’s go and order baklava is a dessert which is made up of
sheets of yufka which is a really thin light pastry that’s been soaked in sugar
syrup and then interspersed throughout the layers of pastry are
loads and loads of nuts in this case pistachio and just look at how green
those pistachios are now there’s a ton of different types of baklava up in
that cabinet but what they all have in common is that they all have a really
really heavy dose of pistachio added to each dessert let’s just dive into this
baklava so you can see the really delicate sheets of pastry all of those
layers and then right down the bottom there all of those pistachios and
then you can see that the pastry is sodden it’s just soaking with that sugar
syrup so let’s just get a huge bite oh see as I press down into the pastry all of that
sugar syrup just oozing out of it alright let’s go ohhh it looks like such a good bite that is beautiful it’s very sweet
but what you can really taste are those nuts the pistachio flavour is so
strong and you can really discern the layers of pastry so they’re really light still so
the top bit very light really sort of flaky they sort of melt in your mouth and then the bottom layer of the pastry that was really dense with the syrup just sort of
oozes and melts in your mouth it is incredible I’m gonna go for one
more bite it is just so fresh all right that’s so good I love the sensation of
the sugar syrup oozing out of the baklava when it hits your tongue and I just love how the pistachios, the nuts taste really really vibrant and fresh often the baklava that I’ve had in the past the nuts are almost a bit stale and old and the pastry is just way too dense this pastry is beautiful it’s really really light and we’re washing it down with a cup of cay
which is just a cup of tea and it’s pretty much the Turk’s national drink
just tea in a beautiful little tulip glass mmm it’s perfect with this baklava which is super sweet the cay sort of cuts through that sweetness we’re back on the hunt for the fish
bpread or the fish sandwich the balık ekmek so we’ve come back across the water
and we’re going to another place that’s been very highly recommended to us this
place has been around for over 20 years a lot of locals have said this is one of
the top ones so since the first place we tried to visit was closed this is going
to be our next target for this fish sandwich now this video is all about local
favourites so we’re not probably showing you something that you haven’t seen you
might have seen everything that we eat in this video but we’re showing you the
real local places to go get these things and like I said earlier this place was
really well recommended and by just looking at this fish sandwich I can see
why it was brilliant watching it getting made so it’s stuffed with ingredients
but I’ll talk about the outside first the wrap itself is covered in spice mix
and he basted it with a special sauce so you can see that’s all sort of shiny and
that sauce was dripping down off the wrap after he painted it on with a big
paint brush and really sizzling on the grill so it looked like it had some
sugars in it cause it was really hissing and foaming as soon as it hit
that grill but inside this wrap is mackerel so fish so an oily fish and
then it was pretty simple beyond that just tomatoes there’s some chilli in there so a big red chilli which he put on the grill as
well and there’s some greens which I think it’s just some type of lettuce and
on that is a whole lot of sauces the main one is pomegranate molasses and
then there were some other sauces on there as well which I’m not sure what
they were, whole lot of fresh lemon was squeezed all over it
and it just looks like heaven to eat and we thought we’d come down onto the
waterfront so the stand is only 20 meters from where we’re sitting thought we’d
come down and sit right on the water for a fish sandwich I got to get in Wow, mmmm oh that fish, it’s such a good flavour so
mackerel is a pretty strong tasting fish if you’ve not had it before
but that is beautifully cooked it’s um it’s just a beautiful texture breaks
apart I find sometimes mackerel can dry out if it’s cooked wrong
that’s not dry at all it’s super moist really easy to eat and look at all those
ingredients in there I want to go for another bite because we’ve got this big
bit of tomato and that in there behind the tomato is the big red chilli Oh Oh this is a flavour sensation, it’s so good
oh wow it is good that one had more of the the pomegranate molasses as well so
had more of a sweetness and a little sourness, the chilli’s not too hot at all
I’ve got a little bit of heat coming from that, this is unreal all that spice
on the outside which after chucking a whole lot of the spice on he just turned
it on the grill so you can see it’s all charred as well so they’re a little bit
crunchy all those spice bits now that I’ve bitten in a bit further I can see
more of what’s going on inside and I remember there’s a whole lot of onions
got put in so you can see the onions there look how big and juicy that chilli
looks the beautiful tomato something I love here in Turkey is the the produce
it’s so fresh and lively I guess is a good word to describe it so the
tomatoes taste like a tomato should they’re not just watery and and just you
know gluggy like tomatoes can be we get so used to tomatoes out of season
these taste incredible the chilli’s super crunchy and then that fish just tops off
all those fresh ingredients so well and I love that he took the skin off the
fish so you don’t have a skin that’s hard to get through so it’s really easy
to eat I got to go for this corner so this big bit of chilli, the tomato
all those onions and then as much of the spice mixture as I can there’s quite a
lot of different spices on there I can’t really pick what’s what cause
they’re all moulding together there’s definitely chill, there’s quite a lot of
chilli flakes and that is really tasty oh man Oh that is good that mouthful was perfect I got
everything in that one, a whole lot of fish there’s actually some parsley in there as
well I got a bit of that in that mouthful so I’m getting a bit of
bitterness from that, chilli, this is absolutely incredibly good the food hunt continues and next up we’ve
come to a really small local eatery to eat menemen which is a Turkish
scrambled eggs dish I’ve got my dish of menemen in front
of me so this is Turkish scrambled eggs now it looks very different to
what you and I probably think of as scrambled eggs but the dish is made up
of eggs which have been beaten over a really high heat and then there’s
tomatoes and peppers and also sucuklu inside which is Turkish sausage
and it doesn’t look like much but trust me it tastes amazing and to go with it
we’ve got some huge hunks of bread really crusty bread and then we couldn’t
resist ordering one of our favourite things in Turkey so kaymak which is clotted
cream and it’s served with this huge puddle of runny honey
what I’m gonna do is just rip a piece of this bread up, it’s super soft really
crusty that’s gonna go perfectly with the eggs and then let’s just dig in whoa look at that so it’s
just really really creamy and you can see all of those ingredients mixed up in
there so that’s the tomato and then the really small pieces of sausage and the
eggs are just almost quite fluffy and wet so I’m just gonna put that on top of my piece of bread ohhh they are amazing, the eggs are really really creamy quite rich and then you’ve got the sweet burst from the
tomatoes which are really juicy I’m gonna go again load it up onto that bread, the bread is
just really soft and chewy Oh there’s a little bit of spiciness from the sausage but its sliced really really thin so it’s not overpowering and
then the eggs, they’re just a beautiful texture so quite wet like I said before the mixture
is quite wet and just creamy, it is just insane menemen is usually a breakfast food and
it’s 4:30 in the afternoon at the moment but I don’t mind having breakfast for
afternoon tea and I don’t reckon any Turkish breakfast is complete without
this magic combo so you’ve got the kaymak which is clotted cream and then
bal which is honey and it is just the most beautiful combination, I just love this stuff it is so good, it is a magic combination the kaymak as soon as it hits your tongue it just dissolves into this creamy puddle and then you’ve got that beautiful sweetness of the honey it is just perfection another
massive day of eating here in Istanbul so that was some of the more simple
dishes the stuff that you probably might know but those were the most incredible
versions of those dishes we’re going to be making a tonne more videos while we’re
here though, make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out
give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video thank you so much for
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