Best Game Day Appetizer | Chicken Salad | Open Collab

Best Game Day Appetizer | Chicken Salad | Open Collab

Hey guys is Margaret was sassy southern shopper mom. Thank you so much for coming back to my channel Today’s video is a Super Bowl appetizer Collab, this open collaboration is hosted by Denise Jordan and her YouTube channel is This And That With Denise Jordan and it’s also hosted by Mickey and her YouTube channel is live laugh Love Pray. Again, This is an open collaboration. I will have the link to the playlist down below in my description box if you Came over to my channel from the open collab. I want to say welcome I hope that you like this video and you like this recipe it is a chicken salad recipe It is very easy and very simple anybody can make it. So let’s go ahead and get started Okay guys for this recipe, you’re going to need one rotisserie chicken and you can either cook yours You’re on your own in your oven or you can pick up a premade one from your local grocery store. And that’s what I did You’ll need a cup of diced onions a cup of roughly chopped celery Two cups of mayonnaise and then you’ll need 1/3 a cup of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and then you’ll just need some salt and pepper for flavor Okay, so the first thing that I do is I go ahead and shred up my rotisserie chicken if you want it shred up more Finer you can do that, but I do like bigger chunks and mine is just a personal preference And then after all of that is shredded I go ahead and add in my onions and my celery and mix that together Next I add my third a cup of the Hidden Valley Ranch powdered salad, dressing mix and then I put my salt and pepper in I Just want to give a heads up. I only use 1/3 a cup because I let my chicken salad sit usually overnight Or at least for a couple of hours before I serve it in the fridge and that ranch dressing flavor will get stronger So if you go back and taste it right away and add more in Later on that ranch flavor is gonna be a lot stronger and it might be too strong So that is why I only put 1/3 a cup because once it marinates together that ranch flavor will really come out in the chicken salad Okay, so I’m adding my last ingredients with or my last ingredient which is my Mayo Once I add that in I give everything a really good stir get everything mixed up really well I want all this seasoning coated and mixed on the chicken so it will have an even flavor of that ranch dressing and then I also like to go ahead and Take my chicken salad and transfer it over to a different type of container or serving Dish just for it can be a little more presentable for a party or gathering Alright guys there you have it my best gameday appetizer my chicken salad I hope that you liked this video and that you give this recipe a try I do like to serve this chicken salad with some crackers And you can really serve with any type of cracker that you like So I usually kind of put out a different variety when I do Serve this but again I hope that you liked this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to share If you do try this recipe comment down below and let me know if you like it, and thanks for watching guys. Bye

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  1. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge! I love chicken salad and am always on the lookout for new recipes. Your recipe looked amazing. I would have never thought of adding Ranch dressing to it. I will definitely have to try that.

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