Best Game Day Appetizers Open Invite & The Battlefield of the Mind Study by Joyce Meyer

Best Game Day Appetizers Open Invite & The Battlefield of the Mind Study by Joyce Meyer

hello everyone I’m Micky and welcome to
Live, Laugh, Love, Pray. I wanted to start this video off by saying welcome to the
new year and for those of you who’ve been wondering where I am
I have been very sick, and I wanted to thank those who I know have been praying
for me and I wanted to ask that you not stop praying. So, today is the best day
that I’ve had so far this year and I hope that you guys don’t give up on me. I
am still here and I am going to keep on making great videos for you in the near
future depending upon my health. So, with that said I wanted to invite each of you
to participate in the open collaboration that I am hosting with my sister Denise
Jordan from This and That with Denise and the collaboration is best game day
appetize. We would love to see you present whatever your best appetizer is.
It can be a salad, it can be chicken wings, it can be meatballs
it could be sub sandwiches, it can be turkey sandwiches. Whatever it is! If it’s
your best game day appetizer then we want you to bring your best.The playlist will
go up Sunday the 13th at 7 a.m., so we are looking forward to seeing what you
will prepare for us. And on another note, I wanted to let you guys know that
on Monday, January 14th, my best friend Sybil and I are going to be reading,
‘Battlefield of the Mind,’ book and ‘Battlefield of the Mind’ study guide. I
would love for you to join us in reading this book.
I know that because I have a lot of health challenges, a lot of times I
can become so overwhelmed and I can battle so many things and mentally and
that’s why this year I want this year to be different. I just want it to be a
different year. I want it to be a better year And I know that that will only
happen if I change my mindset; if I change my outlook on things and that’s
why we’re going to start off the new year reading, ‘Battlefield of the Mind’, by
Joyce Meyer. So, I would love for you to participate. If you would like to
participate please feel free to send me an email at [email protected] And the only thing that we need you to do if you’re gonna
participate with us, is just to purchase ‘Battlefield of the Mind’ book and study
guide because we’re gonna work through the study guide right along with each
chapter of the book. I’m just determined to make this year a better year you know
and I’m believing and praying that this book is gonna be a key to helping
me take control over my bad thought processes and just walk into the
life that God has for me. So, with that said I’m gonna close the video out now
and I hope you enjoyed this video and I do hope you’ll participate in the “Best
Game Day Challenge” and post your video to that on Sunday at 7 a.m.
As well as participating with reading this, “Battlefield of the Mind” with my
girlfriend and I I’m just really excited. Be sure to get the updated edition. So,
that’s it for now. I sure hope you enjoyed this video. Okay,
I will see you in the next video. Bye bye.

3 thoughts on “Best Game Day Appetizers Open Invite & The Battlefield of the Mind Study by Joyce Meyer

  1. Glad you’re feeling better!!! I can’t participate in the Best Game Day appetizer challenge because I don’t watch sports. However, I’m gonna look for the book and advise. ~Elle

  2. Hi Max, I’m looking forward to how you do using Joyce Meyers’ book,Battlefield of the Mind. Thank you for sharing. And thank you so much for co-hosting the Best Game Day Appetizer Challenge, It’ll be fun to see what people have to share.

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