Best Places to Buy Desserts in Istanbul | BAKLAVA, TURKISH DELIGHT, KADAYIF, KÜNEFE

Best Places to Buy Desserts in Istanbul | BAKLAVA, TURKISH DELIGHT, KADAYIF, KÜNEFE

Hello everyone! In today’s episode we’ll show you the best
places to have the most traditional turkish desserts in Istanbul such as baklava, künefe, turkish delights etc. and most of those places are in the most touristic areas such as Sultanahmet, Karaköy and Taksim. So let’s go discover them together. This place was established in 1864 by İsmail Hakkızade. Here we’ll find many traditional turkish desserts such as baklava, künefe, kadayıf, turkish delights and much more. But usually prefered desserts by travellers
are the puddings which are made in many different flavours. There are many branches within the city and for tourists the easiest ones are in Sultanahmet, the one we are eating right now and which is very close from Sultanahmet tram station, Sirkeci or Taksim. Right now we are here in this place in Istanbul which is very famous especially for traditional turkish desserts. Right now we are eating one called
Kadayıf and it is filled with pomegranate fruit and it has also some sort of sauce,
so let’s see how it is. I totally recommend you coming here when in Istanbul and this one just accross the tram lines in Sultanahmet. So let’s check it out. Look, here it is, let’s put a bit of cream
and check it out. If you are a dessert lover then this is one
of the best places to eat as many desserts as you want where you’ll find a vast variety of them. This place was established in 1777 by Bekir Efendi who later one was widely known as Hacı Bekir. This store situated in Bahçekapı is the
original central store which opened over 200 years ago and it’s the oldest company in Turkey and one of 100 oldest of the world. This is not a place where we can go, sit and have
some turkish delights also known as lokum instead we can only go and buy anything we want to take it back home with us. One of the most famous products in their stock is one called Badem Ezmesi, which in English means almond paste. I must mention that this one is my favorite one. Hacı Bekir provides the scent of history
in their products and probably that is the best part about this place. Karaköy Güllüoğlu started as a small shop in the distict of Karaköy in 1949 but the family has been in the baklava business since the 1800s. The first in the family who started the baklava production was Güllü Çelebi. He went to Damascus and Aleppo, Syria which where very famous for desserts to learn more about the baklava. After 6 months he went back to Gaziantep, Turkey to open his very first store but years later they decided to put that store in Istanbul which opened in 1949 which is the one we are in right now. Nowadays this place is considered
as the best baklava shop in Istanbul. All the time it’s crowded with travellers and locals who love the flavours of the products and considering that this store doesn’t have any other branch in the city, you can imagine how crowded it is but it definitely worth coming here
f you want to eat some extraordinary desserts as well the owner can be seen here talking and having a good time with the costumers and that makes it even more unique. He’s always happy to welcome us. Now you can take back home with you the best flavours of Istanbul. Thanks a lot for watching our video and if
you want more tips and recommendations from locals about Istanbul then don’t forget to
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