BEST Street Food in China | PLUMP and DEEP Tandoori Bao’s on the Silk Road!

BEST Street Food in China | PLUMP and DEEP Tandoori Bao’s on the Silk Road!

Check it out It’s Trevor James I am in Turpan, China And today, I really want to go try this one special street food that I’ve heard a lot about And then we are going to go have an awesome dinner feast Let’s go check it out As you make your way deeper into China’s far west You begin to find a completely new street food scene and new people The locals have a cuisine that is worth the trip alone And as you make your way deeper There is one thing that you will see everywhere Deep tandoor ovens pumping out all sorts of delicious street foods One of them, the Samsa, AKA kao baozi Is a beautiful beef or lamb and onion stuffed baked pocket of goodness And is found on almost all street corners You can literally smell the fat sizzling as you walk by These are just pure street side joy Oh, beautiful beautiful That is the baozi paradise Kao baozi in this deep oven Just look at them fall off the edge That is like a pure baozi paradise Deep in the oven Wow! We are going to order some up Those look plump! You can really smell the juice just bubbling It all starts with a spiced fatty beef filling And some hand made dough sheets They are meticulously pinched into these little perfect pockets one by one And placed aside for the oven master to handle Just look at these! Just look at these beautiful baozi It’s like clockwork putting them in Look at how they peel off And the crisp, you can actually hear the sizzle and the crisp of them You can just hear the crispness, the sizzle, of the pastry and the meat Unbelievable! And the little bit of char from the oven will definitely give it some flavour too Just look at that The jackpot kao baozi Its like roast baozi These look really good Look at these coming right from the oven We really hit the jackpot We really just hit the baozi jackpot you know Just walking up here You can really smell the beef aroma The roasted coals and the beef aroma coming out You can actually see the heat coming from that oven And he says he sells 2000 of these beauties every day And its so hot I’m going to have to take a bite That is next level kao baozi right here That flavor, that beef aroma The juices bursting from it And there is a little bit of onion But the real flavor comes from the fat It’s quite juicy This honestly is a meal right here You eat six of these, twelve of these And your’e really happy It is bursting and it is full and it is plump And it is unbelievably juicy Look at all the fat in there It is so saturated with juice And the inside is so soft Almost like a phyllo dough And just slightly crispy Like a croissant It’s perfectly seasoned And that flavor Unbelievable The best baozi I’ve ever had The roasted baozi Right on the street Oh yeah That is going to be a feast Look at the inside It actually has a slight but not overpowering cumin flavour And that totally elevates it It just melts into your mouth with the beef fat and the cumin and the oils bursting out That is… That was delicious After that delicious street food delight We made our way for a walk around the ancient alleyways of Turpan A truly unforgettable experience So we just took a turn after those beautiful 12 baozi and we are what feels like in an old traditional uighur neighbourhood Everything is made from bricks and grass And one thing that has shocked me about this whole city is how ancient it really feels And this is a true travel destination This is totally a different world just walking through this neighbourhood This city, it feels like a completely different universe The culture and the history And you can walk through these old Uighur towns It’s breathtaking Look at these alleyways There is like no tourists here And you’re walking through what feels like this ancient oasis town This is totally a unique part of china There is a mosque behind me There is unique bread We just got a Xinjiang style bagel from across the street There is nang, there is cows and mutton hanging up And everyone is smiling as we walk past This is a totally worthy travel destination Not only for the food But for the people and the adventure We are just walking through this neighborhood right now I’m totally blown away By how amazing the food is And the people And how chill it is here And the nature is awesome You cannot see any of this in other cities After that nice walk through ancient turban We made our way to a famous restaurant to try some local Uighur specialties So we have been walking around Enjoying the outskirts or Turpan Now we are back in the main city And we are going to go to a famous Uighur restaurant to try some of the best meat Let’s go try it out Let’s get some good meat Oh yeah So we are here early right now It is about 6:30 But in Xinjiang that means it is 4:30 Beijing official time is 6:30 but all the locals go by Xinjiang time Which is two hours earlier So that’s why its empty But we are hungry because our stomachs are on Beijing time Oh look at all of this beautiful, beautiful food All of the food just got here And this is really what we came for Right here, this dish This Shouzhua rou Literally translated as hand grasped mutton Covered in onions It looks like it doesn’t have much seasoning But we are going to just go right in and try it out This is really actually… Looks can be deceiving It’s seasoned quite well And the meat is very muscular And juicy as well We also have a big lamb kebab on a stick And then the hand pulled noodles over here I think these are beans Doudou literally means beans And you can see that they are light With big chunks of mutton and hand pulled noodles That’s going to be gorgeous And then over here This is the zhuafan Basically a pilaf Central asian pilaf With nice big chunks of mutton and carrots And I believe these are yellow carrots as well And it’s quite oily They use cotton seed oil I gotta go in for this right now Oh yeah Oh it really tastes like there is a sweet pumpkin in there Very smooth and soft and sweet pumpkin With this ultra tender melt in your mouth lamb meat What we really gotta try is the banmian There is nothing like the texture of delicious hand pulled noodles in a special sauce And this is their home made sauce so we are going to try it out Oh yeah The beans on there Give it a very deep earthy hearty flavor And the mutton is also very good With the hand pulled noodles This is, this is incredible If you’re enjoying this Silk Road series Please leave me a thumbs up down below And leave me a comment too letting me know what you thought I would love to hear from you This Silk Road trip really is the trip of a lifetime From all of the amazing food, friendly people, and beautiful scenery Coming here on a food trip really is a must So thank you so much for watching You can check out the whole Silk Road street food playlist To watch the full series Thanks again guys

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  2. 地图标错了!!你在新疆。地图标的是内蒙。Your map location is wrong, Your location is XinJiang 新疆. The map location is NeiMengGU 内蒙古.

  3. Superb! Like a tandoori Samosa. Maybe a little more spice? Uyghur way of life will vanish as Han Chinese reeducate them!

  4. If you want to try Tandoori Bao's at home, it's easy, get a pizza stone, pretty much the same functionality. Temperature you need to try, I would start low 160°C or so and see how that goes. You need top pre-heat the pizza stone for at least 30 Minutes.

  5. I love all of these street food vids. He is fun to watch. I AM surprised that he was allowed to film the dirt alleys with the children . China is very careful about their public image.

  6. This is the Uighur People
    East Turkestan ( Xinjiang )
    China is taking all the uighurs to detention camps and brainwashing them
    China took over East Turkestan So they renamed it Xinjiang which also means New Territory

  7. Син нима деяпсан билмадим 👍🤔Узбек сомсасига гап йук !!!👍👍👍👍👍

  8. 店裡的工作人員沒有微笑。 被認為是一個大問題,它看起來並不好

  9. Uzbek and Uyghur culture and food. Before uzbeks and uyghurs were one nation turks and one country TURKISTAN. Long live my brothers and sisters uyghurs. greeting from Uzbekistan

  10. Это наши братья уйгуры из Китая. Большой привет из Казахстана.

  11. سبحان الله وجه الصيني المسلم مريح
    ارتحت لشوفتهم واكلهم
    الله يحفظكم
    I am happy with the Muslim restaurant, food is halal and clean and don't eat dogs and mice

  12. Thank you for visiting this area to see food around the world. It was unfortunate that the Chinese government was not interested in the streets and areas where there are Muslims.

  13. 😃😄👍👍👍💖💔👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💋♨🌷🌹BRAVO CLASS SÜPER LOBİ

  14. I wonder if he went back there how much would be the same, china need to free these people and let them have there culture

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