What’s up and welcome guys, I’m Luke Martin with chopstick Travel calm and right now I am in Malacca, Malaysia This is a historical city packed with so much good food And this is the second stop on our road trip across the peninsula of Malaysia So I hope you’ll subscribe and hit that notification bell So you’re notified when we post new videos because we’re going on a huge food tour of the whole peninsula of Malaysia and we’re super Excited to bring these videos to you guys so we picked it a ton of good restaurants today, and we’re really hungry So let’s get started Okay, we are at our first spot today for breakfast, and this is a spot That is a very popular tour their roti tonight So we have actually heard about three different kinds of roti to have arrived so far And I’ll tell you a little bit about them. This is just the plain roti Chennai, and it looks extremely Fluffy and the golden crispy on the outside so the way that she makes this is she actually Kind of like waves it in this motion that makes this bread Extremely extremely thick and then after that she makes some pretty precise bolt And that enables it to still have this like really airy texture to it and Extremely fluffy so after that they throw it on to the flat griddle and fry it up with just some oil And it’s pretty plain, but it’s also served with some dal so over here We’ve got the dal, and it’s also got a nice little dollop of some ball sauce in there as well So that should be pretty good the reason that this place is so popular though is because the way that they cook It is the traditional method of using charcoal So they’ve got this extremely hot charcoal fire going underneath the flat griddle I was standing over there filming and I could barely withstand it was so hot, but also the smoke from the roti tonight Just smells amazing so the second type of roti we have over here is the roti with egg so the same way of making it as the regular roti, Chennai But this time first they crack an egg actually inside of the roti bread and then make the folds So that’s pretty much it. We’ve also ordered up a cater tea the classic tea here in Malaysia, and he also brought over a he just called it a Gravy a curry gravy so roti tonight You have to eat with your hands So let’s rip up a piece and dunk it in this doll so this is just the regular roti here And it is so like fluffy. It’s got this like layered Texture to it, and this is a good piece And it just doesn’t amazing job at soaking up the dal because of the texture of that bread, okay Let’s get some that dal and also some of that sambar sauce This is just like a lentil curry the dal with some carrots and some vegetables and then sweet sambal spicy sauce straight That doll is delicious, but zombo’s extremely spicy that is like a world-class protein It’s just like still like gooey on the inside but the exterior is Really nice and just gold and crispy and you can definitely taste like a smoky aroma to it from that charcoal fire They’ve got going under the griddle, but that sambal is spicy and that doll is nice and thick Just get that soap in oh man It all isn’t overpowering or anything it’s got a very light flavor and the roti is just although that texture and the smokiness and then that sambal is spicy and then all together That makes this a perfect little breakfast snack Ok roti number two is the egg version this one as you can see has like more of a sustenance to it It’s a thicker roti, and it just it’s a lot fatter, so let’s take a piece with some egg Oh, that’s hot okay. I don’t know if I get any egg, I’m gonna have to go in the middle a little bit further Okay here we go – good piece and this time I’m actually gonna dip it in to this curry gravy over here Not exactly sure what this curry is But he brought it over and said it was good Okay, yeah That’s got like more of a sour flavor That one’s not as spicy because there’s no sambal in it and that roti is like meaty from those eggs I think they crack two eggs inside I’m gonna go in for another buy. That’s me All this I like this gravy actually That has more of those like Indian spice flavor to it than the doll the doll is a lot less flavorful than this curry There’s an option breakfast So after we ordered our first two rotis the owner chef came over and told us that we should order the Specialty here and that is this this is a roti and chose so he said it’s kind of like Malaysian pizza So there is a ton of the purple cabbage on top, and then the roti on the bottom And then he said there’s cheese looks like some red peppers green peppers And then mayonnaise in there as well So that sounds quite interesting it looks a little bit difficult to eat But this will be certainly my first time ever trying this okay, let’s trip off a bite here. It is still extremely hot oh Really hot and check that Oh Yeah, that is actually awesome I was slightly doubting it because I heard there was mayonnaise in there not a huge fan of mayonnaise on Certain things, but that works really well, that’s got everything going on It’s just wrist from all those those fresh Vegetables on top especially that cabbage and then those peppers are almost like a little bit sour and then the cheese in there is amazing And then the sweet mayonnaise all on the roti That’s actually that’s brilliant invention this place knows what they’re doing so that’s it for our first little breakfast snack today We’re gonna be eating a ton today, so stay tuned lots of good stuff to come let’s go to Unwrapped to our next spot. We just stopped on the way to get a streetside snack, and this is called quake Korea And it is a sweet potato Doughnut, so it looks kind of like a glazed doughnut, and it is still warm And it feels like there’s almost like a shell of like sugar on the outside, so let’s try this Whoa So it’s just wheat flour and sweet potato and then they kind of glaze it in some sort of a sugar Syrupy mixture and then deep-fried so it has like extremely creaminess on the inside But the exterior is like hard almost like an eggshell Really sweet naturally, sweet, but then also sweetened with that syrup That’s really good super creamy okay, click stop. Let’s keep going to our next spot Arrives at our next spot today, and we are having a very famous coconut shake and just check out all of these fresh coconuts here Okay at our next spot, and we have ordered up something That’s super super famous here in Melaka and that is the coconut shake and this is the original spot club bong original coconut shake and he was just taking the fruit from inside the coconut husk over there and Grinding it up and with some ice and then a scoop of ice cream on top and this this is very popular Have you look up famous things to eat in Malacca this surely would make the list so pretty excited to try it We are here even before they opened it today It looks like kind of like ice mixed with coconut some ice cream on top probably pretty simple Whoa-ho that’s awesome okay, that is amazing Mmm. Oh Yeah, so that’s vanilla ice cream on top and the vanilla ice cream is kind of mixed with the coconut the coconut is you can definitely taste coconut, but it’s not like really really strong flavor, and it’s just really like refreshing and Not sweet, not too, sweet. Just smooth. Okay. This is awesome This is just the perfect Summertime drink super refreshing you can taste those little bits of the ground-up coconut inside just has such a natural Sweetness coconut is such a delicious fruit So another famous thing to eat here in Malacca is this and this looks just like a Taiwanese road dome or junga and That is right because essentially it is But this is the Nyonya style and Yona is the fusion of Malay Chinese cooking? That originated a very long time ago with the very first immigrants Chinese immigrants coming to Malaysia so this one’s a little bit different than the Chinese or Taiwanese versions so I’m gonna open it up and show you guys why so it’s just wrapped up in this bamboo leaf and kind of like a piece of bamboo string here as well and Open it up And there you go that is what makes this so special and that is this This crazy blue color that is Because the rice has been dyed with a flower called a blue pee flower So just like a regular jung-soo they fill the bamboo kind of cone Leafs And then they fill it with the rice regular rice, and then the fillings and the fillings of this particular known Yuen is pork and some mushrooms, and then some candied winter melon as well and It’s and then they top it with the blue rice, and I just can’t get over how? ridiculously weird that looks because there’s not a lot of foods that are blue like that and then the whole thing is steamed and It’s ready to eat, and it looks pretty good I’m a fan of Jones’s usually they are eaten around Dragon Boat Festival, but you can enjoy them any time of year So we’re gonna have one today first I’m just gonna try to take a small bite of the blue rice and hopefully I can taste the difference between that and the white Hmm okay, I actually get a little bit of filling in that that’s pretty good it does Just taste like steamed sticky rice But I guess there is sort of like a floral kind of earthy a little bit bitter flavor to it, okay Let’s take a big bite now Hmm okay, yeah, that’s stuffed with filling look at that Just packed with filling that pork is actually quite sweet, and then those candied winter melon in there, too It tastes really like a unique flavor that filling is awesome There is some secret spices in there that make this really good And it’s quite sweet actually finished off with our blue rice dumping the Nyonya Jong And it was really good a little bit bitter kind of almost fruity and floral, but that was awesome And I just am loving the locket such a cool historical City besides the amazing food There’s a lot of sights to see so make sure if you ever get the chance I would definitely come here It’s a very short trip from Singapore too, so we’ve been doing a lot of snacking this morning, but now we are going to Have some big meals tonight, and I am really excited for what we’re about to go eat, so let’s go At our next destination today we have driven about 30 minutes outside of Malacca to a place called Combe by right on the coast of the peninsula of Malaysia and This is famous spot for its seafood, so we’ve come for one dish in particular and that is conv car So let’s head inside the restaurant Get the rest right now, and we’re just going to pick it out our seafood, and it looks really fresh be sure This is a red snapper, but just check these out. They’re looking awesome Super fresh looking. I don’t know They all look really good Probably go at this guy That’s gonna be our fish today, I guess Actually, they’ve got so much good-looking seafood here, we’re kind of having a hard time, I think we’ll get a squid as well This guy right here squit Five o’clock okay, this is good Like barbecue with sample opt out there Okay this looks awesome. It’s a good fun Hey, okay That’s good So we have ordered about two different things today that is the red snapper barbecued And then the barbecued squid and the squid has arrived and I asked him to put sambal sauce on it and look at this This is a thing of beauty that is amazing There is the ratio to sambal to squid is ridiculous We probably could have gotten two or three squid But that just looks amazing so I’m just gonna go I’m gonna go right in for it I think I’ll go for the tentacles over here And we gotta get make sure that is completely drenched in chili. Oh, man This is gonna be good now. That’s like an oily sambal – okay. Let’s go Oh Yeah notice so spicy and so sweet for my song ball, but This squid is so tender Like you usually a squid as rubbery that didn’t feel rubbery at all Besides that the tentacles of that squid were kind of like burnt to a crisp So that kind of felt like little french fries almost at the end because they were so Crispy just the ends of those tentacles. Oh man that is amazing. I’m excited for this red snapper to come okay I’m gonna try a bite of the body of the squid and this is just coated in some ball. It’s like a little squid nugget Okay, let’s try that Okay, we might have to order two or three more of those that is amazing okay our red snapper has arrived that sambar squid was An incredible we ordered this one barbecued I thought that meant with sambar sauce but I guess not that’s okay because we’ve got plenty extra left over from the squid so we can just dip it in there, but I’ve also got a column on see here, so I Squeezed it a little bit of that on here, and that’ll give it a nice sourness It’s our acidity, and I just love these column and C’s here in Malaysia They’re so sour but kind of have like an orange juice flavor to them as well probably another one on this piece, too And this is a meaty red snapper, I’m just gonna try a piece from here. This looks really meaty over here Yeah, there’s probably some bones. Oh Okay Just a piece with no sound law Well, that’s so fresh That’s so ridiculously freshman He told me he bought this this morning from the market and just roasted over those charcoals. That’s awesome Okay, so she actually just brought over some sauce for us. I’m not exactly sure we’ve got two different kinds here We’ve got these two which are sort of looked like a dark soy sauce and there’s some onions in there I believe and then this one’s more of a brown color It kind of looks like saute sauce but it probably isn’t so we’ll try that at okay Let’s break off the piece and this time we’re gonna dip it in that sauce oh Yeah, that’s hot I’m gonna try this it’s brown sauce first Okay try that it oh Let’s look at tamarind sauce nice and sour a little bit sweet as well, although That’s delicious, but also there’s some chili in there too because that’s spicy okay, this bite in the Black-looking sauce not exactly sure what that is That one’s a lot more sweet than the last a left our but still got that spicy that’s good They’re not exactly sure I wish we could have ordered more because I could eat a lot more of seafood here But we’re heading to one more restaurant tonight, and I’m really excited to show you guys, so let’s go there now So Malaysia isn’t only famous for its Malay food But also its Chinese and Indian food, so we are having some Indian tandoori chicken And this just looks incredible check this out. We’ve got this red-hot looking tandoori chicken They’re cooking it in these massive tan doors over there and then serve with a green mint chutney. I think underneath here We’ve got some onions and a lime or calamansi over here We’ve got some dal To dip that in and then of course a very very fresh Naan, also cooked in the tandoor and oh man This is super hot and smells incredible, so I’m gonna break small piece of that off with that is really hot okay? Let’s grab these a chicken now I’m just gonna go for this piece check this out. That is a meaty piece Hold man, I’m gonna have to break that in half Okay, and let’s dip that in that green chutney. Oh, man. This is gonna be minty and lime. Okay. Let’s try it Mmm mmm, mmm that is a meaty chicken super juicy still though not dried out from that tandoor and Quite spicy from the red spice on the outside, but the chutney has just completely soaked into the naan and the tandoori chicken And that chutney has got like a minty you’re refreshing nice, but also sour from some lime in there. Okay. I’m actually gonna take This lime here, let’s see Yeah, it’s a lime, and I’m gonna put it on this piece of chicken The drops grab another piece of naan over here Well that nun is piping hot and fresh They’re hand making them over there and get that piece of chicken. Let’s dip it in that doll That’s gonna be a big bite Oh, yeah, that looks good Mmm Oh That nan there’s extremely fluffy Solid doll too, but really with that lime that just upped the flavor value. Okay. I’m going for one more dip in this chutney And you can just see there’s a ton of mint in there Super refreshing from that mint. This is a solid Indian meal here in Malaga so over about the kitchen There is a massive bucket of the chicken marinating in this spicy hot red sauce and there is a ton of it And it’s just coated in that red sauce and he’s skewing it onto the long skewers and then putting them in the tandoor But it goes through a series of about 3/10 doors before it gets that last one, and they’re kind of burnt to a crisp and it’s ready to eat Okay, guys after a full day of eating. We’ve come to the end of our video We ate so much good food here in Malacca, and we are so excited for the rest of this trip I hope you’ll subscribe and hit the notification bell, so you know when I post the next video We’ll be in Malaysia for the next two weeks and stopping in a lot of different Places that are super famous for food And we are excited to keep eating the food and the people have been so great here in Malaysia And we are loving our time here So if you did like this video give a thumbs up and leave a comment if you have any questions down below and subscribe for The next video, and I’ll see you next time guys bye, bye


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