1. Why can't you tell us ur age! I asked my bf how old u looked, n he said like 30… But noooo! I think Maybe your like 22 or 21 How does she look guys?

  2. I love your videos girl!!! Your dogs are absolutely adorable btw! In so happy I found youru page, your funny and beautiful!! 💜

  3. Paik's noodle is the best for jajangmyun and the jjampong.. I totally agree with with you on the excessive amount of cabbage lol

  4. the lighting makes your food look washed out and grey. less appetizing. you don't need a filter to look good, honey

  5. I was eating ramen and kimchi while watching this. thanks for doing this mukbang, I love mukbang so much that although I can't understand all the words that they're saying I still watch it. I was glad when I found this channel of yours. . and thanks by the way for the Filipino food mukbang, I felt proud!

  6. I enjoy your music/song references and the editing makes it all so clean. You're not afraid to be yourself (sometimes corny but funny). I love that.

  7. new subbie here… First I watched you, I knew that it's worth to sub. whew! more power! (fyi I love those pickled radish, I eat those with everything, and ofcurz kimchi is on top of all, LOL)

  8. i enjoyed this vid and the food! lol at your facial expression when the one chopstick got stuck. you are hilarious and made me laugh yay!

  9. i sooo love watching all of your vids 🙂 your my fave youtuber . Your so funny and very adorable . Sending love from the phillipines :*

  10. Why wouldn't u finish the squid and cabbage? That's the good stuff and also very wasteful lol and then u said finished everything when u didn't lol such a pet peeve

  11. So sad the local korean store in singapore doesnt have pickled radish 🙁 went by yesterday but only to get disappointed in the end 💔 ended up buying kimchi only! Hahaha

  12. jajangmyeon and jjampong! omg i would love to taste thoseeee. i would love to taste all korean food bc they all look so tasty 😭

  13. can' see your eyes properly ..all covered with thick layer of eyeliner and false lashes. you are good looking please don't cover it with too much make up. just my opinion…

  14. I have a question Hyunee! Which food would you prefer at Paik's Noodle, 짬뽕 or 자짱면?? I really want to go there but I don't know what to choose!

  15. u the best person in youtube and u are so cute i love u sooooo much and one question what is your lucky number? mine is 5

  16. Hey😊I come from Germany and my English is very bad, but I love your videos soo soo much😍 You're the BEST Mukbang YouTuber for me😊 I live in Germany but i'm Turkish 😁

  17. I always ask what does black bean noodles taste like because I'm scared to try it and everybody says "I don't know" 😂😂😂 that makes me even more scared

  18. Hyunee you seem more down in your videos are you okay? You’re always perky and happy but idk I feel like there is a miss change. Is everything alright?

  19. Def like the more developed Hyunee cause you focus more on the viewer than looking at yourself. You have come a lonng way Queen 🐝 🤗🤗👍. Bery proud of tou for putting yourself aside to focus on your fans RESPECT YO .!!). Lol. I donknow that is not easy. Your soo Pretty and it would be very hard for anyone to do. Soo. Great job … it was a very professional move on your part ..:)

  20. Hi hunny you at the best you tubure I wanna share with you that some news at school so some people bully me but you at my frend

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