Bloves Eating Without Utensils Challenge | Rice + Sausage + Cucumber by Kim Thai

Bloves Eating Without Utensils Challenge | Rice + Sausage + Cucumber by Kim Thai

welcome welcome to taste my brain tasty
tasty mukbang tasty tasty mukbang eats and yeah i’ll break it down do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do tasty mukbang eats yeah
yeah hold on one minute i and also let me make sure okay yeah hold on okay yeah
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Queen y’all do y’all see what I got here today I got some rice I got some sausage
I got my red bell peppers own dick I got my corn cuz I wanted some I got some
tomatoes and I got the little bitty small EBT cucumbers that’d be love life
be eating with the bee little sauce shoutout I almost got through with
everything I forgot about me little sauce ok so anyway y’all we don’t say
our grace cuz homegirl is hungry I just want y’all to know that this is a very
fast and easy and quick meal that you could do within
minutes so if you got the belittle sauce already frozen throw it out the night
before leave it at the bottom of the refrigerator or all day long and yeah
this is a quick easy meal yeah father God I thank you for the food
that’s we’re about to receive I thank you for this blessed Sunday I thank you
for your love your kindness your mercy and your grace in Jesus name I pray and
I’ll give all honor and praise and glory to you today Holly Holly Lou and thank
you Jesus yeah where do we start first which I want me to start first off oh
I’m hungry ow mmm this is my first time tasting the
small cucumbers they smell so good when I split them open and they do taste a little better we
won’t start off with this piece of sausage y’all know I usually like to
take the skin off I know some of y’all becometh that’s the best pork okay you
could have it there you go I save it for you there you go there you
go yeah do I have this oh my goodness I got
a lot going on yeah I’m filming let me make sure I got this right I’m filming
with my camera and I got y’all live so let me let y’all know what I got on deke
I know I’m doing the 30 big element of water challenge this is my green drink
water that’s just parsley blend it up in in there and we’re gonna grab this right
ah I forgot that be low sounds was hot mmm oh yeah this is the no utensils
challenge – I’m eating with my hands today I was gonna say I could’ve brought
a spoon and I could post something this be love song see y’all I could never get
down to the bottom of my thing cuz my sauce me too hot is not burning Mike in
here mmm yeah just a good Sunday meal and quick let me tell you because I woke up
starving I don’t know who the person is so gonna credit to for this rice a
sausage but I’m gonna figure it out and put their name in in my tags I’m on some rice but it’s
gonna cost me it’s gonna cost me to get some rice cuz I’m gonna have to burn my
fingers I think I need to pour I think I need to pour some of it stuff on that
rice somebody loves sauce Oh anybody want the skin that better nobody bidding I say this
cheese cuz you don’t know how happy this stuff here hmm if you wanted to eat today but not
tomorrow when you to do at the same time strengthen I need to call my friend you’re supposed to be going out of town
today you might already be on the plane yo he might already be on the plane the
plane the plane boss the plane I want to call him last night but I knew he was
already in today cuz it was about 11 o’clock by the time I tried to call him
and then me and go to bed around 8:00 so I should call him when I was getting
ready to get up to me when I was gonna relay down around 6:00 I did not go to
sleep last night y’all my people that was in my life last night think I went
to be up cuz I got off the camera but I end up didn’t go to bed I was watching this that shown on black
love pindy burgers my husband and latoya from
Destiny’s Child and some more people that didn’t recognize I think they were supposed to be famous
some people was married 29 years and some people getting together for 21
years I was like wow and they young to marry for 29 years and you like in your
fifties my husband with him in a liar spill and we will just steal them
together cuz if he was alive we still wouldn’t been together but if we would
have still been in common well that computer just went off so yeah I was in
that other live over there yeah I’m just got killed computer just went out Mitch
over here the computer just died oh no people that was in their life that happens when sometimes when I just leave my computer on for days and days
and don’t shut it down but my husband would have still been alive and we would
have still been together we didn’t be married over 37 years this
coin is the best haha I’m sorry yeah I need to go get y’all some clove
of corn I promise you yeah I do not ball of his corn and nothing golly don’t need
nothing it’s perfect something just went down the wrong
throat this perfect John and I know some of y’all might be saying you eat your
food bland but I like flavors and food but I like
seasonings like onion bell pepper garlic but like when it comes to fruits and
vegetables I love fruits and vegetables and most
people don’t love fruits and vegetables so they usually have to cover up the
vegetables with some kind of seasoning in order to eat it but I don’t have to
do that oh I’ve been using there nothing outside I don’t have to do that because
I actually like the taste but the vegetables and I’m in love with them so
I actually don’t need to cover up the food or vegetable
with anything else and it’s not land to meat at all yeah I think there’s gonna be a Mustang for
later y’all know I’ll be going live all day
I believe this fools them cover it up with trash bag come back in a couple of
hours and finish eating I really do like these cucumbers they taste different
than the red and keep homeless I love the regular cucumbers but I’d
usually peel all half of the skin off because they taste is a little like
somebody playing see you guys I’m probably gonna
copyright shot somebody passing by playing it loud music making the alarms
go off on Claus Sunday morning I don’t think it’s even 12 o’clock yet that’s
disrespectful if they look like I’m looking over here that’s cuz I’m live
over here I feel look like I’m looking over here that’s cuz I got a camera over
there and look like if I was looking over there cuz I was lying over there oh yeah avianna I subscribe to my other channels go subscribe because I be live somewhere
I’ll take everything I’m gonna eat the rest of my tomatoes
maybe no that’s my cucumbers my corn this is gonna be a meal for later for
the soul for the rest of y’all who won’t be hungry right don’t worry I got you I
got you I don’t need nothing on this corn yeah
my I’ve been feeling a little bitter I still like I’ll say my eye hurts every
day but I think some days it’d be less swollen than others see the slower it
gets people kind of don’t understand the source of the pain but the smaller my
audience the tighter the stitches be around it which causes more pain so some
days my eye is less swollen than others which means the pain is going to be less and the days when the eye is bigger the
stitches get tighter around it would cause more pain Caracas
I’m stitches myself y’all I was sniffing bad boogers I was sniffing I find when
I’m 80 old grandmother’s back in the day when they did everything in the kitchen
come to kitchen table any problem you had she laid you out on the kitchen
table and she was doctor y’all I keep picking up that napkin but I’m did this
channel so many times I don’t need no never y’all know them
Oh grandmother’s back in the den where if you need to chill leg amputated if
you needed your leg amputated if you need Joe knee amputated new leg
amputated they let you on the kitchen table use the same knife she cook with that’s a it was not saying cuz they did
what they have to do they did what they had to do I remember years ago about the
whole roots the movie roots about the whole collection I watched the movies
over and over again every year I remember it was a couplet inside who was
the man that got his leg or his foot chopped out was the Cougar can go any
way I want the grabbing up here he tried to
run away so min time that master couldn’t see though she couldn’t run
away no mom he almost died when they chopped his feet off but that lady that
black slave lady because they had put him in aa
put him out there to chop his feet off put him out there to die and lady snuck
out thanks okay I mean he was delusional he had the fever heaney even know where he was it he was
delusional for weeks she nursed him back to health next thing you know he came around they
end up get married Sicily was the Cicely Tyson Cicely Tyson I love that woman I think she’s still alive y’all to me
Cicely Tyson is the black the best female black actress ever to Lear no
female actress can touch her today and no female actress
could touch her back in the day Cicely Tyson shut me excuse me y’all she was
beautiful a wife say cuz she’s still alive as far as I know she played the
coupler in the Madeira a couple movies in the Madeira movie yeah but to me she
is so beautiful I love me some Cicely Tyson y’all let me know in the comments
do y’all know who Cicely Tyson is y’all might not know who Cicely Tyson you but
Cicely Tyson was a good actress back in her day and to me she the best actress
to ever Lea cuz nobody ain’t even talked to today like it’s got some good
actresses today but nobody can really top Oh Cicely Tyson I don’t know who I
were considered to be the best actress the best african-american actress of
today’s time I know some of y’all gonna say Halle Berry but to me how the berry
can not act okay and I know some of y’all gonna say Oh what’s her name
Angela Bassett I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with
that but Dean at the same time I don’t know I don’t know who is the best female
black actress of today’s time I don’t know I think if Lauryn Hill would have
continued to act I think Lauren here would be a good actress I think she
would be like close to the best actress of today’s time has she continued to act
um I don’t know who else who else would I consider to be oh no I’m confused I
know a lot of people will say taraji and I don’t know about that either I’m
conflicted I have a conflict yeah I’m finished some like my hands cuz I got
some stuff down here oh yeah my glasses oh oh the glasses are all been the
juices and the berries that I’m wasted on you
oh I don’t know who I would consider that’s a hard one for me yeah even for
the male even for the african-american male actress that would be hard for me
too I couldn’t cuz I don’t think i will pick Denzel Washington and I think not
for most people though it would probably be Denzel and it was probably Will Smith
for most people some people might try to pick Eddie Murphy I don’t know I think
between Denzel and Will Smith my camera just stopped I think between Denzel and
Will Smith’s I’ll probably have to pick Will Smith
I know y’all probably seen a word yeah I’m not too fond of Denzel
don’t ask me why Oh what’s his name that older man that
played in a time to kill what’s his name is it Lou Gossett jr. I like him thank
you all for 27 thumbs up y’all we need three more thumbs up we need
three more thumbs up so yeah I’m getting ready to go live on
that’s of my life my journey I was live over there already and the computer just
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the live chat y’all know after I eat eyes get sleepy
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36 thoughts on “Bloves Eating Without Utensils Challenge | Rice + Sausage + Cucumber by Kim Thai

  1. this is literally the third video in a row with the sausage, rice, & cucumber… & Iโ€™m not mad at it ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  2. I was in your live just to let you know. Enjoy your day. Im traveling back to Albany. I was visiting my sister in the country.

  3. Sorry I missed the live. But I'm here now. You have a good looking spread you eating today. Lil Diva and I ate the sauage, rice and cucumbers and it was so good. I was yelling bite the tip of the pepper and scoop up the sauce to pour it over the rice….but you didn't hear me, but you gor it on there ๐Ÿ˜Š Eat with Kim from Kim Thai is the creator of thr cucumber rice and sauage meal. TFS ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ‘

  4. Just stopped by to show some love food looks good
    I need to try this mukbang good corn donโ€™t need nothing jersey sweet corn is my favorite
    I love that show I want to be on it we close to 20 years but not yet
    I donโ€™t know nothing bout cutting the leg off on the kitchen table wit the cooking knife lol
    I never watched roots to the end
    Until next time I am hungry I gotta eat

  5. Hey Tasty you had me rolling talking bout they put you on that table ๐Ÿ˜‚some of them old time remedies work. I agree these actors ain't as good as they used to be but I love Tyler Perry.

  6. ๐Ÿฅ’๐Ÿš๐ŸŒญ Eat With Kim ๐Ÿ’• Mahalo for sharing your Sunday grinds. Have a beautiful day! God Bless๐Ÿ’—โœŒ๐Ÿค™

  7. Hehe you are sooo beautiful! Love your outfit today. Also your food looks so healthy with all of those extra veggies ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜˜

  8. Got me in the kitchen starting my rice cooker up. I like the rice with the whole Dungenous crab i mix it with the head butter.

  9. Tasty… Gurl you had me crackin up so hard on this video… About the ole grandma and that kitchen table… Gurl I hollered… But I am sure if I was in a pinch I would not hesitate to seek their council… I just hope and pray I get the grandma without the Parkinson's… Lol… Be Blessed All…

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