I can’t afford to eat seafood balls
every day yeah I want to see me eat one and you gonna take care of it Danna I’m
fine with that y’all so I wanted in on that note I want to give a thanks out to
the people who made the seafood ball from yesterday and today happen I want
to give a shout out to miss Gloria I want to give a shout out to Miss Kitty
and I want to give a shout out to more Kara Marceline they make the seafood
ball happen I want to let those ladies know that I
appreciate them so much and I appreciate all of you guys even the people who did
not contribute but you are watching my videos and you’re here commenting with
me and talking with me and supporting me and giving me watch time on all my
channels to help me grow I just want to let y’all know that I love y’all yeah I
love y’all from the bottom of my heart all the way up to the top but a praise
of the Lord I love tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty my
face tasty must be a seam up a tasty mummy tasty my tasty money that was like
I didn’t want my eggs like that I was like didn’t I just ask you how you want
your eggs cook and you told me anyway I cook him he was going evil let me tell you how suddenly people
taught me because I used to be that person that will put other people
business before my business and every time I would do it I will be making a
sacrifice to do it I would be shooting my own self in the foot to help them
because I wasn’t well off I was comfortable financially but I wasn’t
that well off where I could just stop what I was doing in order to assist them
so I used to be that type of person that I would drop everything I was doing so
go to the rescue of other people and then they will be ungrateful at the same time and then another thing I noticed there’s
some of the same people that you help the made sacrifices the help they didn’t
compensate you financially but when they do something for you if they ever did
because some of them never do you do none for you but if they did some for
you they would make sure you knew how much it cost them they will make sure you knew that you owed them they even
calculated a bill you asked in the bar or nothing but baby they calculated a
bill for a time and these services but when you help them
you ain’t calculating no bill you didn’t bill them for your loss of income but
they won’t turn around and tell you how much you owed him see the people made me
change because at the end of the day I had to realize I say it tasty you do
everything by yourself you do everything for yourself
nobody has never tooken care taking care of you provided for you and every time
you endeavour to do anything look around and see who’ll be there to help you don’t nobody be there to help you but
every time somebody needs some help who do they call they call you and one day I
said to myself self why is you stopping in your tracks from doing stuff that
you’d be doing for yourself cause somebody else called you you drop in
every you need to do for them you’re dropping
everything that you doing for yourself for them and when you need help don’t
nobody anybody here to help you so you need to stay focused on what you doing
and help yourself you just help yourself and you cannot feel bad about people
calling you and asking you for help you have to learn how to say no see I was
there yes person and thank you asked me to do yes I’m gonna help you I didn’t
know how to say no y’all I didn’t know how to say no and all the
people that I didn’t say no to and help now one single one lifted a finger to
help me if they did they’d be quick to let me know how much I owe them cuz they
help wasn’t free they help wasn’t for free like my words to them so y’all know
I do still find myself to see that’s a problem that I have I stood I still find
myself putting people before myself and sacrifice and stuff that I’d be doing
for myself for other people but at times I have to check myself I have
to check myself and delight you is just in the middle so you really have to drop
what you doing and then when you come back to do what you doing you won’t be
doing it by yourself and then something I’m saying people without me tell you I
said just one lady that I do I’ve been knowing her for a long time over thirty
years I used to drop everything I was doing to go help her with her stuff and then I will turn around to hear
stuff that she would be saying about me I was here that huh I’m out I hope he
know me and I was like wow she really think that I mean but every time she
need help I know when she called him so baby I stopped going to her rescue like
everything I need help with you need help with you call me but then you would
sit up and talk about me like I didn’t understand that yeah I believe people
alone like that’s my mo yeah I wanna know some people might say Oh what tasty
messy and old taste it is let me tell y’all old tasty trigger-happy and shield
block people chili leave people alone fast quickening her we announce it oh
I’m not apologizing for doing it because you avoid confrontation and I’ll
understand people to judge people when they leave people alone they’re like you
just leave people alone you think you ain’t supposed to leave people alone
baby don’t tell me what to do don’t tell me I ain’t supposed to leave people
alone cuz people ain’t supposed to be talking about you people are supposed to
be mistreating you why don’t you say what they ain’t supposed to be doing but
I don’t think nobody is ever in the wrong for leaving somebody alone because
they’re avoiding conflict if a person is avoiding conflict do not tell them they
in the wrong for voiding conflict don’t tell people they’re in the wrong
in the wrong for avoiding conflict that sound really really silly to me like if
somebody backs away from people and leave them alone and they’re avoiding
conflict they doing what they need to do to keep peace in their life and the
Bible says that piece of passeth all understanding so it don’t matter if you
understand or not while I live somebody long belong to have peace in my life
because the Bible say peace surpasses all understanding so if you don’t
understand that’s alright that’s alright with me if you don’t understand the
message that I have went through in order to have peace in my life that’s
all like you don’t have to I asked you I asked you to approve this message this
is my message miss approved by me I ask nobody for their stamp of approval yeah
this is the messiest seafood ball I ask nobody for any stamp of approval on what I should do y’all I got 21
people in the house and 21 thumbs up Wow thank y’all let me see what y’all saying Tamika says she might fall asleep
because she took her medicine what the doctor gave her she went to the doctor chasity say I love king crab and blue
crab Tameka say tasty what girl stop lying
Tamika is lying she say tasty for tax season I am gonna sing you $900 girl
Tamika is lying that my way pain back my tires
Oh Tameka I believed you when I see it it is a girl say Wow Tamika that is
awesome sauce chastity say Tamika that’s a blessing
y’all don’t make me cry and genie in a bottle say snow crabs is her favorite chastity say blue crab and king crabs
are my favorite to make a suggestion it gettin gettin gettin yo Blizz gettin yes
your net you gettin bliss everybody is speaking to miss June miss
June came up in the house Ginny and I bottle say that’s true
Tameka sale is a girl you gonna post a video
chastity say I agree with you Vanessa and mr. Jim say hi everybody and Miss
June say I agree in Jesus name with the prayer for Tamika Lord relieve her from
the pain Tameka say thanks mr. Jun always in pain well we need to always
keep Tamika in our prayers Lord yeah I don’t forget we’re gonna live Tamika
again in prayer later on tonight um miss June say I know you feel she know how
you feel but God can’t ease that for you take your step by step and praise God
for the strength he gives you say it yourself and out loud I can do it in
Jesus name Amen my care to say I am learning how to say
no also yeah there you get me I did not know how to say no Vanessa says hi
tasty hi Vanessa it is Gail your speaking Angela is in the house hi
Angela sir kitty told me to go get the corn
yeah yeah I’m not gonna go get the corn and the reason why is because I’m gonna
eat some of these potatoes today if I go get that corn if I had a corn on this
plate I wouldn’t touch you one potato and this is my second potato or maybe my
third everybody saying get the corn we will wait yeah I eat some corn tomorrow
I want to try the corn and the okra in the be little sauce I know it’s gonna be good elissa girls say yummy that states that
tastes delicious mm-hmm that’s really good yeah I’m
really enjoying the blue crab I got one more someone forgot to what yeah we got 24
people in the house and 23 thumbs up mystery how many blue crabs can you eat
how many blue crabs can y’all eat all this is the meat that is the business
dead is the business hey Brian arrived how many blue crab can you eat yes miss Angela I got some rizz yes I
got some rest I got some rest and I’m still tired what does that mean when you get rest
and you still be tired do that mean you didn’t get enough rest or what else
could it mean when you get rest and you still tired Jana could they meet who they meet looks
so good yeah and it’s so sweet I don’t even have to dip it in the sauce because
remember I bought this in this house I cooked this in the south so it’s
perfect when you suck it you get all the juice out mmm okay that was good that’s some good eatin
yeah we grew up on blue crab yeah but I didn’t know they will call me crab because they turn red when you cook them but we used to go to the lake is keying and catch crab and then y’all I don’t
know if y’all notice I do this a lot I eat like this when I was pregnant with
my son I used to go fishing and crabbing every day I used to catch crab every day
after I catch the crab before I took him in a house and cook him I would take the
meat and dangle it in there and make them be doing this and when my son got
old enough to start grabbing for stuff he would do this he would do this that
was so funny he was doing like them crabs he would do
that I used to go crabbing every day but I never knew it was called blue crabs I
was just a little girl yeah so now I’m learning that these are
blue crabs and I actually grew up on them so I like them too I can see why
some people prefer these over any other type of crab because that’s
what they grew up eating and they became some professional that evening soon see
I grew up eating them but I didn’t continue eating them as an adult so now
I’m making my way back to him I think this is the first seafood boy that I had
on my channel with blue crab and I’m absolutely enjoying and they so cheap
but I could get them even cheaper than this cuz I could go Kip’s run I was
telling you out of the day y’all I know how to catch blue crab with a string and
known it so I might do that on one of my videos I might go crab in one day and
catch some crab for y’all and then come back and either and mr. with Java 26 people in the house
and 24 thumbs up Angela say I think that means not enough
risk Jurina says hi tasty and fam jimena say you are a beautiful lady
tasty Oh y’all are just too sweet for real y’all are some beautiful
subscribers I love you y’all I think I had I had told Miss Kitty last night
because me and miss kitty was talking about the seafood boy that I was gonna
cook today and she’ll ask me what all I had and I was telling her what I was
gonna have I told I was gonna have four four uh little crap and I also told her the other stuff that I was gonna have
and she was like oh yeah that’s plenty enough I told her I thought I had like
four shrimp but I actually had more than four shrimp so y’all next time I’m gonna
I’m gonna do a sea football again you may be next week but I’m gonna do a
little craps I might not have I’m knitting no potatoes nothing else just
blue crab and corn that’s it and where is Terrence Terrence supposed to be over
here teaching me how to eat these crabs oh I forgot his sister in town he
probably spending time with her ain’t gonna say he kicked me to the curb
but hold on yeah they was playing music but see if I can
learn how to open them with my teeth and not the scissors I think I did it in the
wrong place it broke it up into tuning the different pieces I don’t think he
wanted to break up like that yeah this meat is really sweet I’m surprised I’m coming oh I want the world to know I
got to live in show I’m coming now I want the world to know I got to live in
show me and Jesus is coming out me and Jesus is all about all about the word
and the light the Bible say I am the word the truth then light come on y’all
let’s get it right let’s let our light shine bright I’m coming I want the world
to know I want Jesus to show how did I just turn that into a gospel song and
y’all gonna say why why did she turn into a gospel song cuz God said you
could take whatever the devil mean for good bad hold on wait a minute oh not if
this sister any fools oh no let me see miss Coleman say hey
y’all I’ve been on here you had to watch it from the start miss Coleman said she’s getting a devil
away from her Angela say I am hungry now Alyssa girls say that food gonna doing
the Texas two-step jelly say I know there’s right Jeannie and Nevada say I’m
back now the food looks good with them oranges sitting on there and I’m through
y’all I can’t eat no more all I got left those potatoes that’s it and he’s on
just and I’m about to eat these oranges I’m about to eat these oranges y’all we
ain’t gonna waste no food nitin where are the potatoes I put the
potatoes back in the container I’ll try to eat the potatoes oh I got another
piece of sausage left but I don’t think I can eat this sausage I might have a potato potato and corn
mukbang tomorrow that’s the only way I’m gonna eat that potato job and I better
just cooked two coins and not four cuz if I took four I might not eat the
potatoes I got to force myself to eat the potato job that she’ll fill on the
table I’m coming out thank you how 20 is it 26 people Wow
26 people and 26 thumbs up Wow hmm to anybody who and watch this video
later on tasting my thing is if you see me looking over here that’s cuz I’m live
over here and I’m looking at the screen if you guys want to give shout outs in
my videos yeah I got the Scott subscribe to Vanessa my life my journey and come
in my lives when I do too behind the scenes I taste a mukbang Ethan then when
the video come out on tasty mukbang eats you will have your shoutout and that’s just another way for me to
give back to my subscribers and let them know I love them and appreciate them I
don’t know what miss Gloria at today but she haven’t been feeling too good y’all
and she had a hip surgery or leg surgery or something and she haven’t been
feeling too good so y’all continue to pray for miss Gloria miss Gloria mr.
mica MS County miss Murray Miss Rolle y’all play pushing it she’ll be having
trouble sleeping and yall already know to pray for me right cuz my I be in pain
all day every day and y’all already know that when
somebody tryin to do something for God the devil gonna check them 10 times move
so y’all just keep me in to our prayers always and forever cuz the devil is the
devil I don’t know why y’all be expecting the devil to play nice he
ain’t gonna never play nice cuz he is the devil if you think the devil don’t
ever let up on you you don’t know who the devil is you better stop fooling
yourself let me read some of these comments Miss Kitty say that is awesome miss
Coleman you are worth it lady and Angela say I am a witness God will
move the devil them Devils away uh annalisa say will you keep doing seafood
balls I don’t have the funds to do seafood balls you guys on the regular my
subscribers provided the seafood ball for me the one yesterday and today and
that’s the reason why I’m doing it because they fund it to see football so
if anybody ever wanted me to do a seafood ball and you gonna find it I
could do one every day if you won’t pay for it Oh Catherine say hi beautiful
tasty I must get my seafood ball ready that looks yummy Angela say I’ll be
praying yes y’all let’s continue spiritual warfare is key to the success
of every Christian you never stop praying never never stop praying you
guys the Bible say to pray without ceasing every single day of your life
you got something to be praying about every day Jeannie and the Bible say I’ll tell you
we have to stay armored up and we have to stay war ready
that is true God is coming backyard he coming back sooner than y’all expect the
Bible say you know not the day or the hour but just cuz you don’t know the day
or the hour don’t mean you suppose not supposed to be ready cuz you supposed to
be ready II could you don’t know the day or the
hour but every day you supposed to be ready that’s all I got to say about that Jurina say yes miss Jimmy okay yeah
y’all know what time it is y’all we gonna go over to y’all no weed we be
channel hotbed y’all know we be channel hopping right so we got the hop our
little bunny rabbit boots on over to he answers prayers we’re gonna do a nightly
prayer over there we’re not gonna stay over that long we gonna do a nightly
prayer over there and then we’re gonna go back to ASMR tingle Queen after that
so we’re gonna go fellowship on he answers prayers if you are not
subscribed to he answers prayers yet let me help you out let me get the link for
you cuz y’all be liking me to do all the work if you not subscribe to he answers
prayers let me get this link for you and y’all
come over here and we’re gonna do our prayer tonight I would nightly
fellowship in prayer yeah I’ll click on this link press
subscribe and turn on the bill and come over to he answers prayers I want to
thank everybody for joining me today don’t forget to give this video a thumbs
up the Dudley not to comments in the comment board below don’t forget to
press the subscribe button turn on a notification bill and come back for
another video and if she’s something specific you want to see me eat and you
want to sponsor the video and find the video for me to eat whatever you want to
see me eat it could be a seafood ball or whatever and you wanna find it just
contact me and let me know cuz I can’t afford to eat seafood balls every day oh
yeah I want to see me eat one and you’re gonna take care of it then I’m fine with
that y’all so I wanted in on that note I want to give a thanks out to the people
who made the seafood ball from yesterday and today happen I want to give a shout
out to miss Gloria I want to give a shout out to Miss Kitty and I want to
give a shout out to more keto Marceline they made the seafood ball happen
I want to let those ladies know that I appreciate them so much and I appreciate
all of you guys even the people who did not contribute but you are watching my
videos and you’re here commenting with me and talking with me and supporting me
and giving me much time on all my channels to help me grow I just want to
let y’all know that I love you yeah I love y’all from the bottom of my
heart all the way up to the top for the praise of the Lord I love y’all
thank you i’ma talk to you later and I’m signing out on tasty mukbang eats in the
ni mo sign out over here on Vanessa and I like my journey and then we going live
only answers prayers and then later on tonight we gonna go live all night long
oh it’s a more tingle Queen so y’all make sure y’all subscribe to all my
channels turn on a notification bail cuz if you like my lives I got a lot going
on every day oh all my channels somewhere you will find me by now you


  1. Good morning tasty I love Blue Crab haven’t had some seafood for a while I don’t know if I ever told you how much I enjoy those three ladies singing the intro it’s really nice

  2. I’m definitely gonna try oranges instead of lemon if the world was just not built with so many selfish people that not grateful we have a better place to live and people don’t appreciate the small things that people do for them people they don’t have to do anything be thankful for the small things

  3. That is so true tasty I got tired of people calling me and guess what I’m here alone and I love it because nobody’s calling me I’m not giving nobody my money that I do have cause I don’t have much what I do have I give with my heart and people know that I care I stopped giving and they stop calling I used to be that yes person to I love you tasty have a wonderful weekend God bless you

  4. Enjoyed your video it was amazing, lets stay connected, you have a new friend, I will come back and visit again, support🤗👌

  5. Hi Tasty, those seafood boils are very pricey so shout out to the ladies for contributing so you can make this video. It does look really delicious. I put others before myself too & I am really trying to stop that. I don’t mind helping others but I just have to stop sacrificing myself to make that happen.

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