Brie Larson Eats a Rhino Beetle | Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Brie Larson Eats a Rhino Beetle | Running Wild With Bear Grylls

So were you kind
of adventurous when you are growing up, or– I wanted to be Indiana Jones
when I was younger, but then– Really? –I also was super shy. And were you like, sporty? No, not at all. BEAR GRYLLS: So
what, more geeky? I was super geeky. BEAR GRYLLS: [laughs] This is basically my
audition for Indiana Jones. [laughs] OK. Let’s get into this. Now this is mangrove swamp. This is the start of it. It’s actually a pretty
amazing ecosystem, because it’s just so full of
incredible, diverse wildlife. Lot of crocs, by the way, you
know, further into this stuff. But this is the start
of the mangrove, and we need to be
going this way. It’s going to be fun, right? What’s the worst
that could happen? Yeah, This is going
to be many things. Fun is not going
to be one of them. OK. Let’s do it. [music playing] Whoa-ho-ho. This, as a survivalist, is good. God, look at the
size of that one. Oh, look– [gasps] That’s a rhino
beetle grub, larvae. Look at that. There’s another one. You get that one out. Oh, my gosh. Good protein,
good snack, this is. BEAR GRYLLS (VOICEOVER):
As a general rule, raw grubs are edible. They have more protein,
pound for pound, than beef. And they are plentiful in dark,
damp places all over the world. But it’s critical
that they’re purged before consumption,
in case they’ve eaten something poisonous to humans. BEAR GRYLLS: So
look, grab the head. No. And then you just
twist the head, pull that off, and then all of that. [laughs] Your face, I love it. What just fell out of it? I think some
really medieval guts. You squeezed his heart out. Listen, that’s many things,
but that’s not a heart. I think that’s his anal tract. [laughing] Ew. BEAR GRYLLS: [laughs] And
then you’re left with that, and that’s all good. Good energy. Little skin. Do you want me to go first,
or do you want to go first? – I’ll do it with you.
– Oh, OK. Here we go. I don’t think I got
all the anal tract out, but what’s the worst
that could happen, right? Just adds the flavor. OK, great. I just a beetle larva. I’d rather not explain
what it tastes like. Ugh. Doesn’t taste very good. No. But good energy. Feel energized, I guess. Yeah. I think I’m supposed to feel
more energized than I do. I think the cappuccinos
work better.

100 thoughts on “Brie Larson Eats a Rhino Beetle | Running Wild With Bear Grylls

  1. There's a proper way to eat a rhino beetle, and Brie Larson has to learn the hard way. What are your thoughts on her lesson from Bear Grylls?

  2. I like this one.
    And I don't mean it as a Thor's quote. I generally like her.
    I know she was terrible to be worked with, but I didnt have to do that. She's entertaining , that's what I mean

  3. Yeah, eat the poor bugs for the camera then back off to your comfy 5 ☆ lodgings for a nice supper and a glass of wine. Filthy, bug munching meanies!! I hope you get et by the crocs 😂

  4. She looks miserable and out of her element. No wonder she paired up with Grylls. They were probably out there long enough to find that critter and thats it

  5. Our Captain learning how to survive on distant planets such as Earth. Not sure how she does it while looking so great, but she does.
    Saw the episode, it is great. Brie´s reaction to finding out about the crocs and looking into the camera had me laughing, and she is so lovely and positive. As an introvert she probably love being on a remote island. 🙂

  6. The title is misleading. They didn't eat a rhino beetle. They ate a grub/larvae. Millions of insects start out as grubs/larvae. There is a Huge difference between eating a common grub than eating a fully grown Rhino Beetle.

  7. Brie Larson is not an actor, she's a woke activist that peddles toxic masculinity and the patriarchy to children. Also she lied about not having a stunt double and her coworkers hate her.

  8. Omg I have lost fait on miss marvel she save life but she eat live animal or warm what u called…….for her only human have life not 😥😥😥😥😥😢😢😢😢😢 animals

  9. I don’t have anything against Brie at all and like her , but I feel commenting something just so el Paso gets triggered.

  10. ah, ah, ah!!! the first time that I see a super-woman scared by a bug!!! XD XD XD. Is the way of surviving on nature!.. Also, in México there are bugs that are aten. They have a lot of natural proteines… (She could eat them in daily breakfast time!) : P

  11. I watched this show, she was actually humorous to watch on this, she did openly admit, she isnt a survivalist. She's a girly girl geek.

  12. She’s actually ugly’ like an ugly person, plus not that attractive. Has a potato head kinda’ but really bad attitude

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