Bull Street Taco: HOT PEPPER EATING Contest | OctaneRed_392

Bull Street Taco: HOT PEPPER EATING Contest | OctaneRed_392

Yes they’ll go up and then get
increasingly hotter as the night goes on you have to eat the entire pepper, flesh,
membrane, seeds and all it has to go into your little chomper mouth and you
gotta eat the whole thing may be nice to you I ate the whole thing you have one
minute after we say go to eat the entire pepper if the whole pepper is in your
mouth after the minute is called you can that still calluses you can finish that
pepper after the minute but you gotta have the whole pepper in your note
otherwise they’ll be disqualified they have literally be determined by being
the last remaining contestant will continue this insane contest and talk
about it in the events of the time which we did
have last year four people ate all the peppers which is seen enormous poblano
pepper you never eat that pepper because basically it’s the whole thing first
wins a year’s supply of Bull Street Tacos Which is a lot of times all right
everybody milk if you consume the milk if you vomit disqualified but it has to happen
milk has been graciously donates from Henny Penny many and it’s some sort of Port
Charlotte sweets what will happen as we’ve been past
somebody and then hold another hand you guys ready are you ready no you’re
not all right everybody’s got a bell pepper
all right any more we’d say eat again you have one minute to eat this belt mmm
it’s too hot it’s all right see what see its membrane and all but you don’t
have Jesus Dennis it’s 50 to 200 Scoville units to get
ready they were starting to climb the ladder a beautiful all right I’ll meet
you right now baby elected nobody goes on your mark get set eat the
pepper delicious did anybody else hear that wonderful all right raise your hand finish this and we have a table and everybody has
passed all right our next speaker is the Veera salt pepper this pepper is from
New Mexico it also has a Scoville heat event of 2400 to 5,000 so in Scoville
heat units barrier which is a big deal in the pepper eating contest world these
peppers are going down we were added by the stem okay on your mind
it’s an ether pepper nobody’s freaking out I don’t see any
bill to sweat raise your hands all right everybody say aw wonderful cells membrane and all its
fantastic all right again round-the-clock Hungry
Hungry Hippos all right our next member is everybody’s
favorite pepper exactly I’ll work on the cues better
next time jalapeno pepper is also from Mexico and it’s got 2,500 to 8,000
students that’s a lot we have 11 peppers – yeah that’s all
that’s all easy just into all these peppers and then you get your supply
delicious to me I don’t understand why there are people all right everybody got a paper grabbing
by the stem on your mark get set eat the pepper that really has some crunch again raise your hand to their tongues
with a jalapeno pepper as I like to say a Jalapa no bro all right three four five six I see some eyes stranded here reason through this great alright
everybody congratulations come on to the next one our next memories the red Fresno pepper
that would be these suckers here there you go
all right the red crystal pepper is from the United States of America that’s
where we are and the red Fresno pepper has 2,500 to 10,000 spill communes who
has student debt more than that anywho the red Fresno peppers delicious
yummy peppers I guess it’s from California because of
the all right grab never buy this dance keep an eye on your horchata this might
be where that Medina all right 1 2 3 timaeus water
travelin I’ll get back Oh you good all right congratulations
everybody all right how you feeling Chuck not good
great that’s exactly why we’re here what I love Mexico again tonight is a fundraiser for
American Second Harvest hopefully they’re not eating kids peppers like
these now they are treating kids nutritional and macronutrients that
everybody needs something like that anyway 25 arms length of Raffles which
is the great deal variety of exciting raffle prizes from local businesses in
the area all right everybody has the serrano
pepper right here what do mark get set much much teaching with your time here how’re you guys doing over here great gusto yeah no yes has a unique name it’s called an icy
Lemon Drop and it has an asterisk next to it which means that it is a courtesy
of autumns harvest who’s here from autumn service you are
all right terrible business you people are in
really just horrible and we’re so glad you’re here
really just the words all right selling torture alright so the idea
lemon pepper cooker lemon drop I’m saying that right
okay the academic drop is another point later we should all watch on its got
15,000 and 30,000 Scoville units is 15 to 20 times hotter than a those up down they are very small no
thanks for the small peppers no believe in tonight but don’t be mistaken by
their small Maria Tommy has given great advice very well all right we gotta clear the drop on
your mark it’s serious small but it’s got a bang
for its buck Oh God yeah okay here we go we starting never been all right another straw in alright ladies do the
next beverage the Charlestown hot again we’ll start down here just eating things
these peppers fight bar have this both look and pepper everybody grab it by the
little nip you ready are you ready honey mark get set all right billion there you guys might
know something this Auerbach though the spectra by David is the orange habanero
pepper and it’s just a dandy we starting them here alright this is a great guy it’s a
really one and I’m really glad to be here with this pepper at this one again
we’re helping America’s Second Harvest here to be taste than anything goes is
we’re helping people she said all the peppers moving on for bottom’s harvest a
wonderful local business in the trade of the orange habanero again comes from
Mexico we’re looking at anywhere from a hundred thousand three hundred and
fifteen thousand Scoville units this pepper that you’re holding in your hands
could be a hundred twenty four times higher regular household that is very
hot alright Cheers good around seem to be fighting each other that’s where it started time again trip
anything great show congratulations again we’re not going to send you anywhere you
can just stay right there and you get the free milk
that’s cool thanks Ryan and Ryan’s out he has been
disqualified because he did vomit into a ….. just facts where were we who remembers it goes crazy also this is a fun game it says
but I’m not saying okay all right well an in-principle name it’s
also known as the ghost pepper you gotta go you gotta go that was David in case you were keeping
track he was the mascot for a university but he’s out which is fine if you guys
feel at any point like you need to go that’s totally fine but you will lose you lose
and if you train here or it’s other from Henny Penny he’ll also use that’s actual
fire we don’t need that all right ladies the ghost pepper also we just get a
quick round of applause to the last two folks that have to second leave us they
tried really hard they’ll be at paint for games I didn’t
ask you all right those members going around
it’s very hot pepper again let’s see the ghost pepper has over 1 million Scoville
heat units and it’s a really hot pepper ladies and gentlemen it’s up to four
hundred and seventeen times hotter than a jalapeno it’s a really hot pepper
what’s you’re holding in your hand is basically up I don’t even know words
fail me now all right I’m gonna have you guys help me count down everybody ready
everybody ready all right three Oh it’s so hard take all your clothes Toby
Elmo says all the schools but already we all want to see it on TV been waiting this is Rina these people I know I’ve been in a similar position
with this yes is that everybody are you good no what you are what you are you’re
still in the game everybody’s in the game ladies and gentlemen a round of
applause Wow how do you know what to do part of this whole event is the Trinidad
scorpion pepper oh great whatever a great he put a lot of hot peppers in his car somebody take care of it you guys when uh
Oh Joe alright ladies and gentlemen we are the
transforming up to 1.5 million Scoville heat units I
don’t know if this helps you guys alright this is getting really good at this point in the contest my buddy
made a fatal mistake he wiped his face with a rag he just wiped his hands with fingers so good now yes yes that solution all right Harmony’s region revolving door is how you slam that door
bananas contest contestants we are down from whatever
number we started with I don’t remember because that was so long ago you showed
me pepper selfie and they were so hot and those kids are so hungry
that’s a bad policy moving forward our next member is the chocolate 7 pot look
at this that doesn’t even look real all right all right I need you also get me a pen
family gotta use honey I’ve been 1.8 million Scoville units hot it’s just
really hot I think I made that clear are you guys ready all right three yum-yum-yum salesmen great one year tacos ladies and gentlemen one
year of tacos sorry keep going all right here’s a fun
name repeat after me apocalypse scorpion one more time
wow that’s cool that sounds really scary this is a non-natural pepper never been
tested on humans before is basically what I just heard all right poppers it’s
for me where is pepper ladies and it’s all melted on the
outside it’s like it’s so hot it can’t contain itself Alright guys what’s going on it’s octanered392 – we’re here at the bull street tacos hot pepper eating contest ….my buddy Kevin
He tried his best He tried his best (repeated). He had 4 left. What happened? Man, my hand started shaking. The last pepper I ate, it felt
bother shape the last number eight man like I but satan’s toe. I could not even take it dude! inside my gloves are soaked. You were perspiring a lot towards the end. I thought you we had it for a minute. I thought we were gonna have a years worth of tacos.
Man yeah, I was trying to get a year’s worth of tacos for me & my boy right here. next year! I’m winning it. Ill be right here with you next year. We’ll be
doing it together. Alright guys, let’s get back to the show. 2.2 million Scoville units
this is 880 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper so it’s like putting up a
thousand jalapeno peppers in your mouth all of these crazy all right yes after this if these people still
remain the rules change and they will be given a ginormous poblano pepper it’s
not that hot but it’s a lot of pepper and whoever eats this pepper first with
a what I’m guessing is very payment amounts of pain I’m so sorry reads that
penalty a year’s supply of tokens that’s incredible as well all right but we’re
not done yet Carolina Reaper is from the United
States of America god bless the United States
and God bless the four contestants we have remains thank you very much on your
mark get set eat that pepper is in Charleston hot habanero the Serbian and Carolina Reapers all in
your tummy scary again may answer our rounded upon this is just some party
trick it’s real talent here these people have been training for hours all right
these a gentlemen things have changed all right and your name again great yeah JD he’s really depending on
yourself but I believe in you I like how you doing all its payoff is betting on you so I
need your help one more time Tommy’s eating a banana that’s right
you look so hard on the outside you need to stop that squishy all right ladies and gentlemen the
poblano pepper I need your help countdown on your mark yeah you gotta swallow it first one
definitely we’ve had Pamela Giles behind me alright guys so we’re back and we’re
with the winner Lindsey let’s see let’s see sorry unless he crushed it this is
lessee and her first on Gabe here we go this game so awesome for a year yes we
topped over a year so Gabe what’s your favorite something I put a share push it
even get it for you yeah that’s awesome your mom’s are gonna
have lunch for you can wrestle school here no problem hey that’s how it should
be bro nice hey you’re from Carolina okay yeah I hope Nana juice you you were
from your about environmental oh no I’m a cosmetology. Cosmetologist!
sorry at the wild horse salon in Richmond Hill oh
oh yeah sure shout out shout out here business anything going yeah I do hair
I’ve been doing hair for those ten years so if you want your color stop by my
Instagram page hair underscore by underscore Lessie and every one of my
Salon’s pretty awesome my boss Kylie all right it was a tight race to the end
okay well yeah she pulled it off pull it off Congrats again and I guess
drink a lot of milk I don’t know how this thing goes afterwards alright guys
there you have it another awesome – Hot Pepper Eating Contest at Bull Street Tacos, come
check those guys out 1608 Bull Street Savannah, Georgia.
It’s OctaneRed392, out.

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  1. Hey man thanks for taking the time to record and edit this. Wish I could have been there! That's some tough competition though…

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