Cajun Fried Fish – Low Carb Keto Seafood Fish Fry Recipe

Cajun Fried Fish – Low Carb Keto Seafood Fish Fry Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here. Today I present
a Cajun fish fry. This recipe is loaded with flavor, but not carbohydrates. If you’ve been
craving fried seafood on your low carbohydrate diet, this recipe will definitely fill
the bill. Let’s get started. We’ll start by making our own cajun
seasoning. If you prefer, though, you can take a short cut. I prefer these two
store-bought brands – Paul Prudhomme’s Seafood Magic or Tony Chachere’s Creole
seasoning. They’re MSG free and offer an incredible flavor. For our homemade Cajun
seasoning, we’ll use some smoked paprika; salt;
ground black pepper; we’ll add some spice with a little
cayenne pepper; add 1 teaspoon of garlic powder; onion powder; some dried thyme; and
finally some dried oregano. Mix well to combine. This recipe will give you about
4 tablespoons. We’ll prep our breading station with some ground pork rinds and
some almond flour. Season this with 1 tablespoon of our Cajun seasoning and
mix to combine. Rinse and pat dry four fish fillets of
your choice. Season each fillet with our Cajun
seasoning. Be sure to season both sides. Now I’m going to give you a little
secret to an authentic Cajun fish fry. We’re gonna coat each fillet with yellow
mustard. Remember though, this is the secret, so don’t tell anyone. Just trust
me. This really makes the fish flavor come alive. After all the fillets are
prepped, coat each well with our breading mix Once our fish is coated, we’re ready to
fry. In a large skillet, with about a quarter inch of oil heated to 350°F
place the fillets. Fry each side for about two to four minutes.
Your frying time will vary depending on the thickness of your fillets. Let drain
on paper towels. Serve with some lemon and my tartar sauce… and enjoy the best fried
fish you’ll ever try! There you have it folks! My low carbohydrate Cajun fried fish. A
recipe that’s loaded with flavor, but not carbohydrates. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you
did, please like and consider subscribing. I’ll have something new every week. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

51 thoughts on “Cajun Fried Fish – Low Carb Keto Seafood Fish Fry Recipe

  1. Love this idea!!!I like spicy food!
    Low carb doesn't mean boring!!! thanks so much! thanks Jennifer 😃😘

  2. Unfortunately for my pear-shaped body type, I have to do low carb and low fat Keto (Dukan Diet). Was hoping this recipe involved a baking method. ☹️
    Will watch for other recipes though. You have great ones!

  3. Thankyou papa G. Been waiting patiently for your fish recipe. If it taste as good as it looks it will be a winner! Can't wait to purchase some fresh fish now!

  4. Hmmm, I have brown mustard, dijon mustard, honey mustard, lol!!! Been a LONG time since I have bought plain old YELLOW mustard!!!! Will do it though for this recipe, if that is the KEY!!!! Have never seen it in a fish recipe before, and if you recommend it, I TRUST YOU!!!!!! Looks awesome!!!!

  5. Papa G, YUM-O. I made this tonight, however, my breading fell off somewhat. Could you tell me why? I am surprised there isn't some "glue" in the recipe. But my oh my, what flavour!!! Could I come and apprentice by your side? You should have your own food network show. Do you have any suggestions for helping the breading stay on? By the way, if I can say it like some of the other comments…Je vous aime with all of my french Canadian heart!

  6. Uhm no. Just no. Dont put mustard on the fish. Yuck. We put mayonnaise, here in baton rouge. Maybe it's a creole thing but yuck to mustard

  7. looks so good! I can't wait to try it! I usually use mayonnaise to coat chicken, but will definitely try the mustard.

  8. I'm sure you hear this a lot but I enjoy how quick and too the point your recipes recipes are. Can't wait to try out this one…my wife has been looking for a low carb breaded fish recipe. Thank you!

  9. Made this 2 days ago & it blew me away. Adore really good, fried fish. But as I'm forever doing Keto& lowcarb, can't remember last time I allowed myself to endulge in breaded -anything!
    Had no creole seasoning, so faithfully followed your recipe.
    The mustard, as you're prob completely aware, was the million dollar game changer! The breading stayed attached to the fish! Even the breading/frying process seemed relatively easy. ,(I'm Not an experienced frier)
    The result- Sublime!
    The only other time in my life I remember eating fried fish as good as this (a fav if mine as a child btw)was when my late Mom very,very rarely made it for my dad. We're Italian& I'm fairly certain she prob never even heard of Cajun seasoning back then. But she'd use Progresso seasoning breadcrumbs, which gave it a kick kinda like yours.

    Alaskan that was long ago&far away. & Yet your recipe brought it to life again. Who knew yellow mustard would act as both glue& facilitator for greatness?

    Unfortunately I made a small batch.
    & Actually Found&ate the very last piece-cold- for bfast today…
    It was delectable. Mourned it's loss and that there wasn't more.
    So maturely Can't wait to make it again.
    And again and again and again. 💙

  10. How do we count macros for the batter? Do we factor in every ingredient in its whole amount even tho we don’t use all of it?

  11. Tried tonight and a lot of my "breading" fell off while cooking. Anything I can do to avoid this next time?

  12. Wow papa G. This is so good, am giving it a try. Am a new friend i just joined ur channel. Can we stay connected.

  13. I made this Papa G! It's crazy how the yellow mustard along with the cajun spice (I used your home made cajun spice recipe too) turned the flavor of the filet into gourmet divine! I never thought I would use yellow mustard for anything other than a hot dog. Thank you for sharing this secret. I will never snub yellow mustard again, lol. My husband was so impressed so I made again 2 nights in a row. I am a happy new subscriber! P.S. Thank you for the tips to the other viewers about chilling the breaded fish before frying. It works!

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