it’s time to go one-on-one with the
postman yes people my name is Ry the guy who
today is basically gonna be a greedy Pig we’re gonna go to Sainsbury’s in a
moment all you Brits know what Sainsburys is if you don’t know what Saenz
brassieres it’s a supermarket it’s a little bit more overpriced to compare to
your your test score you’re as drets Etra but that said I’m going there for a
reason because my memory serves me right I remember they’ve got a delicious cake
counter most dessert counter and if my memory is right it did look very very
nice so let’s go and check it out let’s see if their cakes live up to the
standard required for an epic cheat day let’s go yes who so obviously a slight change of
plan so check that camera doesn’t fall off slight change of plan
as you can see I’m on a retail park here in Chatham Galaga retail park I’m still
going the sames rizz I’m still having those desserts but I’ve just taken a
slight detour to Subway of course because I’ve got a footlong never said
that before I’ve got a footlong breakfast herb and it’s impossible let
me know in the comments below have you ever gone to Subway and not at least had
one cookie I know we’re going for the sweet stuff in a moment but I’ve got a
white chocolate macadamia nut cookie as well because it’s compulsory when you go
to Subway trying to get a nice close-up shot but
it’s so saucy brown sauce everywhere we’ve got so it’s bacon sausage and egg
with red onion and brown sauce quite a weird concoction just clarify it is a
footlong with a slight add of cheese as well just like the cookie it’s
compulsory when asked you would you like it would you like cheese and it toasted
boys always gonna say yes nemu fancy with a bread choices hearty
Italian does the job very very nice I would never normally have red onion you
know in a breakfast back but it really works very very nice indeed I was
wondering why I swimming why my eyes really watery
I’m likewise boys the sandwich-making my always Wars hay fever I don’t know but
it’s only an isn’t it I know the onions it’s not me cutting onions onions a
sliced up my eyes it looks like I’m started crying it’s a petrol station
just there everyone looks really concerned for me I’m okay I’m okay just
the onions a nice runny egg so the moral a story there is red onion is a
delightful addition to a footlong subway breakfast roll bap sandwich but eat with
caution we’ve got a set in my eyes but I’ve got
gonna save resume in it and get all those cakes the boys like this but
before I do Oh Isis soft oh look at that
delightful yes rye that was lovely the sweetness the sugar
has got my cravings gone wild my sweet tooth is screaming at me so let’s go
let’s satisfy their sweet cravings let’s get the Sainsbury’s go an original plan
let’s go so got the cakes but I come at the
countryside enjoy them launch the beautiful scenery the beautiful
Cheltenham countryside we have another turn the camera rounds one moment we
have case we’ve got a lemon tart we have a raspberry Bakewell tart we have a
lemon yum-yum we have a chocolate shoe bun I believe they’re called correct me
if I’m wrong but we have a beautiful concoction of desserts right there
so I’m gonna choose to start with this gorgeous it’s basically like an eclair
very very nice indeed driving past ago why does that man do it
filming himself eating it’s not erotic I swear there’s subway nap kids are gonna
come in handy that was great very very messy loads and loads of cream
and give that a solid nine out of ten next up we’re gonna go for one of the
lemony things let’s go for let’s go for a lemons heart when a bit in solarz expect him some
resistance you know like yeah normally you pastry it’s like kind of hard but
these were fresh literally put straight on the counter as I got there and
they’re definitely and is noticeable in the taste just soft flaky really really
vibrant taste I love I really love lemon desserts absolute love them these little bits here they’re almost
like biscuity they’re a great contrast to the soft flakiness I was just talking
about very very nice is probably one of the best desserts I’ve actually tasted
in the last week No even a pussycat once a bit of that lemon
tart yeah very very nice I put cake or down my car horrendous
very very messy boy so let me know the comments below do you like lemon
desserts that lemony taste a lot of people speak to a lemon or no way and
there’s a lot people at me that love it let me know in the comments below we can
out we can have a slight break we’re gonna go on to the strawberry Oh
strawberry cherry Bakewell tart there’s cherry bait well in almond I believe
judging by this topping show you not quite as soft as the the lemon but
then you’ve got the thick jam in the middle think that’s jam but are still
still very inviting and enters your mouth very nice huh and finally the
lemon yum-yum now is yum-yum is that a British thing I don’t know where
yum-yum’s popular around the world this is quite a different look in yum-yum
only they’re very TT looking very soft this doesn’t like it’s got a little bit
of backbone to give you another closeup I lose it now in terms of flavor this is
great chances are reckon this was on the
counter yesterday it tastes a little bit slightly stale but that said it is very
very nice in terms of taste this is probably my least favorite one whether
that’s because of just scrammed a subway footlong cookie and three other cakes I
don’t know but it’s still nice I’m not knocking it I would highly recommend go
into Sainsbury’s to try out some of their desserts on the counter let me
know as well as Sainsbury’s up purely a British thing dudes or other countries
have Sainsbury’s or was a British only supermarket okay let me know in the
comments I’m intrigued our phones collapse scrape that bit of cream off my car yeah
so great this is going really well there’ll be a cheat day so far I don’t
know what happened who knows I’m gonna go with the flow a
cheat day should be relaxed should be just eating what your body desires
within reason let’s crack on so still in the car I’ve made a quick pit stop
before work I’ve got work in like 20 minutes and I’ve just flew to be and
ends it ends is a great place to dig out some sweet treats they seem to stock
treats that we don’t normally have in typical British supermarkets
like Oreo whatever that says now is adding this word n robbed and robbed
white obviously whites in English word and robbed n roll bed and robbed faces
look like Oreos they’re covered in white chocolates probably a common treat
elsewhere but I’ve never seen these before so we’re gonna give those a buff
now pear she’s here she’s is something we meet we’ve recently got I know it her
she’s it her see her her she’s a huge in the u.s. cookies-and-cream rounds I’m
presuming these are gonna taste a little bit like those so what I thought I would
do is a bit of a taste test taste off see which ones are the best they both
got that cookie creamy taste let’s see if our iou’s versus Hershey’s let’s see
who comes out on top let’s just do a little comparison there we go gonna try those
in a moment I’ve also got I’ve never tried beef lips mrs. visa unicorn flavor
unicorn flips purple fudge covered pretzels drizzled with magic treasure
with magic oh yes sounds like something I would love randomly a kind of monster
and I consider myself a bit of a monster connoisseur I’ve tried every flavor but
I’ve never tried this mixed monster punch let me know in the comments below
what you think of what’s your flavor favorite flavor monster so wash those
down as if I’m not gonna be buzzing enough from all the sugar we’ve got a
monster as well I’m gonna be pumped for today’s shift that warm out if you’re
wondering why am i starting work at this time you’re a post E you sure you start
early I’m currently on afternoon collections doing afternoon shifts so am
i officially a post here still whatever wrong mail I don’t know hello panda
never ever seen these before hello panda fun-filled biscuit treats look like
they’re filled with chocolate check those out
I mean later on me and the missus are probably smash
smash some cabarets but these I think I’m gonna start with these look at this
get in focus Dutch caramel waffles they are so heavy the weight of them now I’m
intrigued I mean they’re not your standard sort of a waffle the Dutch ones
they’re very heavy let’s start with these to see what these tastes like oh
yes are we gonna do a time lapse oh I don’t know let’s dig in see now going by the weight of these and
the way they look you think they were gonna be really like hard like a biscuit
a cookie like break your teeth on the way in but they aren’t they were so soft
to show you you just bend douche a little bit sickly but everything you
expect from an Oreo covered in white chocolate very very nice I think was a
smash a whole packet I would feel very sick so we’ve had two of those Oreos
let’s move on to the Hershey’s CL I think this will be a very similar taste
let’s check check these out very similar-looking tag-team action and what this is a very
even contest both have their own distinctive tastes I think maybe because
I’m more familiar with the Oreo taste and maybe steering towards those Oreo
white chocolate covered variation as opposed to the her shoes I’m absolutely no idea of what is gonna
be in this box could be a real panda for all I know obviously not
oh wow let’s pass the parcel no got never bag can tree see it but there is a
there we go there is a real panda the guessing these are like really popular
somewhere more the kids treat I presume judging by their portion size but very
much enjoyed those hello pandas finally let’s taste some
unicorn magic blipping magical which says in the back yeah these alright it’s a nice but
whether it’s because I’m just eating all that before I don’t know but feel a bit
sick now but some good treats there I strongly suggest that you check out
those what were they waffles the Belgian waffles no Dutch caramel
waffles I said one more so the plan of attack now is obviously
for me to get into work and let’s take all this delicious leftover food with me
in a bag I’d no longer of semi-legit morning’s I’m not my feet all day I’m in
a van getting fat in a van I can no longer live on McDonald’s live on greg’s
you have on jaffa cakes or my previous stuff well I could but it would be a lot
harder for me to then lose weight so I’m not burning those calories my calories
are there just sitting there but let’s not worry about that because today is a
cheat day and we just need to relax some of the racks in that van with my food in
the passenger seat next to me Gorge on that and then I will see you I won’t see
it about seven eight hours time I will see you right any second now because
that would be silly wouldn’t if I just and you left you there waiting for me to
finish work that’ll be for pathetic so hopefully Melissa’s cooked some
delightful food she may have cooked something healthy which doesn’t play
within the cheating rules so we’ll have to ruin that if that is the case I don’t
know I don’t know what’s next in the cheat day but why do you know is I’ve
got to go to work and I’ll see you right now oh yeah oh yeah aah I know boy no point guys have got to be quiet
Melissa’s asleep hand planned on doing this final meal final thing final wine
gums tangy red and black wine gums I wasn’t gonna eat em I thought I would
have cleared 10,000 calories easily but a dump I’ve just saw will look back as
to what IV in cuz I’ve been quite lazy today and not really counted it and I
think I’m a little bit shy so this should take me into 10,000 calories give
or take that said this is episode one of my calorie carnage cheat day series with
this week I’m hoping for three cheat days to kick off the series and each one
I’m going to try and raise the bar and slightly increase the calories each time
if you’ve watched my channel for a long time I’ve been doing YouTube for just
over a year you’ll see that my personal best is 24,000 calories in 24 hours
that’s quite an achievement and I don’t think I would get anywhere near that now
I was like just over just under a year ago I was doing loads of cheat days at
that time calorie challenges etc whereas I’ve done nothing of that coin really as
of late just in the wrestling and diet and stuff so I would like to past past
that pp I would like to hit 25 bars and calories I know matters Fitness achieve
that and possibly some other people as well so little personal goal all whilst
trying to stay somewhat in half decent shape little bit tubby today can’t
really bring the camera down for the wrestling because if you’ll new to my
channel as I probably mentioned a hundred times I’m trying to be a pro
wrestler along with my day job which I love as postman he was currently working
afternoons weirdly and then I’ve got like millions and millions of dollars
but I say anyway let’s not ramble let’s finish this cheat day and if you gain if
you’re new to my channel and you want to watch something interesting
and the screen in a moment will be my 30-day mcdhh ayat I did 30 days of
McDonald’s I lost 16 pounds lost Arita McDonald’s have 30 days to check
that series out if you’re interested in some of those previous cheat days and
calorie challenges I did there’ll be the link to that playlist too at the end of
this video and also obviously if he knew please be a babe and hit that subscribe
button so I’ve been a bit of a sweaty mess today so hot very very hot
especially this room have got a light on putting not very flattering
SIA swain so let’s finish off and if you’ve had these before let me know what
you think wine gums tangy red and blacks we’re gonna do a little time-lapse those
playlists gonna pop up on the screen so check those out and I’ll see you in a
few days time for episode 2 the calorie carnage cheat day series


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    Ps first to like, comment and view 😂🙌✌️ so happy about hahaha
    Havnt heard of sainsburys here in New Zealand bro✌️ absolutely love all the questions at the bottom to bro really great idea, Also can’t wait for all the epic cheat aye to come bro!!🙏🤤🙌😍✌️ I’m team donburi takeout love Japanese cuisine, also I love the Black Forest Cadbury chocolate, your channel deserves to be huge brother so keep killing it and doing what yah doing 🔥✌️🇨🇦😍🤤

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