Can A Real Meal Easy Bake Oven Cook Raw Meat? Macaroni & Cheese – Sloppy Joe Dinner

Can A Real Meal Easy Bake Oven Cook Raw Meat? Macaroni & Cheese – Sloppy Joe Dinner

You are now watching a Lucky Penny shop product feature Hey it’s Lucky Penny Shop. Thank for stopping by today. I really appreciate it I am excited hopefully you’re excited as well It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to use the easy-bake Real meal oven now if you want to learn more about this oven and the box and all the component pieces Please look in that description. I have a video Already made for that this one is actually gonna feature My bonus blender because at the time you could get this blender now in my two years of searching at least on EBay and other sources for shopping this is only the second blender I have seen now you might have one in your collection if you do or don’t even realize what it is Hold on to it because they’re very hard to find so when I come back I’ll have this all out of the box, and we’ll go over what I’m going to make today in my real meal oven. Okay? I thought it’d be good to maybe go over a few things before we get started so you understand this oven Now this does not use a light bulb it use a heating element and the pans themselves are deeper than regular easy bake pans The oven itself plugs in plus there’s a battery Let me set this here for one minute So you’ll hear the timer go off that goes under here, okay, and that actually pulls out So you can pull your tray out and then the front right section that’s storage this is Actually a warming area where you can keep your food warm, and it heats up pretty good And then of course the pans go in this way with your pan pusher Okay enough of the oven the blender check that out. There is the original little sheet for that Now if you look at that blender Oh by the way. They want you to make milkshakes in it, but I’ve done so many milkshakes I want to do something different, so that’s what I’m gonna do something different today, but let’s do this headphone users Get ready. I am going to press this it’s quite loud, so here we go *blender noise* Now this blender you’ve seen before if you watch my queasy Bake Oven video if but it’s a totally different Coloring look at the handle doesn’t it kind of look like a worm in there So it fits the queasy baked theme with this. Goopy side, and then oh there you go. That’s a minute and Then the paddles a little bit different on this one otherwise it is the exact same blender all right? So what am I gonna do today? Well going back to my spreadsheet, which you may or may not know about Go watch the last three or four videos and you will see This is one of the items that I’ve never made in this oven and I have the macaroni and cheese And I thought well let’s really push this to the limit I want to see if I can cook meat in this thing, so I’m gonna do Sloppy joe, and I’m gonna use this for all my other ingredients, but I’m gonna first get the meat going so let’s do that I’ll come back We’ll get the ground beef ready get that going in the oven and then we’ll of course continue on Through the process till I have a complete real meal ok so starting our meal I wanted to get the beef going first, so I just have regular ground beef, and you’re probably saying to yourself well They never intended this to be this way, and I’m saying to myself well. Let’s test it out I did some pre check on the temperatures and it gets up over a hundred and sixty-five degrees in there so for Ground beef if you want to be at a minimum 160 so we know it’s gonna do it and then even this cooling chamber up here got up to 140 degrees + so you definitely don’t want to stick your hand in there But it’s a good place to keep the beef while I do the macaroni and cheese So let me just get a little bit of this in here Well, we’ll just fill up the bottom of the tray these trays are taller so you have more room here to put taller items so If you’re an easy-bake fan and like the oven and you want to do bigger cakes this might be the way to go Now most of the real meals all want you to put some kind of moisture in there So let’s get that going let me put a little bit Okay, so I just wanted to get that like that. I’ll mix up a little more later, so I have some water I Think we’ll do two we’re experimenting now Alright, so I’m gonna set the timer now. I’ll put this in so basically like a little salt and a little pepper. I almost forgot Okay, oh yeah that comes out better nice Okay, that’s good Okay like any test you got to see what works and doesn’t work so here we go so they always want to make sure that when you put this in that it goes past in the first door and Stops before the second or so you’ll kind of hear it the door Okay, that’s not in enough not in enough There that dropped all right. I’m gonna set this for ten minutes down And then we’ll check it Okay so when I come back then I’m gonna make the sauce that’s gonna go in my sloppy joes all right So I’m sure everybody has their own way of making sloppy joe This is kind of something that I’ve been doing for a while now, so I take just regular Tomato sauce that’s gonna. Give you a nice Base here, I’m thinking if we could handle ice cream It should be able to handle this okay a little tomato sauce and then this is barbecue sauce Kick it in there. Just a little bit and then just a tiny bit of Worcestershire sauce Okay, and then ketchup that’s kind of the main thing I usually put in what’s gonna Be hard to get out of there here. Maybe I’ll just do it this way Okay, and of course salt and pepper It’s more than I’m gonna need but I got to get it up at least to a certain height on that panel looks like we’re Gonna make it so There you go And then I’ll probably just give it a little bit of water to kind of help out let me see oh yeah It should hit some of it there we go okay salt and pepper I Don’t need a lot of salt got that in the barbecue sauce but we’ll get a little pepper to give it a little kick there Okay, here we go it is time To test of the blender, let’s see what happens wait, let’s get you a better view I’ll be right back okay a little side shot now I added a little bit more to bring it up to that first level on the mixing paddle, so let’s see what happens here *blender noise* Well, it’s working I figured if I could handle ice cream and milk it should be able to do this *blender noise* But I’ll tell you well. Let’s get a top-down shell let me take this off. I think we’ll be okay I’ll be right back all right here. We go, so let me just show you now how well it’s doing *blender noise* You almost think that that paddle should go down a little bit more so you make sure you get stuff at the bottom it Looks like it’s mixing it really nice All right believe it or not. I have two minutes on the oven so I’ll take some of this Add it to the meat and then probably put that in the warming area and start the macaroni and cheese I know I should stop talking, but it’s fun to use my mini mixer here Let me know what you think I was thinking about grabbing all my mini mixers some you haven’t even seen and put them all in one video So you can kinda see them all Alright I will be back now Timer goes off in one minute All right here we go open about ten minutes. Let’s push it through now like I said I did check heat wise Temperature wise and it should be fine And let’s just see let me pull this out a little bit Definitely it is totally cooked. I don’t see anything that would indicate any kind of redness I’ll give you a nice close-up, so you could see it know it is hot oh yeah, definitely cooked all right, so let me strain the liquid out and then I’ll mix up my Sloppy joe mix in there put that in the warmer and then start the macaroni and cheese all right here We go this is warm. So let me just get some of this out It is definitely cooked let me break this up a little bit, so you can see So normally when I make sloppy joe I always brown the meat first so that’s kind of the process I’m following on and all my other ingredients And I let it cook for a while so that’s why I thought ten minutes in that warmer should be just fine here I’ll give you a close-up. It is perfectly cooked And then of course I’m not gonna need all this Dough looks really moist I think I’m gonna put a little more in Okay All right, so let me get this into the warmer That should cook more We’ll check that maybe I’ll give you a little temperature look so you can see how hot that really is in the warmer All right, let’s get this in the warmer. All right. I did want to show you now I’m gonna have to be careful here because this does Get pretty hot look at this 159 in there in that spot Right on the bottom, so it’s gonna continue to cook which is what I want But I’ll need to continue to monitor that I don’t want it to dry out So I’m gonna leave it near the outside edge Okay, and then now the mix for the Macaroni and cheese someone bought that key mark for $4.99 way back when 2004 Now I had to get this just to find this these have been the hardest mixes for me to find So there is the macaroni packet now interestingly enough, they had a set of instructions But they say not to follow this This is a quarter cup of warm water then they said important notice for real meal macaroni and cheese instructions. Please follow these instructions Which is three tablespoons? Okay pour macaroni into cooking pan pan and three tablespoons of water, which I have set here Okay, let’s see what this macaroni looks like I’m a huge macaroni and cheese fan, but I don’t know about you guys out there, but I am It’s kind of like almost a staple once a week I do make it from scratch too sometimes Okay That just looks like a regular noodle And then that one almost snuck by me This is pre-measured Okay see how simple that is there’s my cheese powder, then it says Place pan in chamber shoot, okay Let’s turn it this way While I’m here though, I should be able to get you a temperature hold on a second It’s set for 10 minutes. All right set 1 2 3 4 Start all right here, I’ll just push this in part 1, that’s gonna leave the door open and if I peek in there Try to hit it in the plastic now 172 so it definitely gets hot enough Yeah when you hear that second or that door drop you know you’re good alright, so I’ll keep checking back with this I have 10 minutes, and then we’ll Eventually have macaroni and cheese with sloppy joe. Okay I have 2 minutes I’ve been checking on this it looks to be pretty good. It’s actually hard to get out. It’s so deep in there. I Might just give it a quick mix while I got you here before that timer goes off again Yeah, it’s hot enough to the touch where you don’t want to Touch the little pan so you do need to be careful with this oven well with any oven for that And I gotta tell you it’s been pretty funny all day well when I started thinking hey Let me do the real meal then I saw the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial where the Kentucky Fried the Colonel’s going real meal for 5 bucks a real meal for 5 bucks I’ve been saying that all day alright, so one last thing. I’m time is almost up it says Ok and half the contents of the cheese powder mix packet so it’s about to go off so and I come back Well, actually it says to let that Sit in the cooling chamber for 10 minutes, so I think I’m gonna give it a little less time Just so that it stays nice and hot oh, it’s about to go off here. Let me just grab it while I got you here Yeah, one minute left Not even yeah, so that’s I saw that Kentucky Fried commercial I just keep saying real meal for five bucks real meal for five bucks anybody seen that commercial. Let me know in the comments It’s been driving me crazy alright, I’m killing killing time and Action and it’s been a minute Okay, there we go Let me push, this one in first, okay? Push that through So ten minutes to let it sit, I think that’s excessively long to let this cool down. What do you think do you agree? Okay nice if there’s any moisture in there don’t Remove it. Okay. Yeah, I think I’m I think I’m gonna get started. I’m gonna take this mix This up a little bit because the noodles on the top seem a little dry, but let me just take a couple They are done I bet when I turn it over and let it sit for a few minutes They will cook even more so I will come right back and mix the cheese all right So did anybody out there say real meal for five bucks? I bet you at least one person did half the cheese package Here we go I don’t know what happens, so let me just take how one scoop Two scoops I think that’s it And then mix it up, there’s a lot of moisture on the bottom This happened to the Spaghetti that I made I made another noodle in it a lot of it broke up I think that’s just par for the course. Oh, it’s starting to get cheesy You can hear it, too I’m being gentle And I’m gonna try to I’ve been trying to use the tools that come with it even though I have a ton of little tools that would Make for a better mixer than this Okay, look at that There’s that now let me bring in with that and let me grab my Sloppy joe sloppy sloppy joe There’s my two Still hot okay, I’ll tell you what let me bring in my plate. I had two plates, but I think I’ll just put them put Put it both on one plate and give it a taste while it’s all warm and ready Let me get a paper towel here and clean this off. I have to say overall looks good and it came out pretty good Okay macaroni and cheese it actually has that macaroni and cheesy kind of look to it It’s cheesy There’s that I will eat with a regular spoon all right. That’s a good question your macaroni and cheese Do you eat it with a fork or a spoon? And Then your sloppy joe now. Normally. Sloppy joe put on a nice, bun But I’ll eat it like this – this looks like a good combination Okay, there is my meal take a look real meal for less than five bucks All right tasting time so I’m gonna try them separately and then together here’s the macaroni and cheese Okay, it tastes like Kraft macaroni and cheese the powdered Kraft You know which one. I’m talking about and then here is my sloppy joe Mmm. It came out good It’s got a little spicy bite – the back end of that and now mixing them Would you eat it that way? I’ll try to remember all these questions, but Whoo I think that’s the way I like it’s like a chili mac almost, but with sloppy joe Alright, so there you go That is the second time I’ve used this oven now There’s other mixes that I have not been able to find But at least we tried something completely different with the sloppy joe we know we can cook meat it cuz it gets hot enough so Try to answer every question I asked you it’s real meal for five bucks real meal for five bucks And let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this video and thanks for watching, and if you can It’s critical now That I get some more watchers out there We need some more watching on our videos if you have time and your schedule may be more coming up with the thanksgiving holiday or weekend if you can it would really help me and Lucky penny shop later if you’re looking for the item You just saw in the video click here watch more videos by clicking here Don’t forget to share on social media and give a thumbs up hey LPS Dave. What’s up, butch make sure they don’t forget to subscribe Oh, yeah, please click here to subscribe to Lucky Penny shop and always remember when you see a Lucky Penny Pick it up

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