Can You Eat Ice Cream on a Diet? | Low Calorie Cooking Basics

Can You Eat Ice Cream on a Diet? | Low Calorie Cooking Basics

hey everybody and welcome back to
another episode of low calorie cooking basics this is the show where I teach
you the tools and tricks and tips that I’ve learned over the years for how to
cook and eat on a calorie budget this week we’re taking a look at a few more
popular and common foods you’d find at the grocery store and how a few simple
decisions when you’re there can make a big impact on saving you some extra
calories so we’re just gonna go one by one down the list I’m gonna show you a
few alternatives and things that I would recommend all right so first up we have
just plain old potato chips they come in at 160 calories serving there are a lot
of ways to get that same sort of satiation and craving taken care of from
a lot of lower calorie options the first and easiest one take a few extra minutes
when you’re in the chip aisle and look for just some lower calorie chips there
are a lot of different options for this so I’m not talking about any specific
brands but if you love to ruffles here are 160 calories of serving I found
these pop corners and these are a hundred and
twenty calories usually you’re having a few servings whenever you’re gonna have
chips so this is just a really easy way where you’re not really sacrificing and
you’re not changing to anything extreme just a different brand of chips is gonna
save you a quarter of your calories so that’s kind of the easy replacement I
did have a couple of other things I wanted to bring up though to save even
more calories I don’t know if you remember the other week I made a recipe
for spicy garlic zucchini chips swapping any sort of snack foods with vegetables
is always a great way to save on basically all of the calories you’d
normally be eating but the zucchini chips are really really delicious and
they’re crispy and they’re actually chips a big portion of those is
something like 20 or 30 calories so you have a few different options if you are
really craving chips and that’s kind of your weak point in your diet and you
keep blowing your daily calories because you’re having too many you know look for
some lower calorie chips or make your own zucchini chips they’re super easy
I’ll be sure to leave the recipe next up we have a really bad
offender I talked about this in a previous episode of the series about why
it’s important to track your calories and a few of you had brought up salad
dressing being another big one sauces and dressings are notoriously high in
calories it’s important to really take your time when you’re at the grocery
store look at the different nutritional labels because you can save just so many
calories if you just take a couple of extra minutes out of your day now for
instance this is really delicious ranch right here it’s a hundred and sixty
calories for two tablespoons though that’s on the high end but a lot of
creamy dressings are going to be very similar to that calorie count if you
take a few extra minutes you can find something I’ve always been a really big
fan of this Newman’s Own ginger sesame dressing obviously a different flavor
but you have 30 calories versus a hundred and sixty calories don’t mind
Wolfie Wolfie wanted to come in because he is a big advocate for saving your
salad dressing calories so just really take your time and study the nutritional
labels another alternative if you really like ranch and creamy dressings you can
make your own pretty easily my wife makes her own spicy ranch with fat-free
sour cream and then ranch seasoning and a little bit of sriracha super low in
calories I think a couple tablespoons of sour cream is like 25 calories so that’s
another way if you want that creaminess and you want that creamy texture if you
don’t like any of the low-calorie dressings at the grocery store you can
make your own really easily all right next up we have ice cream we have four
servings and little pint and each serving is 250 calories in the last few
years with companies like enlightened and halo top getting more popular there
are more and more low calorie ice-cream options in just
about any grocery store unique this whole pint for the same amount of
calories as this single serving which is only a couple of bytes so you can have a
whole pint or you can have a couple of bites and it’s the same amount of
calories and this just reinforces like I said taking that time at the grocery
store especially when you’re new and starting off it really saves time in the
long run too because now I know you know that Newman’s Own ginger sesame dressing
is only thirty calories so I don’t need to study every single week when I’m
going to the store I just need to have a little bit of planning in those early
stages and I can use that for the rest of my diet all right so next step on the
list is bread bread is delicious bread is usually pretty high in calories but
if you take a little bit of extra time you can see there’s a wide variety of
calorie counts for the different breads at just about every grocery store I’ve
ever been to this is one I really like because it’s really high in fiber and I
also am eating at maintenance right now so I have quite a few calories that I
actually had this in my pantry already but this is a hundred and ten calories
per slice it’s you know it’s tasty but it’s super high in calories I’ve lived
in Michigan and Oregon any grocery store I’ve ever been to is usually going to
have an option or two for a lower calorie bread the Sara Lee breads only
45 calories per slice you can have two slices of this bread for less calories
than this bread you don’t have to completely omit bread from your diet you
can make these easy changes still have your sandwich for work or still do
whatever you wanted to do and not have to go without because it’s bad for your
diet I did my best for this entire list of foods to not take the cheap route out
of just saying to eat vegetables instead a lot of these if you’re trying to save
on calories you know there’s a vegetable version of just about everything that
you can eat I did my best to avoid that with finding lower calorie chips and
lower calorie ice cream and different things like that but
there is one vegetable replacement for pasta that is totally worth it and that
is spaghetti squash if you remember I’ve made a couple of different spaghetti
squash recipes on the channel before it is delicious it’s relatively cheap you
get a ton of volume for the calories this is a very easy swap and replacement
in my opinion I’m sure a lot of you are like me where when you’re having pasta
it’s more about the different flavors from the sauce and the spices and the
meat or cheese if you put cheese on your pasta so this has been just as
satisfying of a replacement most of the time for me at you know something like
10 or 15 percent of the calories but that is gonna be it for this week
everybody five easy changes you can make at the grocery store to save on a ton of
calories really hope you enjoyed this one I’d love to get a discussion started
below what other changes do you make or what brands do you recommend for lower
calorie versions of things it’s getting a good discussion for everyone we can
keep this as kind of a good haven for all of these swaps I’d love to hear what
you swap and what you recommend but as always be sure to subscribe if you’re
new I put out new videos every Monday and Friday and be sure to LIKE the video
if you enjoyed this helps me out a ton but until next time I’ll talk to y’all
later have a good one

13 thoughts on “Can You Eat Ice Cream on a Diet? | Low Calorie Cooking Basics

  1. Great video as always Josh. I personally swapped out my sandwich bread 90% of the time for a very low cal pita bread. I think the bread we here getting was 80 cal a slice 2 slices per sandwich and my pita bread is 60 cals each and I only use one for a sandwich. Plus I think it tastes better.

  2. I swap out regular potato chips for Pop Chips which are baked instead of fried-100 calories per serving. I will also microwave pepperoni slices for about a minute-makes them crispy like a chip or microwave less for like a jerky consistency-100 calories.

    Since I don’t like Halo ice cream, I try to pick up mini versions of ice cream bars.

  3. You really need to start sharing your videos on reddit, sending them to websites, posting them on forums ect. Your content is too good for you to not have a ton of subscribers

  4. Thanks for this Josh I especially liked GROCERY CAM !!
    I've got a feeling we don't get Newman's ginger salad dressing in the UK but I'm definitely going to try and find it sounds delicious

    I've started making cauliflower rice and found it no deprivation at all and so much less carbs

    Also I've stopped using salt again it's a wrench at first but I've quickly not missed it – which is also good for lowering blood pressure

    Also courgette noodles with one of those spiralisers is low carb and really great with pesto

    A lot of changes are about habits rather than will power

    Very informative thanks very much xx

  5. For the most part, I basically stopped snacking. I make sure my meals (I eat several throughout the day) are filled with the right balance of fruits, grains, vegetables, and protein. So I seldom have an urge to snack. On those days when I do, cold water does the trick. 🙂

    Knowing what is in most snack foods, I wouldn't want that stuff in my body. One of the best ways to help with a weight loss journey, I think, is to start reading the labels on everything you buy — if you buy food that has a label on it then you'll be surprised! Look up things to get a real idea of what you are eating (and what that stuff does to you or will do to you over time). I shop mostly in the produce section, so no labels necessary. 🙂

  6. I just stopped using salad dressing altogether and make my own simple one with olive oil, salt and pepper. Sometimes I add lime juice. It's just easier on me since I always have these ingredients on hand.

  7. When you first started your journey did you have bloodwork done? Did you ever check your A1C level. Mine is a bit over the norm so I’ve replaced processed carbs, sweets and just basically eating more natural like salads fruits vegetables nuts and seeds. What was your experience? Do you have any tips?

  8. Nightfood is my favourite low calorie ice cream. It's a new brand of ice cream. Would like to see a response video. Thanks!

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