Can You Eat More Meat Than Us? // All You Can Eat Korean BBQ 무한고기도전

Can You Eat More Meat Than Us? // All You Can Eat Korean BBQ 무한고기도전

Haeppy: Today on twoplustwo BapMokja: The All You Can Eat Meat Challenge! BapMokja: As you saw from our last episode BapMokja: Our favorite Korean food of all time BapMokja: is meat. Haeppy: Korean barbecue. Haeppy: BapMokja and I are going to find out Haeppy: if it’s really worth it to go to an
all you can eat meat place Haeppy: or if it’s better just to go to a supermarket,
buy the meat, and cook it at home. BapMokja: Also, this is going to be a
competition about who can eat the most. BapMokja: So we brought a scale along. BapMokja: And then we’ll see, at the end,
who ate the most. Haeppy: So without further ado,
the All You Can Eat Meat Challenge. BapMokja: My first one is 200 grams. Haeppy: I reckon we can eat way more than 600 grams. BapMokja: This is so easy. BapMokja: I’m going to say 850 to 1 kilogram,
we’re going to eat. Each. Haeppy: Yeah? A kilo of meat? BapMokja: I think so. BapMokja: This is “toshisal” BapMokja: This is a really nice cut of meat. Haeppy: Beef!
BapMokja: It’s gorgeous. BapMokja: It’s like the best one you can get at Hi-Meat. BapMokja: Eat straight from the grill
as quickly as possible. Haeppy: Eating as much as we can right away.
BapMokja: The quicker you eat BapMokja: the more you should be able to consume. Haeppy: If you guys could smell this grilled meat… BapMokja: It’s so good! Haeppy: The good thing about this is
that it also cooks really quickly. BapMokja: I’m so excited to eat this meat. BapMokja: I love meat!
Haeppy: It’s so good! BapMokja: Let the games begin! Haeppy: Mm! It’s so tender! BapMokja: Oh! So good! BapMokja: A bit of oil, a bit of salt. Haeppy: Unbelieveble! Haeppy: If only we had a dedicated chef with us… BapMokja: Where’s Jenny? Haeppy: Yeah, where’s Jenny? Haeppy: Look at that! 200 grams, done! Haeppy: Oh no! Cooked it for too long! BapMokja: 140! BapMokja: 100… oh, 95! Haeppy: This meat is so beautiful! Haeppy: I’m going to whet my
pallette with some Dwenjang Jjigae. BapMokja: I’ve already eaten 300 grams, pretty much. BapMokja: 242! BapMokja: Give this video a thumbs up
if you’re a meat lover. BapMokja: And even if you’re not a meat lover BapMokja: give it a thumbs up for us trying BapMokja: us trying to eat this challenge. Haeppy: I need a lettuce… there’s too much protein. BapMokja: Wow, you’ve eaten a lot of kimchi. BapMokja: And onions as well! Haeppy: Oh no… is Haeppy starting to feel full? Haeppy: It’s because I need rice! Haeppy: Psychologically I can’t
handle this much protein. Haeppy: While you do that, I’ll get more kimchi. BapMokja: Haeppy’s next one 251. BapMokja: Compared to the mandoo challenge,
Haeppy: this is so easy. BapMokja: This is a joy to do. Haeppy: The mandoo challenge was difficult. Haeppy: I’ll just cut them up here. 204. BapMokja: Haeppy’s next one is 212 grams. BapMokja: 170. BapMokja: I’m a plate ahead of you. Haeppy: Why are you a plate ahead of me? BapMokja: You’ve been cutting sh*t.
And I’ve been eating very fast. Haeppy: That’s not fair! BapMokja: Your pace is too slow.
Haeppy: I’m working! Haeppy: I get a 200 gram handicap! BapMokja: F*ck that sh*t. Haeppy: If I’m going to lose to you…
I’m going to get rice. Haeppy: We are going to have stinky farts today. BapMokja: It’s getting difficult now. Haeppy: Still way behind you. BapMokja: Exactly 220. Haeppy: It’s still good! Haeppy: I think you need that flavor… Haeppy: the change in flavor. Haeppy: Yeah, it’s hitting me now. Haeppy: Kind of all at once. BapMokja: I don’t know if I’m genuinely full BapMokja: or if I’m just sick of the taste of meat. Haeppy: We can obviously eat more… Haeppy: Physically we can fit
more into our mouths and chew. Haeppy: But I think the way that i would like
to do this challenge is… Haeppy: how much can I eat until I am
full in terms of an all you can eat meal. BapMokja: How much we would normally eat. BapMokja: And just see if it’s worth the money. Haeppy: This meat is not cheap. Haeppy: This meat is about 3000 Korean Won
per 100 grams at Homeplus. BapMokja: Well then I think we already won. Haeppy: We probably already beat it, right? Haeppy: Oh! Hi-Meat has unlimited ice cream as well! Haeppy: They have vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. BapMokja: The Neopolitan. BapMokja: Cleanse the salt out of my mouth. BapMokja: It’s just enough to
wipe the taste of meat out. BapMokja: I always do this… Haeppy: It’s like a reset. BapMokja: I always have ice cream. BapMokja: My body’s like no… stop. Haeppy: This is it… Haeppy: Last piece… Haeppy: Haeppy’s out. Haeppy: You have only a few pieces left. Haeppy: Like all All You Can Eat places Haeppy: if you leave too much meat Haeppy: they’ll charge you, which makes sense. Haeppy: Unfortunately for us… BapMokja: That means I have to finish that meat. Haeppy: BapMokja has to finish it. BapMokja: My jaw hurts from chewing. Haeppy: So cute! Haeppy: Last piece! Haeppy: How much, exactly, did we eat? BapMokja: You ate a total of 1126 grams. Haeppy: Peace! 1.1 kilos! BapMokja: I ate a total of 1131 grams! BapMokja: I just won by 5 grams! Haeppy: Are you serious? Haeppy: Yo, let me cook one more piece! BapMokja: No! No you can’t! You already gave up. Haeppy: You know what though? Haeppy: In the spirit of this game, it’s the same. BapMokja: So I think what we’ve learned is it’s definitely very cost effective to come to an All You Can Eat BapMokja: if you’re going to eat as much as we would. BapMokja: If you’re going to eat less… BapMokja: If you’re going to eat
like maybe 200 or 400 grams of meat, BapMokja: it’s probably not worth
coming to an All You Can Eat. BapMokja: But if you’re going to eat a lot more than that BapMokja: then come along because you get all these side dishes, soup, everything all unlimited. BapMokja: And there’s ice cream if you want it. Haeppy: And it also depends on the
cut of meat that you’re going to be eating. Haeppy: Like if you’re going to eat pork Haeppy: it’s a little bit cheaper to buy for home Haeppy: so maybe it might not be worth it Haeppy: but this is why we only ate
the most expensive cut of beef. Haeppy: Because we’re smart. BapMokja: Toshisal. 토시살
Haeppy: Toshisal. 토시살 Haeppy: And! An added perk of coming to
an All You Can Eat Restaurant Haeppy: is that you don’t have to clean any dishes! BapMokja: Exactly!
Haeppy: We just stand up and go! Haeppy: Thank you very much for joining us
on this episode of twoplustwo. Haeppy: Like the video. Haeppy: Share it with 2 friends. Haeppy: Subscribe! Haeppy: And if you do subscribe Haeppy: click the gear icon Haeppy: and check the box Haeppy: so you can get notifications
for all our videos. BapMokja: And stick around
for a sneak peek of the next episode BapMokja: coming up right now!

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  1. it's worth it if you don't go late nights…typically 20-40 bucks per meat all you can eat…but if you come…like me and my friends late night 1am+ they charge you 20-40 per person all you can eat…each meat…adds up alot…atleast thats how it ends up for me in LA….i rememeber i took my dad to a korean bbq place…lol he got so mad he was like "I GOT TO COOK MY OWN FOOD…AND WE HAVE TO PAY WTH" then he proceeded to cook his food " FCK I BURNED EVERYTHING I HATE THIS PLACE" i died from laughter…but honestly i'd rather go to a brazilian all you can eat…like Fogo…they come up with you with fresh cooked flavorful marinated grilled meat…instead of plain meat flavor…

  2. Hello bapmeokja and Haeppy. I have plan to visit korea. and this is sound so tempting (saving money also) can you tell me where is this? also how to get there. thank you =3

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    Fighting Guys

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  6. I love very spicy yuk hwe. (Sorry for the Romanization.) Unfortunately I can't eat the egg yolk anymore as I am allergic to eggs now. 😔

  7. Do you like kimchi?I do nt like it very much. I am surprised that you like kimchi although it is not Korean.

  8. In my country, i spend like around 16.000won(if i count it right) per person, just for a sirloin-local-meat which doesn't even have that beautiful marbling fat for all you can eat bbq _| ̄|○ why so expensiveeeeee my countryyy

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