Candied Carrots Recipe – Amy Lynn’s Kitchen

Candied Carrots Recipe – Amy Lynn’s Kitchen

Hi everyone! I’m Amy. And today I’m making candied carrots. This is super easy to make and it takes just a few ingredients. Plus, it’s made in one dish in the microwave. So let’s get started! In a microwave-safe dish, and I’m using one that is 1.5 quarts in size, add 16 ounces of baby carrots. Then sprinkle on 4 tablespoons of brown sugar, 2 teaspoons of cornstarch and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon. Then cut 2 tablespoons of butter over the top. Now cover this and microwave it on high for 4 minutes. Then remove it from the microwave and stir it until it’s well combined. Now, put the lid back on and microwave it for an additional 4 minutes or until the carrots are tender. Then remove it from the microwave and
stir together before serving. And here it is… candied carrots! This is a quick and delicious side dish. It’s great for your holiday table or anytime. For this recipe and many more check out my website at You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. [bloopers] In a bowl! Not in a bowl! [laughing] In a microwave-safe dish… no.. is it dish or bowl? In a microwave-safe bowl… [laughing] I want to say bowl! [laughing] It’s a dish! And here it is… candied carrots [voice crack] [laughing] My goodness! [laughing] And here it is… candied care [laughing] Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

10 thoughts on “Candied Carrots Recipe – Amy Lynn’s Kitchen

  1. Hi everyone! These candied carrots are fast and easy to make. They are a delicious side dish for your holiday table. What's your favorite holiday side dish?

  2. Delicious recipe Amy. That is definitely easy to prepare so I’ll have to make it somehow. Your bloopers were funny. Thanks for that recipe and I wish you and your mother a blessed day. 👍😉

  3. I make them every year…They are so good…..(try pureeing them next time…OMG,so good!) Your videos are so great Amy! Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!! I know the food was!

  4. Oh ! poor Amy its not easy when its time to repeat the same words but you made us laugh (my husband and I) you're adorable to watch and your laugh is contagious, don't forget that !!! For your recipe, yes it looks good but for myself i prefer natural cooked carrots, but hey ! i respect others people taste, thats all !!! have a great week end !!!

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