ce simple ingredient insoupçonné de cuisine va vous faire perdre au moins 10 kg rapidement

ce simple ingredient insoupçonné de cuisine va vous faire perdre au moins 10 kg rapidement

In this new video today, we
let’s learn how to eliminate fat of our body using a single
natural ingredient, I made you several videos about it, I invite you to throw
an eye on my youtube channel to determine the most suitable recipe for your case, Because of bad eating habits,
excess fat and sugar, treatments and medical care we take, the sedentary lifestyle
, the different types of food full of bad
carbohydrates and different fats all these things and many others can increase
fat capital, but most importantly, damaging the good functioning of our body in them
storing at various difficult locations has eliminate, such as the arms the legs the
the back and the worst of all the abdomen that’s why we should be aware
of each of the foods we’re going
consume so that way we can prevent any accumulation of fat in
the body , Before going further, I would like to know
which place are you looking at this video, tell me also what is your weight
and size, and where. Precisely do you want to get rid of fat
? there is no better way to solve
this problem that help your body to burn that fat that with time is
become compact, this can be done natural by improving our diet
,, a little exercise, but also with the use of
this recipe that I will show you, before
to continue I invite you to share this information with your contacts, the family
, friends, via social networks So that this can reach the maximum
of people, by the way I would also like to know which country you are from, where
you’re watching this video, you know how much it always makes me happy
to receive your support let’s go on the basic ingredient of this recipe is
the baking soda, several researchers
have highlighted the fact that it allowed to wash well and clean the body,
Since it can be used internally but he can too
do an exceptional job outside if you use it properly,
you will be able eliminate fat in various places
of body
all this allowing you to improve your health and to return. More easily in
your jeans That’s why I’m going to
present. Several recipe bicarbonate and it will be up to you to choose the most suitable
according to your problems and your expectations , The first recipe is composed of
following ingredients a teaspoon Sodium bicarbonate half a glass of water
You can also add a grapefruit or even a lemon in the
preparation, everything you have to do is
dissolve the sodium bicarbonate in the glass of water, then add the
lemon or grapefruit juice and consume this 20
minutes before breakfast the second recipe is composed of
following ingredients 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar half glass of water
teaspoon of baking soda the only thing to do is to mix everything
these ingredients and drink Once again in the morning the third recipe is this
2 lemons 2 cups of water, a cup of strawberries, a
branch of mint, a teaspoon of baking soda what you should
to do is to mix all the ingredients very well in a mixer, consume this
recipe twice by day, you can add ice cream if you
you prefer but no sugar with these three recipes will improve without any
doubt your health and with good nutrition and at
less than 20 minutes of daily exercises you can eliminate fat in these
places from the body
To have faster results You can additionally make an application
externally, For that you will mix a spoon
of bicarbonate and a spoon of bicarbonate and a spoon of vaporub
Before doing your weekly exercises, this will help you aa sweat twice more
quickly and boost the fat melt Here are my loves, we ended with this
video , I just want to remind you that our remedies
are 100% natural and they are the opposite of
chemical drugs that can have consequences on your. Long-term health tell me in the comments how is
what you have found these recipes? Which one did you
do you prefer? Do not hesitate, I wait for you in the
comments, read your opinion are very important
for me because they help me improve my work, if you are one of those who do not prefer
not comment then leave me a little emoji
, or even a heart in the comments for that I know that
you’ve seen the full video remember of
share this information and subscribe On this channel because we publish new
contents each. Days XOXO

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  1. Je m'appelle GOUGBE H. Elidjah depuis le Bénin. Je veux des remèdes pour ma femme en vue d'éliminer les graisses de son corps. Lequel de ces remèdes est adapté au femme en ceinte? Quel sont les effets secondaires sur la grossesse? Je suis au 0022966079487. Mon E-mail est le [email protected] ou [email protected] Merci rose. Je t’apprécie

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    Je vis en France
    Merci beaucoup tes vidéos sont top je teste souvent tes recettes et ça marche pour moi

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