#Cerelac for 6 month + baby || #Nestle Cerelac Rice||

#Cerelac for 6 month + baby || #Nestle Cerelac Rice||

hello mom today I will be showing you how to make Nestle Cerelac Rice just a six-month Lensbaby it is I am fortified and it provides 75% of baby daily need of iron of two serves so this we can provide are like doable days of details energy hair protein carbohydrate how much sugar is included fats minerals ions vitamins so let’s begin with the selec and then for this we will require the 75 ml of water so to measure I have taken a baby feeding bottle or normal water whatever like you have to boil the water and then you have to take it in the bowel then we will require the saddle a nicely provided the spoon three scoops so let’s begin the procedure first we will take 75 ml of water it’s a warm water ok so 75 ml and the three scoop off nicely Cerelac right so one two and three okay and then we have to mix it properly mix an anime should you be good Clea lumps properly a mix Koriye please subscribe it and click the bell icon so that you will get all updated videos over there thank you so much friends

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  2. Hi ma'am can i start with wheat apple directly or rice one only first, since my doctor said whatever you give , you must continue for next 2months same .

  3. Hi mam my baby is now 6th month i went to doctor i was giving cerelac wheat but when ever baby eats my baby use to go potty so doctor said give cerelac rice so when to start how much quantity of water and celrelac powder plz let me know

  4. My baby 6 month i gav cerelac but dont want to hav so wat is da best food for 6 month baby for healthy too

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